Monday, December 2, 2013

12/2/13 Hermana Peterson - You have to bloom where you´re planted!

Happy 9 Months to Me!! Half Way!

First off, mom thanks for teaching me how to weed. This past week we had a service project up in the Parque Tumbes, and the hermanas were assigned to picking weeds. I feel like I´m turning into my dad, because I have started finding relations with EVERYTHING and the Gospel but while we were plucking the weeds, I had a lot of time to think. I also read Alma 32 this week and so plants were on my mind. Some of the weeds were SUPER hard to get out, and without gloves, our hands got beat up pretty bad. Some weeds were super poky, some of the weeds broke off before the roots, and others came out with ease. I was thinking about the trials that we have in our lives, and how we can´t control them, or when they come. Sometimes, they come up in the hardest places, sometimes they come up when we are prepared to front them. HOWEVER, we have to do all that we can to overcome them. The Lord gives us trials to make us stronger.  If I would´ve been better prepared, my hands wouldn´t have gotten beat up, but because I wasn´t, blood. I know that when we continually have on the armour of God, we will be able to attack our trials easier. They won´t seem as hard to get. Sometimes, we can´t get them by ourselves. There was one weed that was HUGE and Hermana Meyer and I had to try to go to town on it, and we STILL didn´t get it all. If we attack the weeds before they get too big, they are easier to get and harder to untangle. This was the shortened version of my thoughts, because I´m running short on time, but dad can elaborate on it or something. But also I really liked in Alma 32 in verses 26 to the end. As members of the church, we planted our seeds when we were baptized. If we don´t continuously nourish them, they will die and it´s NOT because the seed wasn´t good. We HAVE to read everyday and pray everyday. We have to attend the temple, we have to fulfill our callings. This is NOT an easy battle, and it will take our strongest forces EVERYDAY, or Satan will win. Esfúersese cada día para que Sátanas no tenga control de su vida.
At the weed pulling service project

Hermana Meyer and Me

I GOT A PACKAGE, I GOT A PACKAGE, I GOT A PACKAGE, HEY HEY HEY HEY! I didn´t get the padded envelopes, but I did get a package. I forgot to turn in our bills in the office so we have to go back, and maybe they will have arrived! FINGERS CROSSED!

So we had such a good week this week! We found 9 NEW investigators. We broke a zone maximum. In the mission, the standard of excellence is 10 each week, but before this week, the maximum anyone had had was 7 I think. Our part of the vineyard is a little more dura, pero está bien :) Stephanie came to church! She LOVED it too. The young women took hold of her so fast and she loved it! I´m starting to teach music classes on Wednesday and she wants to come and one of the young woman said, "Te busco en Miércoles!" They LOVE her! She said church was SO beautiful! I know she´s gonna keep coming back, I just know it! Mom, I don´t know the story with her mom, but she´s an only child who lives with her dad, her aunt, and her grandparents. She is SO ready for the Gospel! PLEASE keep her in your prayers, that she keeps receiving her answers and coming closer to Heavenly Father! PLEASE! She still has her date for the 21st of December. This week we also found Sebastian and his mom Pamela who is a menos activo. They said they were going to come to church, and then didn´t show up, but we have a cita with them tomorrow. Sebastian is 15 and didn´t know that his mom was a member until a few days ago. She has been really far from the church for about 10 years but really wants to come back and wants Sebastian to listen to the lessons! Please pray for him too, that he´ll accept it all! We´re going to bring Marcelo with us this week to meet him! Yay for converts! 
Thanksgiving.... well this is the kicker. While you were eating all of the delicious things Leah mentioned to me, and that I saw, I was eating fish. This is not a drill. We walked into the house, and I said to Hermana Meyer, it smells like fish. She took a huge breath in and said nah your fine. LOW AND BEHOLD. I was right. BUT, this time it wasn´t salmon and it was fried, so it wasn´t that bad at all. But seriously, I would be given fish on Thanksgiving. And then that night we had choir practice. We´re singing in the ward choir (which is 8 of us, 3 of which are tone deaf, and I´m singing tenor) for the big Christmas devotional they are going to do the week before Christmas as a stake! I went  looking in a bakery right before and found an apple pie. Hermana Vivian (who is my favorite) and who lived in the United States for 5 years, called us in the morning to wish us a happy thanksgiving. When it was her turn, she told us she was grateful for us, because we have completely helped change the ambiance of the ward. She said we have saved the ward. That when I got here, things began to change. It made me feel really special, like I am really doing what the Lord wants me to do here. It was such a good thanksgiving, just not the same, and I´m glad I´ll be home for the next :)
 I had to buy it and then after practice, we all stood in a circle and said what we are thankful for and then we ate. It was such a sweet sacred moment for me.
Also, drum roll please. WE FINALLY HAVE THE CONFERENCE EDITION OF THE ENSIGN! It´s in Spanish, but I have it. YAY!!! 

Happy birthday to Lucas! I hope it´s a good one! :) 
Dad, I ran 5 of the 7 days this week. If you could figure out how many times I would have to run around a soccer field to run a mile, I´d appreciate it! I´m also trying to eat a lot healthier too and I know that I´m losing some of this pudge! Word.

This morning, I woke up and I tweaked my back. I took some pills but it´s just getting more and more uncomfortable. If you could pray that it´s just a tweak and that things don´t worsen, I´d appreciate it. ALSO, I think we might have fleas.... please pray it was just a fluke! 

I love you all so much and keep keepin on! You are all the greatest and I hope you have a fabulous week! I LOVE YOU! 23 DAYS!!!!!!!!! I´m hoping that we´ll get more details this week on when we can skype, and I´ll let you know! 

Well paz de Chile.

Hermana Peterson
Decorating for Christmas

I love this little guy. He loves to be around us.

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