Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12/23/13 Elder Peterson - OK, This One is Going to be Short!

Dear Everyone,
Alright this letter is going to be really short. This is the reason why. We have a practice today for our performance that we will be having at the Visitor's Center on Christmas Night. I don't have a lot of time to email today. (10 minutes). But I will get to talk with my family on Wednesday!! Yay!!!!

Alright this past week was really awesome. So we found a few more investigators. Their names are George and Ben. And another lady named Cyniatha. We are pretty excited. They all agreed to read the Book of Mormon and said that they would be baptized if they came to know if it was true. We are super excited for them! I know that the Lord will pour out His Spirit upon them as they read and pray about this book. I know it. This will happen to anyone who reads it. They will know that it is true through the Holy Ghost.

Also, we were able to get Jasmine to church! She loved it and there were some great talks given about Christmas and she really needed to hear them. We have an appointment with her this next Thursday.
I hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays so far! I know that I am. I love Christmas so much. It is definitely a great season for me to reflect that much more on what the Savior has done for me in my life. He truly is the greatest gift that any of us can get for Christmas. May we all strive to have Him as our focus not only for this wonderful season, but for each day of our lives.
Well, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I love you all and I hope everyone stays warm.

Elder Peterson

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