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12/23/13 Hermana Peterson - When Sickness Comes to Town

When you take a family vacation, you get a little behind in the blog, sorry!

¡Hola de Cauquenes! Cauquenes is SO SO HOT. I´m melting up in hur. I never thought it was possible to be this hot. Seriously. A few weeks ago when I said I couldn´t move back to Arizona, I was being serious, but now I´m being even more serious. It´s a boiling pot. But the missionary work is great! It´s a lot different than Talcahuano. We talk to someone in the street and no problem they give us their address and tell us to come by, or they let us pass in and offer us jugo. It´s like "what is happening, but okay, if you insist" :) My companion Hermana Miskin looks a lot like the Larsen cousins that Dad has. Especially like the daughter of his cousin who went to or goes to MV. I forgot my camera today, so no fotos (sorry). We haven´t had a whole lot of time to work together this past week because of different stuff for Navidad, but we get along really well, which is a plus.  

I live in the campo, which is the country. Now I know why no one wants to come to church because they're going to the campo.. it makes sense (no offense to church). It´s SO pretty and SO green! I wake up in the morning to the sun shining through my windows and the roosters crowing. There´s pig heads for sale, horses and every souvenir you can imagine. It´s like a small (big) little town. We have to travel an hour each week for district meeting to Parral, the city next to us. So this last week was crazy. I left Talcahuano on Tuesday morning, and traveled 3-4 hours to get here to Cauquenes. We worked Tuesday, Wednesday had district meeting in Parral, worked Wednesday and then Thursday we were in Parral all day, practicing for the Christmas devotional we had on Sunday. We left Parral at 5 to head down to Chillan (chee-yawn) for our mission conference Friday. We had a practice there at 7 at night and then spent the night with the Pulciphers (who had homemade bread, and strawberry freezer jam. I died.), had our conference all day Friday, came back, went back to Parral Saturday morning to practice again for Sunday, worked, and then spent all day Sunday after church in Parral for the devotional. Turns out I got here just in time to play ALL of the songs for the devotional. :) I haven´t played the piano that much (practices and performances) in 10 months and it was SO therapeutic for me! But, the worst part about this week was that I got REALLY sick. I woke up on Thursday with the aches, and knew I was going to be sick. And I was... really bad. I got the shakes and the aches and I literally thought I was going to die. I probably had about a 103 fever, but kept going because we had to practice our songs! We got to the Pulciphers and I did my best to sleep (don´t worry she took great care of me) and got up the next morning feeling just as terrible, but we had our mission conference so I went. I was dying though. Saturday I was sick all day...Needless to say, menos el dolor en mi cabeza, I´m doing SO much better!

Happy birthday this week to Virginia, Uncle Sheridan and Uncle Bob. I got Virginia and Summer´s birthdays mixed up (SORRY!) so happy birthday this last week to Summer too! I hope your birthdays are amazing!
I truly love Cauquenes, our branch, and my companion. I´m super excited to be working here. I love my zone, I love the hermanas that I´m working with, and I know that the Lord truly does bless us according to our needs. In this time of year, let's take the time to remember our Savior. How would you feel to have a birthday and not be remembered? 
Christmas Eve Dinner - best turkey ever!
This is Hermana Miskin, my new companion

PLEASE keep Juan in your prayers. He suffers from Epilepsy and is really struggling right now, but he´s got a fecha for Saturday! I know he needs the extra prayers and we do too! Satan is working really hard with our investigators, so please, keep praying for us! Also, as far as I know, Stephanie is still getting baptized on Friday, so send prayers her way too! :) I love you all so much and can´t wait to talk to you on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For everyone else, Feliz Navidad de Chile :)
Con amor, 
Hermana Peterson

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