Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12/30/13 Hermana Peterson - Happy New Year!

Okay, this week is gonna be a little bit shorter. We had our leadership meeting today and then played sports, and we´ve got to head out of Concepción soon to get back up to the North. Also, I had to play major catch up on pictures, so I hope you enjoyed them! I too would´ve liked more time with Mom and Dad, but I´m super glad I got to talk to my siblings too! I´m glad to see everyone happy and healthy. It did me good to talk to you, and I can´t believe that I have less than 8 months left.... i don´t know where in the world the time has gone. I love being a missionary and have grown SO much here in the mission. I only have more room to grow, so here´s to the next few months! Sometimes it feels like a lifetime, sometimes, it flies!
At Stephanie's baptism

SO this past weekend I had 3 BAPTISMS! Not that the numbers matter, but I am the happiest person in the world right now! So on Friday, Stephanie was baptized! I hope the picture from Hermana Canchan came through (that I forwarded). I was so sad I couldn´t be there, but that´s not the most important thing! I´m so happy for her! Also, about 2 months ago, we started teaching a young man named Jorge (I don´t remember if I mentioned him). The one who´s girlfriend lived in our ward, and he always came and we were teaching him because he wouldn´t give us his address of where he lived? Well we taught him all the lessons, and then he told us the chapel that was closest to his house and that he was going to attend on Sunday there instead. We called the missionaries to let them know about him, and on Friday, one of the elders from the other zone told me that he passed his interview and was getting baptized on Saturday! And he did! Oh snap, I almost cried when he told me that. I was SO happy!!! He´s amazing, and I know he and Stephanie will both do such great things for the church! Also, we had the baptism of Juan this Saturday too! I think I mentioned that he suffers from epilepsy and after sacrament meeting on Sunday, during Sunday school he leaned over and said hermana I can´t breathe.... he put some liquid on his face to help him breathe and said that he was fine. About 2 minutes later, he put some of the stuff on again, and then he shouted something and fell into my lap, as rigid as a board. I freaked out and helped try and lower him to the ground, and he stayed like that for about 3 minutes and then snapped out of it. He was fine for about 3 minutes and then another attack happened. So needless to say, it was an eventful Sunday. But, he´s so happy so life is good. Please just keep him in your prayers so that his epilepsy doesn´t get worse.
At Juan's baptism
So we had a great lesson in the combined meeting on Sunday about Committing to Christ. Many times, when the new year rolls around, we make silly goals that we never plan on keeping, we try to look better, make more money, and worry about the things that aren´t going to do a whole lot for us. This year, I´m going to commit myself to Christ. I´m going to make a few goals and work really hard to become more Christlike. THESE, in the end are the things that really matter. I´m going to work on  becoming perfected through Him. I want to challenge each of you to really take a look at your lives. Pick a few things that you can control, can truly change, and that are going to push you to become better people. Smile more, give more service, and together let´s become more like Christ. This is my wish for the new year. If you don´t mind, do it together as a family or something and send them my way so I can see what they are. I´m going to write my list this week and send it to you, so you can keep me in line on the things I´m trying to better!
I love you so much and hope you have a happy new year! Let´s make 2014 a year full of memories, but even more, full of helping others come unto Christ!

Hermana Peterson

Saying goodbye to my daughters (those I trained) in Talcuahano...
Hello Cauquenes!!

Some really creepy Wisemen in a nativity.
  Some dehydrated horse meat - yuck!!
The "other" Hermana Hannah Peterson and me downing an entire gallon of ice cream,
not the brightest idea ever!

The cutest baby award!!
  And opening up my Christmas Stocking
 This little Star Wars fan and me having a light saber battle. He says "I will choke you!" And using the force, he did!! :)

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