Monday, January 27, 2014

1/27/14 Elder Peterson - Well, hello everyone...

Okay sorry that this letter is going to be short. Time goes by really fast when you are having fun!
To start off... I love my companion Elder Redmond. He is really doing a great job at adjusting to the missionary life and he is really fun to work with! He is going to be a great missionary.
So this past week has been alright. A lot of our investigators are playing the "hard to get a hold of" game. We are going to make an extra effort to get in contact with them this week. But we did see a couple of miracles. I will share one of them.

So Thursday we had a Specialized Training Meeting for all of the Trainers and Trainees. So we were able to go to it. The church building that we were going to was right by a metro and so I thought it would be fun to take Elder Redmond on the Metro Rail for the first time because we live right next to one. So our trip was going to be pretty long and we had to make a transfer onto another train about halfway there. As we got of the train and were heading onto the next one we received a voicemail but we weren't going to check it because we needed to hurry or else we would miss the train. So, it was really crammed at the stop and there were a few people getting on to the Metro. As Elder Redmond and I were walking into the metro the doors closed randomly. Usually there is an announcer that says, "Step back doors closing" but we didn't hear it at all. It was really strange. So we basically missed the train we needed to get on.

So, we had to wait for the next one and I decided to check the voicemail. It was from the assistants telling all the people going to the meeting that the location of the meeting had been moved to another building and we needed to start heading there. If we would have gotten on the train we would have started heading in the wrong direction and it would've  made things really difficult. Elder Redmond and I were able to hop on another train and get to the new location without any problems. I am pretty sure that God shut the door on our faces. He was watching out for us.
Well, I hope that everyone is doing great! I sure am. Thanks for all of your love and support! Have a wonderful week and I will talk with you soon!

Elder Peterson

For all my Peeps!!

At National Harbor

Goofing off...

1/27/14 Hermana Peterson - I'm officially a missionary...

Thanks Uncle Brian and Aunt Jenn for the package!!
So before my mission, I´d heard that almost every missionary that goes foreign and learns a language has some sort of "oops moment." Ya, obviously I´ve said things or pronounced things wrong, but hadn´t had an oops moment until the other night. I´m officially a missionary.

We were in the house of a convert (she was babysitting me so my companion could go out and work), and they came to pick me up. She was preparing a lesson for Young Women's on Sunday about the Holy Ghost. She asked us about how the Holy Ghost works with us and how we feel him. I started to explain that I feel really warm, and in Spanish I said "Yo me siento caliente." The convert looked down, and then looked back up, trying not to laugh, and said "Usted dijo algo muy feo." Like I said something really bad. Hermana Miskin turned to me and said, "You just said that when you feel the holy ghost you feel turned on." Oh, I could have DIED. They laughed and laughed and laughed..... I could have died. 

So my back is still bad. Not as bad as it was, but I´m still in the house. I went out both Friday and Saturday and worked 2 hours, and had to go back home. SO, we´re getting back into it little by little. I´m absolutely DYING having to be inside all day and I don´t like it para nada, but I know I will get better. I know that the Lord gives us trials only to strengthen us, and it´s something I´m still trying to understand and accept. I´ve never been to physical therapy before, but it´s kicking my hynie. I just want my mommy after hahaha but, I´m finally touching my toes again! PROGRESSION! I wish there was more that I could do to get outside working, but please just keep my back in your prayers. I´m trying to be so tough and stay strong, but sometimes it´s hard. 

Well, even though I´ve been stuck inside like a crazy old lady, the Lord has still been blessing us. I know the Lord keeps his promises. When we´re obedient and try to do all we can, we are blessed! This Saturday, we have 2 candidates for baptism. Yolanda (the mom of Fernando) who is 74, and Eloisa who is 91! They want nothing more than to be baptized and be clean, but they´re having a hard time remembering a few things. They are doing everything they are supposed to be doing, they come to church, and they´re keeping the commandments! If you could keep them in your prayers that they could pass their interviews (they are more faithful than most members), so they can be clean! I´m so happy for them and the progress we´ve seen! I know they´re ready to make this covenant! We also found Cecilia this week, a friend of Vilma who was baptized last week! She has a fecha for the 15th and came to church yesterday! We have another apt. with her on Tuesday night! She´s great! She wants to change and she has seen the difference in Vilma! Please keep her in your prayers too!

Also, we had cambios today :( Hermana Miskin is headed out. I´m devastated, because I have grown to love her so much! She has helped me more than words can explain these past few weeks with my back and just with everything! BUT, I know the Lord has a plan for everyone, and I´m super excited to be working with Hermana Moran from Ecuador. She has 2 more weeks in the mission than I do, so we´ll complete our years together! AH! 

Here´s to a brand spanking new cambio, free from back problems and fleas :)

I love this Gospel so much and know that our Savior lives. I´ve had some very personal experiences with Him this past week, that continue to change my life. I encourage each of you to have these experiences too. Grow to know our Savior, because He knows us and loves us more than we will ever know. 
Hermana Peterson

Yup, just like from Mary Poppins...I got video of him! Made my day!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21/14 Elder Peterson Well, it is snowing right now!

Hello friends and family! This past week has been a fun ride. For the record, we weren't able to email yesterday because of the holiday so we got permission to email today. And it is snowing like crazy! I love the snow!

So, things are starting to pick up out here in Maryland. Training Elder Redmond has been an adventure. He has really helped me to work harder and be even more obedient. He is a great guy. I hope that he continues to work hard and progress throughout his time in the mission field.

This past Sunday we had the chance to sit in a Ward Leadership Training because our ward was having our ward conference. Our Stake President gave us a training on invitations. I really learned a lot from him and I have some good ideas on what I can do better. Now I just need to apply them which is the hardest part.

So we have seen some great miracles this past week. My testimony of tracting has grown a lot. This week we had a goal as a district in contacting 100 people. This number is huge for our district because that meant that we needed to talk to 50 people per companionship(since our district only has 2 companionships). Our average per week is about 25 people. We were going all in on this one. But we were able to do it! We talked to 104 people. I know that that isn't a lot of people but it truly was a miracle! Also, we found some new great people to teach. Hopefully they will continue to progress in the Gospel.
That is about it from me for this week. Hope that you all have a great week!

Elder Peterson

Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20/14 Hermana Peterson - Can't keep a good girl down...well maybe you can!

Chilean chilis are very hot!

These little pears are NASTY!!

Vivo en el gardín de edén. It´s fine.

Chilean watermelon is soooooo good!!

Happy Year Mark (and my almost year mark) to both
Hermana Hannah Petersons!!
Welp, we went down to Concepción on Wednesday to see the doctor, and he felt my back and said because the x-rays are fine, it must be a problem muscular and with my ligaments. He prescribed me another pain medicine, and told me that I have to stay in bed for 2 weeks. I´ve been getting out of bed to run errands that we´ve had to run and obviously to travel to Concepción but other than that not too much. The pain isn´t as sharp, but it´s more like a pain that´s just always there. I have moments where I feel better so I get up and try to do stuff and get sent back to bed like a child when his parents are staying up. My companion is an angel. I love her so much and she takes such good care of me, so don´t worry mom. :) So, we just keep living. :)

Vilma and some ward and family members came to support her.

We went to church yesterday and had a baptism on Saturday! FINALLY, after like 6 months of meeting with missionaries, we were able to help Vilma to STOP smoking!  She passed her interview with flying colors and we still called her every 30-60 minutes and she was baptized! She´s doing GREAT and is a COMPLETELY different person. I am so thankful that I was able to see the change in her, and help her overcome her addictions. I know that the Lord is always with us and will help us overcome the bad if we are willing to put forth our efforts. We´re also still working with Fernando and his mom, Yolanda, who have fechas for February. Fernando has been drinking so much to the point where it´s almost killing him, and he keeps calling us drunk. Well he called Hermana Miskin last night and told her that God visited him and told him to turn around and he said that he knew he had to listen to him. SO, please keep them in your prayers, that they too can overcome their addictions :) Even though I´m stuck in bed and we´re not having great success working, the Lord is blessing us for our obedience. I know He is. I know that our Savior lives and even though we have trials that we might not understand, He gives us things to make us stronger. I love Him, and I know that He loves me. This week I was able to write letters to all of my converts from Talcahuano and I gave them to my old zone leader to give to Hermana Canchán and pass out! There are blessings in the trials. :)

Well, I hope that you all have a good week.
Happy Hump day to Jake this week. I can´t believe he´s reaching his year mark?!?! WHAT?! Happy birthday this week to Julie and Savanna and I hope that it´s so good.
Also, this week, I found out that my companion has the CD for the Joseph and the Amazing Techni-Colored Dream Coat (the version with Donny Osmond). You better believe I´ve been singing it all week and it took me WAY back to when we used to do choreographed dances with Shelly. I love my family!!!

Well, that´s a rap. Word.

Hermana Peterson  
p.s. We had fish and potatoes one day this week. Hermana Miskin hates potatoes and I hate fish. So during the WHOLE meal, we exchanged the items under the table. This is how companionships should be!! :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13/14 Elder Peterson - Well, I love being a missionary!!

Hello everyone!!
Alright this past week has been a load of fun and really stressful. But, I made it through! I couldn't have made it through without my awesome new companion Elder Redmond! He is a stud. He is from Fallon, Nevada and he is younger than me (thank goodness). That was honestly the only thing that I asked for is that he was younger than me. Heavenly Father definitely hears our prayers. We are off to a great start! Elder Redmond is working real hard and I have learned a few things from him. One of those things is that honesty is the most important thing in having a unified companionship. The next few weeks are going to be awesome with Elder Redmond!

Elder Redmond and Me (our first day together)

Alright so about what happened this week. We met with Victoria John again and she is doing very well. She does want to hold off on baptism for a little bit though because she wants to learn a little bit more about the church before she dives right into it..literally.
I don't blame her. She really has a wonderful spirit and I love going and visiting with her. She hasn't read in the Book of Mormon just yet which is unfortunate but I know that she will. She is a strong will to do what is right.

 Also, we were able to work with the ward a lot better this past week and set up a few dinner appointments and challenged the members to bring a nonmember to it. Hopefully the members of the ward will be able to Catch the Wave of missionary work. I want to be the best example that I can to the members of the ward so that I can earn their trust.

 Well, that is all for this week. I look forward to writing you all again! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Peterson
It snowed!

Being creative...

Look what I made!!

1/13/14 Hermana Peterson - And at last I see the light!

I was inside all week. And my back problems sigue (goes on)! WOO WOO! The results came back and blood is fine, other tests are fine, and the x-ray was fine. Hermana Balden (the mission nurse) doesn't understand why I'm in so much pain then. Don't worry, I DO DRINK a TON of water and have been doing so the whole time I've been here, so I don't think it's that and it's not hurting where my kidneys are.. it's in the middle of my back. Also, Hermana Miskin told me that I've got some light bruising on my back. On Friday morning I got prescribed medicine for the pain and also a muscle relaxer that makes me groggy and literally makes me pass out like a rock.  It's really funny because one minute I'm fine and the next I'm starting to get dizzy and head to the bed. My world just starts to spin and I'm a goner!  My companion just laughs at me :) I really am not a fan of drugs like this! I was on some vicadin  too this week, but that made me even groggier... I don't have control of my muscles, oh I'm quite a sight! The first morning with this medicine, I went to bed and tried to lift up my arms and they just fell where they wanted to go. It was crazy! I was laughing so hard, and imagined Seth
When I'm passed out, my companion has her own companion study!! :)

laughing at me too. :)  We're probably going to be heading into Conce in the next few days to see a specialist and or an MRI. We're still waiting to hear back from the nurse. I've been staying with the Familia Bueno in the afternoons and we've been doing splits so that my companion can go out and keep working! Our branch has stepped up so much to help out Hermana Miskin!
So our investigators.... Fernando is struggling, but his mom (Yolanda) came to church and she's still going strong for the 25th of this month! Also, Vilma, our other investigator is going on DAY 2 WITHOUT SMOKING!  YAYA!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep her in your prayers. It's something that's so hard for her, and we're calling her literally every 30-60 minutes to giver her animos (encouragement) and help her not to do it! She's being so strong, and her fecha is for this Saturday the 18th!

Also, happy birthday this week to Spencer! I hope you have a fabulous birthday tomorrow! Love ya kid!
I love sunflowers!!
We're reading the Book of Mormon right now as a branch before the next general conference. This week I was reading in 2nd Nephi 3, all about the prophecies of Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon. I LOVED verse 12 and the wording that was given there. It says, "Wherefore, the fruit of thy loins shall awrite; (BOOK OF MORMON) and the fruit of the loins of bJudah shall cwrite (BIBLE); and that which shall be written by the fruit of thy loins, and also that which shall be written by the fruit of the loins of Judah, shall grow together, unto the dconfounding of efalse doctrines and laying down of contentions, and establishing fpeace among the fruit of thy loins, and gbringing them to the hknowledge of their fathers in the latter days, and also to the knowledge of my covenants, saith the Lord." Together, the Book of Mormon and the Bible are working to bring about the salvation of men, by confounding false doctrines! I loved this verse, and personally want to extend this invitation to all of you. To start and finish the Book of Mormon before the April general conference. The Lord has said, "Seek not to adeclare my word, but first seek to bobtain my cword, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my dSpirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the econvincing of men." I made a goal and will do it for the rest of my life! I want to start and finish the Book of Mormon between each of the conferences, so I would be reading it 2 times each year. It will still give me time to study things more in depth, but also I'll be pushed to read often! I know that the Lord blesses us when we take the time to study the scriptures! DAILY Personal Study is so crucial to our salvation!

I'm sorry that this week's email was so boring, I'm a boring person! I'll try to live a more exciting week this next week so you don't fall asleep reading my emails :) I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers, your support, and all of the juicy stuff in between!

Hermana Peterson

Monday, January 6, 2014

1/6/13 Elder Peterson - What a wonderful week!!

Hello everybody!
Wow this past week has been super awesome! Elder Wendt and I have been working our behinds off and we are seeing the results!! I am super excited to tell you all about this week.

So, we got a referral over our phone for a lady named Victoria. We called her and set up an appointment for this past Friday. So we invited a member of the ward Bro. C. to come with us and we went over and talked to her about the Restoration and she had a couple questions about the Book of Mormon. Elder Wendt invited Victoria to be baptized and she said YES!!! She is scheduled to be baptized on February 15th. We cannot wait! It is going to be super awesome!!!!!
Also, we were able to have a couple of other appointments with a man named Cecil. We met him while he was out on his driveway and he said we could come by another time. And that's what we did. He is pretty cool but is having a hard time understanding the need of a prophet. We committed him to read the Book of Mormon and he said that he would and we are going to visit him another time. Also, on Saturday we met with one of our investigators Kiyomi with a member of the ward Bro. K. and he did a great job with helping Kiyomi understand the purpose of the Book of Mormon. She told us that she has been procrastinating in reading it and she is going to do it before the next time that we come over. I sure hope that she does!!
Alright so transfers are coming up this Wednesday and it turns out that I have been asked to be a trainer. I am really excited but at the same time I am really nervous. It is a lot of responsibility to have a brand new missionary under my wing but I know that the Lord will help me to do my best. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Well, that is about if from me. The Lord has been truly blessing me in my service. This past week I was also able to complete the Book of Mormon. As a mission, we have been reading the Book of Mormon for the past few months and we have been marking in our scriptures three different topics in the Book of Mormon.

1) Our Purpose as Missionaries
2) The Doctrine of Christ
3) The Atonement of Christ
It is amazing how these three topics are intertwined. It was an amazing experience to be able to complete the Book of Mormon again and to kneel down and ask my Heavenly Father once again about its truthfulness. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that the Spirit has witnessed it to me and I know that anyone who reads the Book of Mormon will experience the Spirit as well. I love the Gospel and I love being a missionary.
I hope that everyone has a great week!

Elder Peterson

1/6/14 Hermana Peterson - Watch Your Back Bro.

My backs acting up again, and I had to come down to Chillan to get some testing done today. I thought that it was fine up until about a week ago when it started hurting me again.... I just didn't say a whole lot and kept working (there are people to save!) and then finally Saturday morning I said something to my companion and I just took it easy on Saturday and got a blessing from my district leader, but we kept working. My back only kept getting worse and worse, and I stayed with a member yesterday evening and my companion went on splits. I'm not sleeping very well at night, and it's hurting to walk. So we left Cauquenes this morning at 7 to come down to the urgent care in Chillan first thing this morning. The doctor did a manual test and said nothing felt off, but then said I needed to get other tests done, and they put me on an IV for pain medicine... (I've got too much pain and mostly am too lazy to look for my camera right now, SORRY!) I have to stay for more tests tomorrow... also they took an x-ray of my back and they'll get the results back Wednesday. Hermana Balden (the mission nurse) said she thinks it might be something to do with my kidneys, which would explain the pain in only one part of my back. But for now we're just waiting for the results and I'm just doped up on IV medicine and writing you :) We didn't know what was going to happen, but we brought stuff just in case we'd need to stay overnight here in Chillan. We're staying here with the Pulsiphers in their mansion, and also found out that President and Hermana Arrington are staying here tonight too. WOO HOO haha party in the Pulsiphers! So if you could keep my back in your prayers, I'd really appreciate it. I promise this isn't just to get out of work or anything, because I'm dying having to stay inside. I LOVE being a missionary. Hermana Miskin has suffered from severe back problems for the past 2 years, and she said "Maybe this is one of the reasons that we're supposed to be companions because now I can help you." She has been an ANGEL these past few days. I love my companion!

Well besides the hurting, we had an AWESOME week! Let's start at the very beginning....
So on Monday we went down to Conce for leadership training and we got on a later bus and so we missed the last bus from Parral back to Cauquenes, so we had to stay in Retiro (another part of our zone) with the hermanas there. Finally we got back to Cauquenes, and then we had a mini cambio on Thursday and I went over to Estacion (a branch of Cauquenes where there are 3 elders and 2 hermanas), and I worked with my sister in the mission! Hermana Oldroyd trained her too, and it was fun. On Friday afternoon, we were walking to our first appointment and we ran into a super drunk guy. He started to cry and told us that he wanted to change his life. We told him that he could do so by being baptized, invited him, he accepted and we set up a cita with him for the next day after teaching him a little bit on the side of the road. We were running like 8 minutes late to our appointment on Saturday and he was waiting for us outside. This time we met with his mom and invited them to church and Fernando said he'd be there, but his mom wasn't going to come. Well on Sunday morning we called him and he wasn't answering the phone so we passed by their house, and he had already taken off to the church. We asked his mom if she wanted to come and she said, ya pass by in 20 minutes. We had 4 people in church on Sunday with baptismal dates!! Fernando and his mom Yolanda have a fecha for the 25th of this Month, Vilma (who is an investigator that has been an investigator forever) finally is starting to stop smoking! She didn't smoke once yesterday and we keep calling her all the time to help her not keep smoking! WOO! She has a fecha for the 18th and Fransisca has a fecha for the 25th. Please keep them in your prayers, especially Fernando that he can stop drinking and Vilma that she can stop smoking!! Life is wonderful and miracles are happening!!!

As for the rest of this week, nothing crazy happened!

I'm loving Cauquenes so much. It's like my heart is healing again and I LOVE being a missionary. This last week we had interviews with President, and I gave him a list of all of the things that distract me, and told him that this year I'm consecrating myself to the Lord. He gave me some great advice, like not getting frustrated if I don't see super fast success, etc. and thanked me for doing it. BUT, I know this is what the Lord wants me to do. I've been studying lots and reading lots of talks, and really trying hard to consecrate myself! I love this work!

Have a great week this week! Cabes, I'm so proud of you for riding that bike without training wheels! If you can do that, you can do anything! :)
Hermana Peterson