Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13/14 Elder Peterson - Well, I love being a missionary!!

Hello everyone!!
Alright this past week has been a load of fun and really stressful. But, I made it through! I couldn't have made it through without my awesome new companion Elder Redmond! He is a stud. He is from Fallon, Nevada and he is younger than me (thank goodness). That was honestly the only thing that I asked for is that he was younger than me. Heavenly Father definitely hears our prayers. We are off to a great start! Elder Redmond is working real hard and I have learned a few things from him. One of those things is that honesty is the most important thing in having a unified companionship. The next few weeks are going to be awesome with Elder Redmond!

Elder Redmond and Me (our first day together)

Alright so about what happened this week. We met with Victoria John again and she is doing very well. She does want to hold off on baptism for a little bit though because she wants to learn a little bit more about the church before she dives right into it..literally.
I don't blame her. She really has a wonderful spirit and I love going and visiting with her. She hasn't read in the Book of Mormon just yet which is unfortunate but I know that she will. She is a strong will to do what is right.

 Also, we were able to work with the ward a lot better this past week and set up a few dinner appointments and challenged the members to bring a nonmember to it. Hopefully the members of the ward will be able to Catch the Wave of missionary work. I want to be the best example that I can to the members of the ward so that I can earn their trust.

 Well, that is all for this week. I look forward to writing you all again! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Peterson
It snowed!

Being creative...

Look what I made!!

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