Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20/14 Hermana Peterson - Can't keep a good girl down...well maybe you can!

Chilean chilis are very hot!

These little pears are NASTY!!

Vivo en el gardín de edén. It´s fine.

Chilean watermelon is soooooo good!!

Happy Year Mark (and my almost year mark) to both
Hermana Hannah Petersons!!
Welp, we went down to Concepción on Wednesday to see the doctor, and he felt my back and said because the x-rays are fine, it must be a problem muscular and with my ligaments. He prescribed me another pain medicine, and told me that I have to stay in bed for 2 weeks. I´ve been getting out of bed to run errands that we´ve had to run and obviously to travel to Concepción but other than that not too much. The pain isn´t as sharp, but it´s more like a pain that´s just always there. I have moments where I feel better so I get up and try to do stuff and get sent back to bed like a child when his parents are staying up. My companion is an angel. I love her so much and she takes such good care of me, so don´t worry mom. :) So, we just keep living. :)

Vilma and some ward and family members came to support her.

We went to church yesterday and had a baptism on Saturday! FINALLY, after like 6 months of meeting with missionaries, we were able to help Vilma to STOP smoking!  She passed her interview with flying colors and we still called her every 30-60 minutes and she was baptized! She´s doing GREAT and is a COMPLETELY different person. I am so thankful that I was able to see the change in her, and help her overcome her addictions. I know that the Lord is always with us and will help us overcome the bad if we are willing to put forth our efforts. We´re also still working with Fernando and his mom, Yolanda, who have fechas for February. Fernando has been drinking so much to the point where it´s almost killing him, and he keeps calling us drunk. Well he called Hermana Miskin last night and told her that God visited him and told him to turn around and he said that he knew he had to listen to him. SO, please keep them in your prayers, that they too can overcome their addictions :) Even though I´m stuck in bed and we´re not having great success working, the Lord is blessing us for our obedience. I know He is. I know that our Savior lives and even though we have trials that we might not understand, He gives us things to make us stronger. I love Him, and I know that He loves me. This week I was able to write letters to all of my converts from Talcahuano and I gave them to my old zone leader to give to Hermana Canchán and pass out! There are blessings in the trials. :)

Well, I hope that you all have a good week.
Happy Hump day to Jake this week. I can´t believe he´s reaching his year mark?!?! WHAT?! Happy birthday this week to Julie and Savanna and I hope that it´s so good.
Also, this week, I found out that my companion has the CD for the Joseph and the Amazing Techni-Colored Dream Coat (the version with Donny Osmond). You better believe I´ve been singing it all week and it took me WAY back to when we used to do choreographed dances with Shelly. I love my family!!!

Well, that´s a rap. Word.

Hermana Peterson  
p.s. We had fish and potatoes one day this week. Hermana Miskin hates potatoes and I hate fish. So during the WHOLE meal, we exchanged the items under the table. This is how companionships should be!! :)

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