Monday, January 27, 2014

1/27/14 Elder Peterson - Well, hello everyone...

Okay sorry that this letter is going to be short. Time goes by really fast when you are having fun!
To start off... I love my companion Elder Redmond. He is really doing a great job at adjusting to the missionary life and he is really fun to work with! He is going to be a great missionary.
So this past week has been alright. A lot of our investigators are playing the "hard to get a hold of" game. We are going to make an extra effort to get in contact with them this week. But we did see a couple of miracles. I will share one of them.

So Thursday we had a Specialized Training Meeting for all of the Trainers and Trainees. So we were able to go to it. The church building that we were going to was right by a metro and so I thought it would be fun to take Elder Redmond on the Metro Rail for the first time because we live right next to one. So our trip was going to be pretty long and we had to make a transfer onto another train about halfway there. As we got of the train and were heading onto the next one we received a voicemail but we weren't going to check it because we needed to hurry or else we would miss the train. So, it was really crammed at the stop and there were a few people getting on to the Metro. As Elder Redmond and I were walking into the metro the doors closed randomly. Usually there is an announcer that says, "Step back doors closing" but we didn't hear it at all. It was really strange. So we basically missed the train we needed to get on.

So, we had to wait for the next one and I decided to check the voicemail. It was from the assistants telling all the people going to the meeting that the location of the meeting had been moved to another building and we needed to start heading there. If we would have gotten on the train we would have started heading in the wrong direction and it would've  made things really difficult. Elder Redmond and I were able to hop on another train and get to the new location without any problems. I am pretty sure that God shut the door on our faces. He was watching out for us.
Well, I hope that everyone is doing great! I sure am. Thanks for all of your love and support! Have a wonderful week and I will talk with you soon!

Elder Peterson

For all my Peeps!!

At National Harbor

Goofing off...

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