Monday, January 27, 2014

1/27/14 Hermana Peterson - I'm officially a missionary...

Thanks Uncle Brian and Aunt Jenn for the package!!
So before my mission, I´d heard that almost every missionary that goes foreign and learns a language has some sort of "oops moment." Ya, obviously I´ve said things or pronounced things wrong, but hadn´t had an oops moment until the other night. I´m officially a missionary.

We were in the house of a convert (she was babysitting me so my companion could go out and work), and they came to pick me up. She was preparing a lesson for Young Women's on Sunday about the Holy Ghost. She asked us about how the Holy Ghost works with us and how we feel him. I started to explain that I feel really warm, and in Spanish I said "Yo me siento caliente." The convert looked down, and then looked back up, trying not to laugh, and said "Usted dijo algo muy feo." Like I said something really bad. Hermana Miskin turned to me and said, "You just said that when you feel the holy ghost you feel turned on." Oh, I could have DIED. They laughed and laughed and laughed..... I could have died. 

So my back is still bad. Not as bad as it was, but I´m still in the house. I went out both Friday and Saturday and worked 2 hours, and had to go back home. SO, we´re getting back into it little by little. I´m absolutely DYING having to be inside all day and I don´t like it para nada, but I know I will get better. I know that the Lord gives us trials only to strengthen us, and it´s something I´m still trying to understand and accept. I´ve never been to physical therapy before, but it´s kicking my hynie. I just want my mommy after hahaha but, I´m finally touching my toes again! PROGRESSION! I wish there was more that I could do to get outside working, but please just keep my back in your prayers. I´m trying to be so tough and stay strong, but sometimes it´s hard. 

Well, even though I´ve been stuck inside like a crazy old lady, the Lord has still been blessing us. I know the Lord keeps his promises. When we´re obedient and try to do all we can, we are blessed! This Saturday, we have 2 candidates for baptism. Yolanda (the mom of Fernando) who is 74, and Eloisa who is 91! They want nothing more than to be baptized and be clean, but they´re having a hard time remembering a few things. They are doing everything they are supposed to be doing, they come to church, and they´re keeping the commandments! If you could keep them in your prayers that they could pass their interviews (they are more faithful than most members), so they can be clean! I´m so happy for them and the progress we´ve seen! I know they´re ready to make this covenant! We also found Cecilia this week, a friend of Vilma who was baptized last week! She has a fecha for the 15th and came to church yesterday! We have another apt. with her on Tuesday night! She´s great! She wants to change and she has seen the difference in Vilma! Please keep her in your prayers too!

Also, we had cambios today :( Hermana Miskin is headed out. I´m devastated, because I have grown to love her so much! She has helped me more than words can explain these past few weeks with my back and just with everything! BUT, I know the Lord has a plan for everyone, and I´m super excited to be working with Hermana Moran from Ecuador. She has 2 more weeks in the mission than I do, so we´ll complete our years together! AH! 

Here´s to a brand spanking new cambio, free from back problems and fleas :)

I love this Gospel so much and know that our Savior lives. I´ve had some very personal experiences with Him this past week, that continue to change my life. I encourage each of you to have these experiences too. Grow to know our Savior, because He knows us and loves us more than we will ever know. 
Hermana Peterson

Yup, just like from Mary Poppins...I got video of him! Made my day!

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