Monday, January 6, 2014

1/6/14 Hermana Peterson - Watch Your Back Bro.

My backs acting up again, and I had to come down to Chillan to get some testing done today. I thought that it was fine up until about a week ago when it started hurting me again.... I just didn't say a whole lot and kept working (there are people to save!) and then finally Saturday morning I said something to my companion and I just took it easy on Saturday and got a blessing from my district leader, but we kept working. My back only kept getting worse and worse, and I stayed with a member yesterday evening and my companion went on splits. I'm not sleeping very well at night, and it's hurting to walk. So we left Cauquenes this morning at 7 to come down to the urgent care in Chillan first thing this morning. The doctor did a manual test and said nothing felt off, but then said I needed to get other tests done, and they put me on an IV for pain medicine... (I've got too much pain and mostly am too lazy to look for my camera right now, SORRY!) I have to stay for more tests tomorrow... also they took an x-ray of my back and they'll get the results back Wednesday. Hermana Balden (the mission nurse) said she thinks it might be something to do with my kidneys, which would explain the pain in only one part of my back. But for now we're just waiting for the results and I'm just doped up on IV medicine and writing you :) We didn't know what was going to happen, but we brought stuff just in case we'd need to stay overnight here in Chillan. We're staying here with the Pulsiphers in their mansion, and also found out that President and Hermana Arrington are staying here tonight too. WOO HOO haha party in the Pulsiphers! So if you could keep my back in your prayers, I'd really appreciate it. I promise this isn't just to get out of work or anything, because I'm dying having to stay inside. I LOVE being a missionary. Hermana Miskin has suffered from severe back problems for the past 2 years, and she said "Maybe this is one of the reasons that we're supposed to be companions because now I can help you." She has been an ANGEL these past few days. I love my companion!

Well besides the hurting, we had an AWESOME week! Let's start at the very beginning....
So on Monday we went down to Conce for leadership training and we got on a later bus and so we missed the last bus from Parral back to Cauquenes, so we had to stay in Retiro (another part of our zone) with the hermanas there. Finally we got back to Cauquenes, and then we had a mini cambio on Thursday and I went over to Estacion (a branch of Cauquenes where there are 3 elders and 2 hermanas), and I worked with my sister in the mission! Hermana Oldroyd trained her too, and it was fun. On Friday afternoon, we were walking to our first appointment and we ran into a super drunk guy. He started to cry and told us that he wanted to change his life. We told him that he could do so by being baptized, invited him, he accepted and we set up a cita with him for the next day after teaching him a little bit on the side of the road. We were running like 8 minutes late to our appointment on Saturday and he was waiting for us outside. This time we met with his mom and invited them to church and Fernando said he'd be there, but his mom wasn't going to come. Well on Sunday morning we called him and he wasn't answering the phone so we passed by their house, and he had already taken off to the church. We asked his mom if she wanted to come and she said, ya pass by in 20 minutes. We had 4 people in church on Sunday with baptismal dates!! Fernando and his mom Yolanda have a fecha for the 25th of this Month, Vilma (who is an investigator that has been an investigator forever) finally is starting to stop smoking! She didn't smoke once yesterday and we keep calling her all the time to help her not keep smoking! WOO! She has a fecha for the 18th and Fransisca has a fecha for the 25th. Please keep them in your prayers, especially Fernando that he can stop drinking and Vilma that she can stop smoking!! Life is wonderful and miracles are happening!!!

As for the rest of this week, nothing crazy happened!

I'm loving Cauquenes so much. It's like my heart is healing again and I LOVE being a missionary. This last week we had interviews with President, and I gave him a list of all of the things that distract me, and told him that this year I'm consecrating myself to the Lord. He gave me some great advice, like not getting frustrated if I don't see super fast success, etc. and thanked me for doing it. BUT, I know this is what the Lord wants me to do. I've been studying lots and reading lots of talks, and really trying hard to consecrate myself! I love this work!

Have a great week this week! Cabes, I'm so proud of you for riding that bike without training wheels! If you can do that, you can do anything! :)
Hermana Peterson

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