Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2/17/14 Elder Peterson - Eventful Week!

Well this past week has been pretty eventful. We were able to go to
the temple! It was an amazing experience. I love going to the temple.
Also, we were able to be in a missionary choir for the Why I Believe
Fireside this past Sunday. It was really awesome. I was able to see a
few of the recent converts that I had part in their conversion while
we were there. It was so awesome!

Here is a link to the missionary choir singing at the Fireside:

We had a really crazy week. There
was too much going on and we didn't have a lot of time to do anything!
It was really hard to get work done but we tried. We had basically two
snow days this past week. On Thursday we had to stay in all day so we
updated all day. Then on Friday we weren't able to drive our cars so
we decided to go to the church and shovel the sidewalks and then we
made a snowman with a Mormon.org sign in his hand and it was right in
front of the church. It was really fun. Lastly we were able to pick up
a couple new investigators! Their names are Gilbert and Naj and they
run a group home. They are really nice but it was kind of hard to
teach them because of all the ruckus going on in the background. But
they are really cool! We are meeting with them this Thursday.

Well I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! I can't believe that
my sister is 21 today! It is unbelievable. I love her so much! And I
love you all too.

We'll talk to you all later. Have a great week!

Elder Peterson

Here is also a link to view Elder Peterson singing We All Need Saving at a Night of Music and Inspiration. He is the soloist, and there are several missionaries singing with him.

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