Monday, February 3, 2014

2/3/14 Elder Peterson - Okay here comes the big letter....​well as big as I can get it!

From Hermana Peterson in Chile!!

Hello everyone!

Things are real crazy up in DC North mission. We have had a few changes but they are things that we are getting used to. So first things is getting a little warm over here. It is kind of nice. I love it a lot. I haven't had to wear an overcoat for the past couple of days. And secondly, Elder Redmond and I are not getting along anymore...I am just kidding he is the coolest! He is starting to fit right in to missionary work.

Our investigators are doing okay. We have two really promising ones that if you would like to keep them in your prayers, that would be greatly appreciated! The first one, Mark is a guy that we tracted into a couple of weeks ago. It is kind of a cool story but I will tell you all later. We have been able to teach him a couple of lessons and he is very receptive to the Gospel. He keeps telling us how he is learning a lot and he feels the Spirit while we meet. He will come around for sure. Also Debbie is a lady that is super nice and we have met with her a couple of times and this past Saturday we were able to take her over to the Gunnells which is a family in our ward for dinner and a show. She really enjoyed it. Please pray that Elder Redmond and I will be able to know what to say and do so that they can both come to church for the first time.

Another change that we have had is that we have all received our own personal Ipads. Crazy right? It is a huge adjustment because we won't be carrying around a personal planner anymore and we won't have to have any paper records. Everything will be online now. The next couple weeks we will be taking time to transfer the paper records onto our Ipads. It is going to be nice to carry the whole ward in our hands! "I've got the whole ward, in my hands, I've got the whole ward, in my hands"...:)
Well, I sure do love you all. I know that the gospel is true. And by gospel I sincerely mean the "Good News."

- Elder Peterson
Sorry it's blurry...with Elder Redmond


  1. Enjoy following your blog. My dd is Sister Bascom she is a Temple Square sister that is assigned to the DC North mission for the out bound portion of her mission for three transfers. She is presently up in the Seneca Zone. The next two transfers she will be assigned to the ASL branch and training two new ASL sisters arriving next transfer. Look fwd to reading more of your sons experiences.

  2. BTW Sister B also celebrated hump day this transfer.

  3. How fun that she is DC to finish up her mission. I'm not sure that my son will have many interactions with Sister Bascom since she is in the ASL branch. She will be home before you can blink! Thanks for reading our crazy missionary blog!