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2/3/14 Hermana Peterson - Working hard, still in pain...

Oh family you :)
How are things back in the crazy Peterson house? I hope not too crazy. Happy birthday this week to Bransen (today) and Mikelle on Sunday! I love you both and hope you have good days!
So this week was a good one. Cambios have been hard, but I´m so grateful for Hermana Morán. We´re very different in many ways, but very similar too. I´m learning how to accept people for who they are and she´s been so good to me! I´m excited for these next few weeks!
So, the back is still the back. BUT, I did work more this week (pain or not) and so there is improvement! Just gotta keep the fingers crossed. I know there are more blessings that we can count from the trials that we have, and one that we saw this week was that we got to start teaching my physical therapist. He´s a 25 year old man who is looking, but hasn´t found a religion yet. I´ve got my last session with him today, and we´re going to invite him to be baptized and get his address! YAY! Also, Yolanda was baptized on Saturday and Eloisa is going to be baptized this Saturday! She´s 92! Please keep them both in your prayers! It´s been a miracle of a process with them. The only desire they have is to be clean and now Yolanda is! I love this gospel and all the things it provides for us!
My new companion, Hermana Morán with Yolanda (her baptism) 
and Eloisa (who will get baptized this week)!!

So this week, as we were talking about how we can best help the hermanas in our group (the missionaries) we felt really strongly that we need to help them have experiences with Christ. We´ve really been focusing on becoming converted, and this is the way we know conversion comes. I´ve had a few really powerful moments with my Savior here in my mission and I´m so glad for these. They have strengthened me so much as a person, and helped me start to become who I am now. I was studying and I came across Helaman 3:35 which says, "Nevertheless they did fast and pray oft, and did wax stronger and stronger in their humility, and firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ, unto the filling their souls with joy and consolation, yea, even to the purifying and the sanctification of their hearts, which sanctification cometh because of their yielding their hearts unto God." WOW! This scripture hit me so much, and easily became my favorite. Through prayer and fasting, we can truly align our hearts with the desire of our Savior. This is the only thing I desire. I´ve learned here in the mission, that as I forget ME and forget my problems, I can become a better instrument in His hands. I can become clean, and become converted! I also this week finished the story of Abinadi. This is and has been my favorite story in the Book of Mormon. He´s a rock star and I want to be just like him! It gets me every time and I challenge you all to read it this week.
One more story, so this week we found a family of 8. Mom, Dad, and kids. Well we went back for our follow up apt. and only the 17 year old daughter was there. We had such a powerful lesson with her, and it was amazing to feel the Spirit there. She has been always looking but has never felt filled. We invited her to pray and read and she said she would. PLEASE keep them and Eloisa in your prayers this week!
Well, I´ve got to run! I love you all so much! I´ll try to send a ton of pictures this next week!
Hermana Peterson
Happy Me in the rain!
Hermana Miskin and Me in the rain...
Same name, same outfit (purchased in United States), same mission,
both have brothers named Jacob and sisters named Rebekah. One from Idaho, one from Arizona...
Really, is there room for two Hannah Petersons in this world??

Absolutely!! Two is better than one!
Cracked me up!
I thought of you, Leah!!

The beautiful Catholic Church down in Chile

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