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3/18/14 Elder Peterson - This week has been pretty awesome

Well, hello everybody! This is Elder Peterson reporting on another
week in Maryland. It's been pretty productive this past week. I want
to share an experience on Redmond and I had this past Sunday. So, we
went and stopped by a referral we received from some elders in
Anacostia. If I've never mentioned Anacostia, Anacostia is the
craziest place here in the mission. It's the most ghetto part of D.C.
I don't think I have to say anything more. But it is also really fun
place to go to. I've been able to visit there couple times when I've
gone on exchanges. So the man that we went and visited has the name of
Tarahn. He is really cool and when we stopped by he let us right in.
He's really religious, and has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. It
was a definite testimony building experience for me, when he let us
right in. It is always fun when you're out here serving a mission and
you knock on some one's door and they let you in immediately. Makes me
feel pretty good, because it never happens too much.

Anyways, when we went in and started talking with him, he expressed
that he was interested in learning more about our church. We were able
to talk to him briefly about the Book of Mormon. We basically had a
testimony meeting with him. We were able to set up an appointment for
tonight actually, and we are pretty stoked. We are hoping this time
that we will be able to teach his son and his wife. We are having one
of the coolest members of the ward come with us too. His name is
Brother Gunnell, and we are going to have to invite them to a dinner
auction that we are having as a ward this Saturday.

Also, this weekend we had the chance to go to the stake conference for
our stake. And actually, it was a regional conference for the whole
East Coast. There was a Saturday night adult session that all the
missionaries in the Stake were able to go to. We sang our mission song
as a musical number for the session. During the session there was a
lot of great talks about hastening the work of salvation. They were
really good and I learned a ton from them. One of the things that I
learned so much is how important the atonement is in our lives. One of
the speakers, Pres. Volk, really emphasized on this topic. One of
things that he said is that the atonement needs to be a regular study
topic during the week. I'm going to take them up on this challenge for
sure. I was able to study it Monday and I really enjoyed it a lot. I
truly know our Savior Jesus Christ died for our sins.

The Sunday morning session was really the best one. I told you guys
last week that we were going to have Elder L Tom Perry visit us in
our stake for the conference. I'm sorry, but I lied to you. It was
actually a broadcast for the whole East Coast and he was one of the
speakers for it. Even though it was a disappointment it was still pretty awesome. One
of the talks was given by a man named Bruce Carlson of the Seventy,
and he talked about self-discipline. It was exactly what I needed to
hear. Along with the other talks, I feel that the missionary work in
our ward is going to increase a ton because of what was said.

So it was pretty crazy. There was a semi-bad storm that hit us Sunday
night and Monday morning, and our preparation day was moved to today.
It was kind of weird not having preparation day on Monday, but we are
able to go out and do regular proselyting during Monday. In the
afternoon, they gave us a call that we could go and use our cars.
During the storm they didn't want us driving in our cars, and we were
kind of excited when I told us that we could now.

Well, that's about it for me. I'm really excited for this upcoming
week. And I hope that everyone has a wonderful week. I love you all!!!

Elder Peterson
At the National mall
I love you, Arizona!!

More snow

 Being tough in the snow
At a district meeting

LtoR: Elders Redmond, Farley, Gomez and Tilby

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