Monday, March 31, 2014

3/31/14 Hermana Peterson - Sometimes the Mission is Like Playing Battleship

Because we had 251 contacts, we got Super 251 chocolate bars

Milk comes in a box here
This last week we had a really rough week. Okay it wasn´t terrible, but it was pretty bad. But the thing that I love, is that in the moments that are the hardest for us, the Lord gives us the greatest opportunities to grow. Even though we had lots of rejection, lots of walking, and problems with some of the hermanas in our group, I felt the love of the Lord in my life, almost in every moment. The Lord is so merciful with his tender mercies. I feel them in every aspect of my life, and I´m so grateful for the new week that we have to keep going! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! We had our first rain this last week and it literally rained ALL day. We also got permission to watch the women´s broadcast in a members house IN ENGLISH and it was amazing. I actually just finished downloading them on to my pin drive to listen to this week! I can´t wait for Conference! I love it so much and am so excited to get answers to my unanswered questions! Conference here we come!
Can I just brag about my companion for a second? She´s the best! She truly makes being a missionary way fun. She´s way gung ho about conference treats and countdowns and all that good fun stuff! I hope we´ll get to be together another cambio!
1. I finished the Book of Mormon this week! I love the book of Mormon so much and for all of the guidance that it gives me in my life! I´m so excited to start it again and see it from a different light! I invite you all to read it starting after Conference and finish it by the next session of Conference.
I love the invitation that Moroni gives in Moroni 10:32. COME UNTO CHRIST. It is the only way!
2. We straight up went paint balling today. I really wished that Dad and Seth would´ve been here. I would´ve shot the heck out of Seth and it would´ve been super fun with dad. I would love to play with all the Peterson brothers.... With practice I could be way better! It was super fun though!
3. Lisa, when does Daniel come home?
4. Mom or Leah or Bekah, please send me some music! You can send me Jake´s songs and you could send me voice recordings or stuff but it has to be in MP3 format and I can put it on my pin drive and listen to it! Disney songs, whatever that is uplifting!
5. Long story short, the family Calvo (Marcelo, Danay, Marcelo) have family that lives in my ward now, and when I was in Talcahuano the first time, we tried to find them because their son that is 11 isn´t baptized but we never could! This week, we (not by chance) found them and even though we didn´t teach them right then, it was such a tender mercy and we´re going to start passing by for them this week! The little boy se llama Juan Pablo.
Well, life is super good! I´m serious, I´m super happy and loving even more being a missionary! I couldn´t ask to be in a better place at this point in my life! YAY the Gospel is so true! I was super impressed by this in the women´s broadcast that I don´t know how people don´t believe in the church.... I just know it´s true! Keep working hard you crazy family you. I love you all so much!
Have a fabulous week and take more pictures. I miss your weird faces :)
Hermana Peterson

We went paintballing this morning for a zone activity. Hermana Arrington (Mission President's Wife) came along. She is the best!
We are cool!

With Sister Arrington

Don't mess with us!

With our zone leaders Elder Paulson from Utah and Elder Heyman from Arizona

Sister Heslop and I are tough

Don't crack a smile!!

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