Monday, March 3, 2014

3/3/14 Elder Peterson - Well Hello Everybody!

Alright, this week has been a very crazy one. We were trying super hard
but we didn't see a lot of results from our hard work. It Can be really
discouraging, but we were able to make it through this past week. We
were able to visit some of the less active members in the ward. One of
the people for the first time was Sister L. She was very nice and
we have an appointment with her this coming up Wednesday. Another
member of the ward and we have been working closely with is Collin
P. He is 12 years old and he is really determined to come back to
church. He came to basketball with us the past couple of weeks and he
really enjoyed it. Last night we stopped by his grandmothers house and
he happened to be there. It was a really cool experience. We follow
the spirit and we were able to talk to him and his grandmother about
family history work. And they fed us some really good food.

This past week was pretty challenging for me. There was a couple times
in the week where I was not feeling very motivated to go out and work.
But with the help of my companion and my roommates we were able to
push through the hard time. I am so grateful for the gospel, and for
the love that Jesus Christ has for me. I am not going to lie
missionary work can be very hard sometimes, but it is definitely worth
it! I have been able to witness the gospel change peoples lives out
here. It is definitely something that I will never forget!

Last night one of my roommates Elder Tilby got really sick. Elder
Gomez came into our room at around 130 last night telling us that
Elder Tilby was not feeling well. It was really hard to see him in a
lot of pain, but we were able to administer a priesthood blessing to
him and today he is feeling a lot better!! I was kind of worried that
I would get the sickness from him but fortunately I did not. Last
night after we gave Elder Tilby the priesthood blessing I had a really
hard time going back to sleep. Elder Gomez and I took turns making
sure Elder Tilby was doing alright. During the time that I was
watching Elder Tilby I was able to read in the book of Mormon. I was
also able to read a couple of the emails that Hermana Peterson had
sent. I'm so grateful for my mother and her willingness to print out
the emails so that I can read them. In one of the emails Hermana
Peterson was able to quote from Dieter F Uchtdorf. The quote that she
had really touched my heart last night. I had realized that I was
worrying too much about the how and the what of the Gospel. I feel
that sometimes I lose sight of the of the "why" of the Gospel. Thank
you so much Hermana Peterson for the inspiring words. I feel like a
changed man today. This week I'm committing to work even harder than I
have ever before!!

One thing for sure is that I love training. My companion Elder Redmond
is a stud. He has truly inspired me to become better person and to
emulate my Savior Jesus Christ at all times. I sure look up to him a
lot and even though I'm supposed to be the one training him, he sure
has been training me.

Well I sure do love you all. I am really looking forward to this
upcoming week. We have a lot of appointments scheduled that are going
to be very awesome. Today we have been stuck inside because of snow.
It is really starting to make me antsy. Oh well, that's just the way
it is sometimes.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week.
Elder Peterson

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