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4/28/14 Hermana Peterson - Christ Lives!

Okay, so Mother´s Day is coming up!!! WE were mistakenly told that it is the 18th, but found out yesterday that it´s the 11th! YAY for good mistakes :) What time do you have church? I think we´ve got fair game to skype whenever, so you tell me. Also, I wanna skype for a second with Jake too!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY last week (sorry it´s late) and this week to Jess, Riley, Luke, Star, Wyatt, Mitch, Brock and GRANDPA PETERSON! I hope your days are smokin awesome and that you eat lots and lots of yummy food! I love you all so much and I wanna hear about your baptism Wyatt!
How´s Fawn doing? Has she had her baby yet?!
So I don´t know if I´ve ever told you, but Chileans have kids like super far apart. This last week we met a family that has kids ages 30, 28, 25, and 9. Not lying. We meet families all the time, where the little kids should be kids of their siblings, not their siblings. We talked about it this last week a lot, and I just don´t remember if I´d mentioned that or not. Random Chilean fact of the week.
Mom, your mother´s day card is in the mail, and I´m hoping a big envelope with something little for Cabe´s birthday/baptism. So heads up!
What ever happened to the other fotos from the Christmas Card? By the way, SUPER good job mom. It´s SO cute, and the colors match so well. Props. Also, I LOVED the packages. I´m wearing the shirt for the first time tomorrow because we have leadership training, but I´ve already worn the skirt and it´s SO comfy! Thank you SO much mom! And why did Jake get a new camera?! What´s that about?!
Easter Package

American "Junk Food" package
So, this last week was a good one. We´re finally starting to see the blessings of working so hard. We had 5 less actives in the church yesterday, and we almost had 2 investigators. We found Maria who is like an 85 year old lady, who last minute couldn´t come, and also we found Sandra. She is a mom of 5 kids, 22, 20, 16, 14, 3. She´s SO awesome but works on Sundays. If you could please keep the two of them in your prayers, we´d appreciate it! 
This week the topic is about the apostasy. I wish I had more time to talk about it, but thanks to my sister Bekah, my time was cut very short this week :) BUT, I´m not complaining because I loved every second of it :) SO, you´ll have to study it by yourselves. I´m sorry  because it´s such an amazing theme and I wish I could write my whole email about it, but here´s a few scriptures. I KNOW that after the death of Jesus Christ a GREAT APOSTASY happened. That is why there is so much religious confusion today. 2 Nephi 26:20-22, Mark 12:1-9,  Acts 3:19-21, Galatians 1:6-9  and Amos 8:11-12 and there is a huge list in preach my gospel! I hope you are taking the time each week to study these sections as a family! I love you all so much!
I´m loving life and I LOVE being a missionary! This week I had a really hard contact when a lady just started slamming down my beliefs and told me that I didn´t know Jesus and so I couldn´t pass out cards with a picture of Him on them because I don´t know Him. I didn´t know how to respond, so I bore my testimony and told her to have a good life and we walked away. I immediately started crying because it hit me how real Satan is. He is so very real, and we need to be careful not to let him get to us. The ONLY thing he wants is that we´re miserable like HIM. BUT HE´S GOING TO LOSE. WE HAVE TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIDE! The next day I was studying about Jesus Christ in my personal study and I just knew that the lady was so wrong and that even though I´ve never seen Jesus Christ, I KNOW I will recognize Him when I see Him. I DO know Him because I have felt Him. And I DO know Him because He is such a very real part of my life. So, to that lady, and to everyone else in the reach of my email, I just want you to know how much I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I TESTIFY OF HIM. I KNOW He lives. My favorite scripture is DC 76:22.... HE LIVES. I know He does. He is with me here in the mission, and for that I am able to do the things I am doing. I am nothing without Him and I know that He loves me, even though I´m NOT perfect. I hope that all of you can have your own testimony of and relationship with Him. If you don´t have one, I plead with you to get one. He is that important to us.

I love you all so much and hope you have a fabulous week! 13 days until we see each other again :)
(For Mother's Day, missionaries get to call/skype home and talk with their MOM!! That's ME! So excited for it!)
Hermana Happy Peterson
Eating Lunch

Avacados are super cheap here - doing a facial mask!

Sometimes we have to "sprint" to a meeting - don't we look GREAT!?

4/28/14 Elder Peterson - Member Missionaries are Awesome!

Hello everyone how's it going? This past week was really awesome!
I'll have to tell you all about it right now. I think the first thing that I want to start off with is this past week I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Fisher. He is one of the elders in the Patuxent Ward and he is on his second transfer here out on the mission. So he's pretty young but we had a really fun time. There's a few miracles that happened while we were together. The first thing was that before we had an actual exchange, we got a referral from one of the members of the Patuxent Ward, the Krugman family. Andrea W. is her name and she actually lives in our ward boundaries, that's why they called us. They invited us over to dinner at their home and we had a really wonderful time. Because of the crazy things that were happening down here we decided to go on a temporary exchange to go and visit her. The reason being is that we didn't know if she was going to end up in the Patuxent Ward or the Lexington Park Ward. So the sad thing was it didn't work out on the day that we planned to go over which was this past Monday, but we decided to stay on an exchange anyway because of what else was going on in the other area. So we were able to still go over and have dinner with the Krugman family without Andrea and we had a wonderful time there.
After we got done at the Krugman's home we were able to go out and we had about 10 minutes left until it was time to go home. We decided that we are going to go and try to knock on a few doors before it was 8:30 and we were both pretty nervous about it because we really didn't know where we were actually. I was driving and I decided that we should just go down this random street because we didn't really know where to go but it was definitely inspired by the Spirit. We turned down this random dirt path and started heading into the woods a little bit and we are kind of really nervous at this point because it didn't look like there was going to be any homes at the end of road (even though it would have been fun to try to talk to some deer). Just when I was starting to debate about turning around the house appeared on the right side. Elder Fisher and I decided to go and knock on the door and we are so glad that we did. It was a little awkward at first because there was somebody peeking out the window when we started to walk up and as we went up to the door she opened up and said that the door we went to wouldn't open up all the way and so we need to go around the back. We were a little bit nervous/skeptical but we decided to go around and try to share a message with them. We decided to share the video "Because of Him". It was amazing to watch their countenance change as we shared the video with them. The mother's name was Racquel and she had three children. They were all pretty excited to have us there after we introduced ourselves and shared the video. We were able to talk with them a little bit about the Book of Mormon and we weren't able to set up an appointment with them but we were able to get her phone number and we are going to call and set something up when she is able to get off of work. It was truly a miracle and we were so excited to be able to meet with them. I know that as we meet with them they will except the gospel. They are super prepared!
Alright, so that was just the start of this week I'm excited to share the rest of it with you. The last miracle that I want to share was when we were able to meet with Andrea at the Krugman's home. We were able to go by on Thursday and we had delicious food and wonderful company. After we were done with dinner, we went into the other room and we started to talk with Andrea about the restoration. It was amazing the questions that she had and how she was able to feel the spirit as we talked with her. I have truly gained a better understanding and a stronger testimony of the power of member's testimonies. Brother and Sister Krugman were able to share very powerful testimonies. Also, their son Chris,who actually served a mission here in the Washington DC North Mission, shared his testimony as well. We were all able to answer her questions and help her to understand how much this church can bless her life. I am so grateful for the simplicity of the gospel. As we shared with her, it was amazing to see that it was making sense in her mind. She now understands that all she needs to do is read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT! Anyone who reads the Book of Mormon and prays with a sincere heart, with faith, and are willing to act on the answer that they receive, will receive a confirmation from the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon IS the word of God. Andrea accepted the baptismal invitation. She told us that when she comes to know that the Book of Mormon is true she will be baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I cannot wait for that day.
I guess lastly, the boundaries for our ward changed this Sunday and we got new bishopric. The work is truly hastening down here! We were able to receive some of the Patuxent Ward and its members and we are really excited to be able to work with them and to help the missionary work here to accelerate.
That's it from me for this past week! I hope that you all have a wonderful week and I can't wait to write you about this week.
I love you all!
Elder Peterson

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4/21/14 Elder Peterson - Happy Easter Everyone!

Elder Hunt and Me

This photo was taken awhile back, and just sent to me. This lovely lady is a sister to one of our great friends here in Mesa. He stopped by not knowing the relation and had a great visit. Small world! Thanks, Lauren and Fawn!!
Well, this past week has been pretty good. So first off I got the
package that you sent and thank you so much for the ties and all the
Reese's candy. It's probably going to take me a few months to get done
with eating all of it!

So I really don't know where to start because there's just been a lot
of stuff that's been going down. Okay, I kind of lied cause I do know
where to start. We found out about a week ago that the boundaries of
our ward are going to be changing. It's kind of crazy. So the way that
the church is set up down here is there are two wards in our building.
The Patuxent Ward and the Lexington Park Ward. The Patuxent Ward has a
lot of members, and it is crazy to see the comparison with our ward.
The reason why the boundaries are going to be changing is to allow
the wards down here to have an even amount of members. We have no idea
what the boundaries are going to change to, but it is most likely that
we are going to be getting a huge chunk of the Patuxent Ward. We are
pretty excited to see what is going to happen. Also I have heard that
the members of the Patuxent Ward are pretty sweet and I'm excited to
be able to meet them. This coming up Sunday we are going to be having
a combined sacrament meeting at 1 o'clock to discuss the boundaries
and all the things that are going to be happening. We are pretty sure
that we are going to be getting a new bishop which is really crazy.
Bishop Lowe is super awesome and it is going to be sad to see him not
to be the bishop anymore. He and his family are going to be
transferring to another base because he is military. So it is almost
the perfect time for a change. I'm excited to see who the new bishop
is going to be though.

Second thing that's been going on is that we are having a blast with
the members! The members here are just super awesome and they are just
very willing to do anything for us. It has been great to have Elder
Hunt down here because the members already know him very well because
he has served here before. It definitely gives us an advantage in having
the members work with us more. The personal mission plans are still a
hit! We have been able to go over it with more of the members and they
are doing great. We also have been doing a lot of work with the less
active members and it has been very uplifting. What a wonderful time
it is to be serving a mission! The work is truly hastening and we are
lucky to have a lot of resources to help us in the work of salvation.
I have a lot of thoughts about this and I can't express them all over
email. I guess one thought that I do want to share is that of social
media. We live in a time where we can easily talk to people with just
the click of a button and with a few movements of our fingers. Having
computers is one of many blessings that Heavenly Father has given to
us in this day and age to share the gospel with our friends and our
family. I want to invite everybody to use social media as a resource
in sharing the gospel! It is super easy! You can do this by sharing a
quote from one of the general authorities. You can like a video that
was posted by the church. You can message your friends and asked them
to watch a video or go to the church website. These are just a few of
many ideas that are out there to sharing the gospel. Please everyone
take advantage of it! The Gospel is super important and everybody
needs to know about it!

Alright, Just a couple more thoughts about what. Today we had a
wonderful P-day! Brother Weitzner was able to take the day off and he
took us up to the mall to go to the Spy Museum. It was pretty sweet.
There's a lot of cool things and it was really interesting to see that
the gadgets that are on TV actually exist. We really had an enjoyable
time with Brother Weitzner. He is the man! He also took us out to a
fancy Italian restaurant and Elder Hunt and I talked about it and we
felt like we were in the 1800s. It was pretty sweet. The food was
super super good. He also took us out to ice cream and while we were
there, we were able to talk to this couple who is visiting their daughter
from Illinois and they are super sweet. We were trying to talk to them
about the gospel but they were just too talkative. They do have a few
friends who are members of the church and we hope that we left a great
impression on them of our religion. It's always fun to just be able to
talk with people and to get to know them. I think that's one of the
things that I've enjoyed so much about the mission is that I've been
able to get out of my shell and go talk to people. It's amazing what
one conversation can do in shaping someone's life.

Well, that's about it for me. This past week was awesome, this week is
going to be even better, and I'm just having a blast! I hope that you
all have a wonderful week and I love you all.

Elder Peterson

Monday, April 21, 2014

4/21/14 Hermana Peterson - Beauty Techniques in Chile...Who Knew??

So funny story from last week that I forgot to tell you, but we walked into the bathroom after Sunday school and two of the toilets were clogged with (you know). We being the missionaries we are, decided that if we didn´t clean it no one would, so we unclogged 2 toilets. Dad, you taught me well :)
Also, I win. Daniel Wilson + Hermana Heslop = Match mate in heaven.
So, one of the hermanas that I live with has an epilator. If you don´t know what it is, look it up. But basically it´s like a giant plucking machine that pulls out all hair it comes in contact with. So this last week, we gave it a GO! I epilated my arms and legs, and I´m converted! Who knew I would learn so many beauty techniques in Chile! I also curl my eyelashes with a spoon and have for almost a year now. Don´t know if I ever told you that or not.
And the hair is gone...magic!

And the fleas are back...yay!!
So this last week, I got to see Marcelo, Danay, and Marcelo, TWO TIMES! We were on our way back to the house one night, and we passed Victor´s house, and their car was in front, and because I have the best comp in the world, we passed by and said hi. They are doing SO good and I was the happiest missionary in the world! I love this family SO much and hope that you get the chance to meet them someday. I love being a missionary more than anything else in the world. I seriously cannot believe the joy I feel when I help someone come unto Christ. The ironic thing is, that I´m changing at the same time. I sometimes look back at who I was and think "What in the world was I doing? Who was I?" I´m so glad Heavenly Father gives us the chance to change and become more like Him every day. I´m so glad He is so merciful with us, and so willing to forgive us of our imperfections. I´m so grateful He loves me even though I´m not perfect, and is willing to keep supporting me no matter what. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I´m so grateful we were able to celebrate His resurrection yesterday. I have been thinking a lot about my family this week and the future family that I will have, and I´m so incredibly grateful for Jesus Christ. It is because of Him that I will have my family FOREVER. THEY ARE MINE. YOU ARE MINE! I love this gospel so much. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and for this He sent his Son Jesus Christ to make these things possible. My heart hurts for the people who don´t have the knowledge that their families can be together forever. For that, I´m here and will continue sharing the gospel with everyone for as long as I live. I wish that everyone knew and could feel the joy that the gospel brings to us! I just am so happy I could scream and run around yelling. I think that would make a bad name for Americans and for Latter-day Saints, and so I´ll refrain. Just know I´m screaming inside :)
The Savior´s earthly ministry was to establish His church here on the earth. He did so, by calling 12 apostles and giving them His authority that is called the priesthood. If a church is not set up in this same pattern, it can´t be His church. I love the scriptures at the beginning of 3 Nefi that talk about His church. Please, if you have questions ask the missionaries! Pray to our Heavenly Father! He can help you. He has helped me know that this truly is HIS church! Mateo 10:1, Juan 15:16, and Juan 3:16-17. (PMG Chapter 3 part 4)
I´m looking for the missionary that baptized a member family in our ward about 25+ years ago and we think he´s from Mesa Arizona. His name is David Merrill and their names are Alejandro and Maria and they are in my ward here. If you could do some investigating, it would be AWESOME!

Happy Birthday this week to Luke & Riley, Jessica, Starlyn and Wyatt (the big 8)! I want to see a photo of you on your baptism day, Wyatt!
Well, got to run. We got cambio calls today and we´re staying put! YAY. I love Hermana Heslop! Here´s to a week of piggin' out :) (She just got the 2 packages that I sent that had Easter candy and American junk food that she so terribly misses).
Hermana Peterson
Our Zone

Arizona Missionaries all in one zone...Elder Heyman from Chandler,
Elder Stewart from Tucson and Elder Hancock from Mesa.

Photo bombing even goes on in Chile...

Happy Easter

On a mini cambio

Monday, April 14, 2014

4/14/14 Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!

We went to the beach today, and oh how I have missed the beach. I love the feeling of tranquility and peace that the beach brings! I love love love the beach! And this one even had a PIRATES CAVE! I was expecting to see Jack Sparrow pull up on his ship and I definitely sang the pirates theme song. Pirates will forever be one of my favorite movies. While trying to jump onto the rock to climb up on it, I half fell into the ocean (we had to time it right and run and climb when the waves went out) and my timing was WAY off and I got soaked, but I didn´t feel as bad, because almost all of the elders got soaked too.

Pirate's cove

Inside the cove

Yeah, we got wet

We made it to the top

My zone on the "little bus"

Happy birthday this week to Aaron and Annie! I hope your days are super-dee-dooper!

We saw some huge miracles this week! We had been really struggling and decided that we needed to call Hermana Arrington and talk to her. We weren´t seeing any success and just felt pretty crumby about it. She told us that numbers DON´T matter, and what matters is if we´re doing our best or not. Wise woman she is. She told us that we´re learning patience to prepares us for being pregnant. She is the coolest mission president´s wife ever. She talked to us like our mom! Yes, we cried, we laughed, and we felt tons better after. We then kept working with the little faith we had left, and we found Ingrid! She´s a reference from a less active member, who has met with the missionaries before but never gone to church. We invited her and she accepted! On Sunday, she walked in with her mom, and then after church on our way to lunch, we stopped and picked up the less active member Ruth, (we were in the family´s car) and she said guess what?! The hermanas worked a miracle today! My daughter has never gone to church, and she came looking for ME this morning! She´s looking for lots of peace and is really struggling in her life right now. She´s got 2 boys who could be potential investigators too, so if you could keep Ingrid in your prayers that would be awesome! Hermano Victor also came to church again and he took the sacrament for the first time in 20+ years! I love the Calvo family SO much! We are seeing TONS of progress with them, but the prayers are still awesome!
So this week´s Preach My Gospel chapter is "Heavenly Father Reveals His Gospel in Every Dispensation."  I know that because our Heavenly Father loves us that He truly does call and work through prophets. I KNOW that we are led today by President Thomas S. Monson, and I know it because I´ve prayed about it. I know that he is the only person who has the authority and the calling to speak for God to us. Prophets are called of God to testify of this work and to teach the Gospel. We have had a chain of unbroken prophets from the time that Joseph Smith was called as prophet in the 1830´s. There is a talk in the Ensign this month that I want you to read, called "Follow the Prophet" by Elder Walker. It´s SO good and helps us see that President Monson is a normal guy. Many of us have the warped conception that people of higher offices in the church aren´t normal people, but I know they are! Amos 3:7, DC 1:14-16, 37-38.   
No explanation needed

Well, you got a bajillion pictures, so sorry this is so short! You all are the best and I hope you have a fabulous semana! Keep keepin on, reading your scriptures, and sharing the gospel with everyone!
Have a happy Easter this next weekend! Jesus Christ LIVES!
Hermana Peterson
I want to be part of your world!! Oh, my crazy Hannah!

4/14/14 Elder Peterson - Alright, the latest from Lexington Park...

Alright, I don't even know where to start! This past week has been  really fun and really crazy and just plain legit. I love the  Lexington Park Ward! The people here are so nice and reminds me so much of our ward back at home. I am just overwhelmed with excitement and love for everyone down here. This past week has been pretty crazy. I have learned a lot from my companion Elder Hunt. He is a goofball, but he is a really cool goofball. One of the things that I have learned from Elder Hunt is the importance of working with members. I have not been the best at working with members out here on the mission. I really don't know what it is that has caused me to not work with them well, but those days are over. Elder Hunt is a very great example of what missionary work truly is about. We need to work with members if we want to have success out here on our mission. Something that Elder Hunt and I have been able to develop for the members out here in the ward is what we call a personal mission plan. I'm sure that this is something that is done throughout the world in the church, but Elder Hunt and I have been able to incorporate the ward mission plan here with the personal mission plan. I have mentioned the ward mission plan before, but I'll remind everybody what the ward mission plan in the Lexington Park Ward is. It is only three words, pray, share, and invite. As I've been able to take the time to really think about the depth that the mission plan goes into, I have really learned a lot. Just think of it, the ward mission plan is really steps to sharing the gospel. First we have to show our faith by praying to Heavenly Father and ask him to bless us with missionary experiences. We also have to pray that we will be able to have the Spirit with us at all times. It is so important that we have the spirit or else we cannot help others to become converted."And the Spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith; and if ye receive not the Spirit ye shall not teach" (D&C 42:14). Isn't this scripture inspiring? It truly helps us to understand how important the spirit is when we are wanting to share the gospel with our friends. That is the next point in the mission plan, SHARE. If we don't take the opportunities to share testimony people won't be able to feel the spirit. We really have to make sure that when we get prompted by the Spirit to share a principle of the gospel with someone, that we take that opportunity. Lastly, but most importantly, we have to INVITE. In Preach My Gospel, it talks about how if we do not invite people they can never progress. Invitations are really giving people opportunities to repent. I think that that's really cool. Elder Hunt and I were able to incorporate this into the personal mission plans that we made for the members of the church. The personal mission plan is laid out kind of like the ward mission plan except it's with three different categories: Vision, Goals, and Plans. The vision part of this is really the vision that everybody has for this year. It is what people think that they can accomplish in this year in missionary work or in their own lives. The goals are specific goals that people can set for the year in regards to their vision. And the plans are the minute details that are necessary to accomplish their goals and their vision for the year 2014. It's really all thanks to Elder Hunt that the personal mission plans or success. He truly is the mastermind behind this, besides Heavenly Father of course. We have been able to share this plan during the dinner appointments that we've had with members. It has been very successful. It is really cool to have the members open up to us and actually give us referrals! I am so grateful for the Lord's work, and how He is willing to trust us to figure out what we can do to best help the members in this ward.
I have really learned a lot this week. Something that I would like to share that I learned this week happened in the Gospel Principles class at church. Brother Weitzner was actually the teacher for the class that day and he said something that kind answered a question that I've been having here on the mission. Sometimes I feel like I have not been feeling the spirit as much as I should be. I look back to the beginning of my mission when I felt like I felt the spirit all the time! I look at now, and I kind of realized that I don't feel the spirit as much. I was really trying to figure out why this is the case. Brother Weitzner talked about micromanaging. He said that throughout life God will send His Spirit to us to micromanage our lives sometimes. He will help us to feel the spirit when we truly need it. I think about that and it helps me to understand this: I always have the spirit with me when I am being obedient and keeping the commandments. Even though I might not feel it all the  time, it does not mean that it is not with me. The more that I learned in this life, the more that I don't need the spirit to tell me what I need to do because I know what I need to do. This really applies a lot out here while I am serving my mission. At the beginning of my mission, I needed the spirit to tell me what to do, and I needed to feel it more then I need to now, because I had to learn from the Spirit to help me to know what to do. Heavenly Father trusts me. It's really hard for me to grasp that because of how imperfect I am. I feel like I need to be feeling the promptings of the Spirit at all times because I am not confident that the decisions I make are not in the Spirit. I need to overlook this and realize that I am making decisions with the Spirit. Just because I don't feel it doesn't mean that my decisions are against God's will. Just a little something for everyone to think about.
Well, I sure do love you all! I hope they have a wonderful week and I can't wait to tell you about the wonderful things that are going to happen this week.
~Elder Peterson

Monday, April 7, 2014

4/7/14 Elder Peterson - Loving Lexington Park

What's up everyone!

Well this past week it's been super sweet! I really enjoy being in
Lexington Park. This ward is super awesome! I don't even know where to
start! So, this past week we had transfers and we had to drive all the
way down here to Lexington Park. From the Visitor Ctr., Lexington Park
is two hours away. It's like traveling to the cabin basically. It's
kind of crazy. But, I've started to appreciate how much I've been
blessed out here on my mission. The drive is nothing to me anymore. I
remember being back at home and not really liking to go on long
drives. I'm pretty sure that I have traveled in a car out here an
equivalent of 10 times the amount I have driven in a car my whole
life. Now, being in the car is normal. My new companion Elder Hunt is
from Twin Falls Idaho and he is really cool. I know that this transfer
is going to be really fun! This is Elder Hunt's last transfer, so I'm
only going to be with him for one transfer but it is going to be a
really amazing one. What's cool is Elder Hunt has actually served down
here before, so he knows a lot about the area already. It makes it
pretty easy because we are whitewashing it.

Anyways, the night that we got here we went and visited with Bishop.
He is a stud! I have really enjoyed the few moments that I had with
him because he is super missionary minded. His name is Bishop Low and
he has been the bishop for a a while now and he has really been doing
a great job down here. He gave us a lot of ideas for us to focus on
this transfer, and that ward mission plan is very simple, but it is
really awesome. The ward mission plan is three words: pray, share, and
invite. I know that as we focus on these three things, and as we visit
with members and help them to understand the ward mission plan, we will be
able to have a lot of success here. Also Brother Weitzner is the man!
He has been the ward mission leader down here in Lexington Park for
about five years or six years. He is a recent convert as of 2006, I
believe, and he has really embraced the Gospel in his life. He knows
the ward backwards and forwards, and will help us out with anything!
And he makes really good food, which kind of helps a lot.

So, this past week has been pretty slow because we don't really have a
lot of work to do around here just yet. But we were able to go to
Brother Weitzner's home for both Saturday and Sunday's general
conference sessions. He invited a whole bunch of people from the ward
over so we got to meet a few of them and get to know them more. It
was really a great time! All I do want to say though is that the
priesthood session was my absolute favorite! The talks were inspired
and I learned so much from each and everyone of them. I am definitely
going to download them and I'm going to listen to them and read them
and study them all the time. I would have to say that if I had to pick
a favorite... Well actually I can't pick a favorite because they were
all super sweet. I just felt so inspired and I know that this church
is true! It is truly led by a prophet of God even Thomas S. Monson. It
is also led by many inspired men and women who know our needs and our

 I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a member of
this church. I am also grateful that I can be out here on a mission
and share the gospel with others. That's truly our mission in this
life. We have the gospel, and we need to share it. There is no way
around it, every opportunity that we have to share the gospel is one
that we need to cherish and take advantage of. We have people pass us
by on the street all the time, and sometimes we are really scared to
talk to them. We we cannot be afraid, we have Jesus Christ on our

"And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before
your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my
Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to
bear you up." (D&C 84:88)

This is Jesus Christ himself speaking to all of us! He is with
us. We cannot fear man, we can only fear God. When we fear man we miss
out on the opportunities to share the gospel with others. Something
that I've learned so much out here on my mission is that we can't let
the opportunities pass by us. I hate to say it, but I have missed
some of those opportunities. It is really hard sometimes to talk with people,
but we cannot fear.

I love this gospel, and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am looking
forward to this upcoming week, for we truly are going to hasten the
work down here in Lexington Park! I look forward to hearing from you
this next week. Stay safe, and have fun.

Elder Peterson
The Anacostia and Capitol Zones
We are rocking them blue ties!!

Have to have a silly one!

4/7/14 Hermana Peterson - I would like to hang your eyeballs right here on my fence.

Remember when I THOUGHT I´d heard the worst pick-up line? False. I got it Saturday in between Conference sessions. We contacted an older couple who were painting their fence and he said, "Me gustaría colocar sus ojos aquí en mi reja." It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. Don´t worry, I´m working on a drawing right now so I can remember how funny it was. Jake, Seth, and Caleb, and even Dad. Please don´t be as weird as that man.
We got permission from President Arrington to do a Zumba class in our ward, and we had our first one on Friday night. IT.WAS.SO.AWESOME. It was so fun and I´ve basically decided I´m going to enroll in Zumba classes when I get home. 
Okay, was Conference just not the greatest thing ever? We had such a hard week this week, even harder than last week, and we were needing Conference so much and who of all people starts it off and what does he talk about?! Elder Holland does it again. We felt so much better after, and we said life is good until you have mashed potatoes in your hair. Poor girl. I´ve had some horrible stuff happen to me, but not that bad! But, I wouldn´t trade being a missionary for ANYTHING! I loved all of the talks and received many answers for questions that I´ve been searching for, but I think more than anything I was super touched by President Packer's talk. How powerful! I feel like that might´ve been his last conference, but I could not deny how I also felt about our Savior in that moment. I know He lives. I know because I can feel it. He helps me daily, sometimes to just keep going, but I know He knows exactly what I´m going through! We have to choose daily to keep building our testimony of Him. I love that the verse in Helaman 5:12 was used so much. It is the only thing that will save us! I am downloading the voice recordings of all of it right now so we can jump on studying them!
So one miracle that we did see this week is a huge miracle. Do you remember how I told you that last week we found the "long lost brother" of Marcelo Calvo? Well we passed by for them this week and found HIS PARENTS who have been inactive for coming on 25 years. His dad is the coolest man ever and he said the prayer, and then got super emotional as he said, I have great kids but I have failed them. He is more than ready to come back to church, and I saw many glimpses of Marcelo and the things that we helped him with, in his dad. He came to the first session of conference, in a suit, and was early. I am counting my blessings today that I can keep helping be an influence for the Lord in the lives of this dear dear family. We have a FHE with them tonight, but if you could keep them in your prayers it would be awesome. The mom is still not sure of the testimony that she has, so we´re working on that one too. I feel so so blessed!

I felt super impressed during Conference to write you about a different theme from Preach My Gospel (PMG) Chapter 3 each week until I´m home and invite you to study it as a family, and also anyone else who reads this has the open invitation. I love that Preach My Gospel is now available FREE to everyone who wants one. I will FOLLOW UP too so don´t worry :) This week the theme I want to talk about is how God is our loving Heavenly Father and how the Gospel blesses families. God literally is the Father of our Spirits. We need to believe that He is, that He was, and that He will be. I know that He hears and answers our prayers and that we need to pray to him daily to receive comfort, answers, to express our gratitude, and to just talk to Him. He isn´t someone that we need to be afraid of. He has a body just like ours because we were created in His image. I know that his work and his glory is to being to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (YOU AND ME!) All He wants is for us to follow Him so that someday we can reach this. I am so grateful that the number 1 unit for him is the family, and I´ve been so incredibly blessed with the family that I have! I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we CAN be happier hear, and have the strength to endure trials TOGETHER. Here are some scriptures I liked from the study I did, and there are more in PMG. Mosiah 4:9, 3 Nephi 14:9-11, D&C 130:22, Moises 1:39, John 3:16, and Acts 17:27-29. 
Welp, that´s a wrap. Gotta write Pres. I love you all to the moon and back and hope you have a fabulous week! I LOVE YOU!
Hermana Peterson

Look in the window...May the Force Be With You!

We got new headbands and we love them. We asked the
same sister to make us some smaller ones, but she made
us some Russian looking hats! Better brush up on our
Spanish, so she knows we mean smaller...

P.S. I Love You!!

Our emergency "Just in Case" a major earthquake hits us!!

Hermana Heslop, Me, Hermana Nájara, and Hermana Antillón 
Yummy Conference French Toast
with Crunchy Peanut Butter and homemade jam & syrup