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4/21/14 Hermana Peterson - Beauty Techniques in Chile...Who Knew??

So funny story from last week that I forgot to tell you, but we walked into the bathroom after Sunday school and two of the toilets were clogged with (you know). We being the missionaries we are, decided that if we didn´t clean it no one would, so we unclogged 2 toilets. Dad, you taught me well :)
Also, I win. Daniel Wilson + Hermana Heslop = Match mate in heaven.
So, one of the hermanas that I live with has an epilator. If you don´t know what it is, look it up. But basically it´s like a giant plucking machine that pulls out all hair it comes in contact with. So this last week, we gave it a GO! I epilated my arms and legs, and I´m converted! Who knew I would learn so many beauty techniques in Chile! I also curl my eyelashes with a spoon and have for almost a year now. Don´t know if I ever told you that or not.
And the hair is gone...magic!

And the fleas are back...yay!!
So this last week, I got to see Marcelo, Danay, and Marcelo, TWO TIMES! We were on our way back to the house one night, and we passed Victor´s house, and their car was in front, and because I have the best comp in the world, we passed by and said hi. They are doing SO good and I was the happiest missionary in the world! I love this family SO much and hope that you get the chance to meet them someday. I love being a missionary more than anything else in the world. I seriously cannot believe the joy I feel when I help someone come unto Christ. The ironic thing is, that I´m changing at the same time. I sometimes look back at who I was and think "What in the world was I doing? Who was I?" I´m so glad Heavenly Father gives us the chance to change and become more like Him every day. I´m so glad He is so merciful with us, and so willing to forgive us of our imperfections. I´m so grateful He loves me even though I´m not perfect, and is willing to keep supporting me no matter what. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I´m so grateful we were able to celebrate His resurrection yesterday. I have been thinking a lot about my family this week and the future family that I will have, and I´m so incredibly grateful for Jesus Christ. It is because of Him that I will have my family FOREVER. THEY ARE MINE. YOU ARE MINE! I love this gospel so much. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and for this He sent his Son Jesus Christ to make these things possible. My heart hurts for the people who don´t have the knowledge that their families can be together forever. For that, I´m here and will continue sharing the gospel with everyone for as long as I live. I wish that everyone knew and could feel the joy that the gospel brings to us! I just am so happy I could scream and run around yelling. I think that would make a bad name for Americans and for Latter-day Saints, and so I´ll refrain. Just know I´m screaming inside :)
The Savior´s earthly ministry was to establish His church here on the earth. He did so, by calling 12 apostles and giving them His authority that is called the priesthood. If a church is not set up in this same pattern, it can´t be His church. I love the scriptures at the beginning of 3 Nefi that talk about His church. Please, if you have questions ask the missionaries! Pray to our Heavenly Father! He can help you. He has helped me know that this truly is HIS church! Mateo 10:1, Juan 15:16, and Juan 3:16-17. (PMG Chapter 3 part 4)
I´m looking for the missionary that baptized a member family in our ward about 25+ years ago and we think he´s from Mesa Arizona. His name is David Merrill and their names are Alejandro and Maria and they are in my ward here. If you could do some investigating, it would be AWESOME!

Happy Birthday this week to Luke & Riley, Jessica, Starlyn and Wyatt (the big 8)! I want to see a photo of you on your baptism day, Wyatt!
Well, got to run. We got cambio calls today and we´re staying put! YAY. I love Hermana Heslop! Here´s to a week of piggin' out :) (She just got the 2 packages that I sent that had Easter candy and American junk food that she so terribly misses).
Hermana Peterson
Our Zone

Arizona Missionaries all in one zone...Elder Heyman from Chandler,
Elder Stewart from Tucson and Elder Hancock from Mesa.

Photo bombing even goes on in Chile...

Happy Easter

On a mini cambio

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