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4/28/14 Hermana Peterson - Christ Lives!

Okay, so Mother´s Day is coming up!!! WE were mistakenly told that it is the 18th, but found out yesterday that it´s the 11th! YAY for good mistakes :) What time do you have church? I think we´ve got fair game to skype whenever, so you tell me. Also, I wanna skype for a second with Jake too!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY last week (sorry it´s late) and this week to Jess, Riley, Luke, Star, Wyatt, Mitch, Brock and GRANDPA PETERSON! I hope your days are smokin awesome and that you eat lots and lots of yummy food! I love you all so much and I wanna hear about your baptism Wyatt!
How´s Fawn doing? Has she had her baby yet?!
So I don´t know if I´ve ever told you, but Chileans have kids like super far apart. This last week we met a family that has kids ages 30, 28, 25, and 9. Not lying. We meet families all the time, where the little kids should be kids of their siblings, not their siblings. We talked about it this last week a lot, and I just don´t remember if I´d mentioned that or not. Random Chilean fact of the week.
Mom, your mother´s day card is in the mail, and I´m hoping a big envelope with something little for Cabe´s birthday/baptism. So heads up!
What ever happened to the other fotos from the Christmas Card? By the way, SUPER good job mom. It´s SO cute, and the colors match so well. Props. Also, I LOVED the packages. I´m wearing the shirt for the first time tomorrow because we have leadership training, but I´ve already worn the skirt and it´s SO comfy! Thank you SO much mom! And why did Jake get a new camera?! What´s that about?!
Easter Package

American "Junk Food" package
So, this last week was a good one. We´re finally starting to see the blessings of working so hard. We had 5 less actives in the church yesterday, and we almost had 2 investigators. We found Maria who is like an 85 year old lady, who last minute couldn´t come, and also we found Sandra. She is a mom of 5 kids, 22, 20, 16, 14, 3. She´s SO awesome but works on Sundays. If you could please keep the two of them in your prayers, we´d appreciate it! 
This week the topic is about the apostasy. I wish I had more time to talk about it, but thanks to my sister Bekah, my time was cut very short this week :) BUT, I´m not complaining because I loved every second of it :) SO, you´ll have to study it by yourselves. I´m sorry  because it´s such an amazing theme and I wish I could write my whole email about it, but here´s a few scriptures. I KNOW that after the death of Jesus Christ a GREAT APOSTASY happened. That is why there is so much religious confusion today. 2 Nephi 26:20-22, Mark 12:1-9,  Acts 3:19-21, Galatians 1:6-9  and Amos 8:11-12 and there is a huge list in preach my gospel! I hope you are taking the time each week to study these sections as a family! I love you all so much!
I´m loving life and I LOVE being a missionary! This week I had a really hard contact when a lady just started slamming down my beliefs and told me that I didn´t know Jesus and so I couldn´t pass out cards with a picture of Him on them because I don´t know Him. I didn´t know how to respond, so I bore my testimony and told her to have a good life and we walked away. I immediately started crying because it hit me how real Satan is. He is so very real, and we need to be careful not to let him get to us. The ONLY thing he wants is that we´re miserable like HIM. BUT HE´S GOING TO LOSE. WE HAVE TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIDE! The next day I was studying about Jesus Christ in my personal study and I just knew that the lady was so wrong and that even though I´ve never seen Jesus Christ, I KNOW I will recognize Him when I see Him. I DO know Him because I have felt Him. And I DO know Him because He is such a very real part of my life. So, to that lady, and to everyone else in the reach of my email, I just want you to know how much I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I TESTIFY OF HIM. I KNOW He lives. My favorite scripture is DC 76:22.... HE LIVES. I know He does. He is with me here in the mission, and for that I am able to do the things I am doing. I am nothing without Him and I know that He loves me, even though I´m NOT perfect. I hope that all of you can have your own testimony of and relationship with Him. If you don´t have one, I plead with you to get one. He is that important to us.

I love you all so much and hope you have a fabulous week! 13 days until we see each other again :)
(For Mother's Day, missionaries get to call/skype home and talk with their MOM!! That's ME! So excited for it!)
Hermana Happy Peterson
Eating Lunch

Avacados are super cheap here - doing a facial mask!

Sometimes we have to "sprint" to a meeting - don't we look GREAT!?

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