Monday, April 7, 2014

4/7/14 Hermana Peterson - I would like to hang your eyeballs right here on my fence.

Remember when I THOUGHT I´d heard the worst pick-up line? False. I got it Saturday in between Conference sessions. We contacted an older couple who were painting their fence and he said, "Me gustaría colocar sus ojos aquí en mi reja." It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. Don´t worry, I´m working on a drawing right now so I can remember how funny it was. Jake, Seth, and Caleb, and even Dad. Please don´t be as weird as that man.
We got permission from President Arrington to do a Zumba class in our ward, and we had our first one on Friday night. IT.WAS.SO.AWESOME. It was so fun and I´ve basically decided I´m going to enroll in Zumba classes when I get home. 
Okay, was Conference just not the greatest thing ever? We had such a hard week this week, even harder than last week, and we were needing Conference so much and who of all people starts it off and what does he talk about?! Elder Holland does it again. We felt so much better after, and we said life is good until you have mashed potatoes in your hair. Poor girl. I´ve had some horrible stuff happen to me, but not that bad! But, I wouldn´t trade being a missionary for ANYTHING! I loved all of the talks and received many answers for questions that I´ve been searching for, but I think more than anything I was super touched by President Packer's talk. How powerful! I feel like that might´ve been his last conference, but I could not deny how I also felt about our Savior in that moment. I know He lives. I know because I can feel it. He helps me daily, sometimes to just keep going, but I know He knows exactly what I´m going through! We have to choose daily to keep building our testimony of Him. I love that the verse in Helaman 5:12 was used so much. It is the only thing that will save us! I am downloading the voice recordings of all of it right now so we can jump on studying them!
So one miracle that we did see this week is a huge miracle. Do you remember how I told you that last week we found the "long lost brother" of Marcelo Calvo? Well we passed by for them this week and found HIS PARENTS who have been inactive for coming on 25 years. His dad is the coolest man ever and he said the prayer, and then got super emotional as he said, I have great kids but I have failed them. He is more than ready to come back to church, and I saw many glimpses of Marcelo and the things that we helped him with, in his dad. He came to the first session of conference, in a suit, and was early. I am counting my blessings today that I can keep helping be an influence for the Lord in the lives of this dear dear family. We have a FHE with them tonight, but if you could keep them in your prayers it would be awesome. The mom is still not sure of the testimony that she has, so we´re working on that one too. I feel so so blessed!

I felt super impressed during Conference to write you about a different theme from Preach My Gospel (PMG) Chapter 3 each week until I´m home and invite you to study it as a family, and also anyone else who reads this has the open invitation. I love that Preach My Gospel is now available FREE to everyone who wants one. I will FOLLOW UP too so don´t worry :) This week the theme I want to talk about is how God is our loving Heavenly Father and how the Gospel blesses families. God literally is the Father of our Spirits. We need to believe that He is, that He was, and that He will be. I know that He hears and answers our prayers and that we need to pray to him daily to receive comfort, answers, to express our gratitude, and to just talk to Him. He isn´t someone that we need to be afraid of. He has a body just like ours because we were created in His image. I know that his work and his glory is to being to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (YOU AND ME!) All He wants is for us to follow Him so that someday we can reach this. I am so grateful that the number 1 unit for him is the family, and I´ve been so incredibly blessed with the family that I have! I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we CAN be happier hear, and have the strength to endure trials TOGETHER. Here are some scriptures I liked from the study I did, and there are more in PMG. Mosiah 4:9, 3 Nephi 14:9-11, D&C 130:22, Moises 1:39, John 3:16, and Acts 17:27-29. 
Welp, that´s a wrap. Gotta write Pres. I love you all to the moon and back and hope you have a fabulous week! I LOVE YOU!
Hermana Peterson

Look in the window...May the Force Be With You!

We got new headbands and we love them. We asked the
same sister to make us some smaller ones, but she made
us some Russian looking hats! Better brush up on our
Spanish, so she knows we mean smaller...

P.S. I Love You!!

Our emergency "Just in Case" a major earthquake hits us!!

Hermana Heslop, Me, Hermana Nájara, and Hermana Antillón 
Yummy Conference French Toast
with Crunchy Peanut Butter and homemade jam & syrup

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