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5/12/14 Hermana Peterson - The Beating of My Body

There are just somethings that I don´t think missionaries that serve in the states will ever understand. My body has taken a HUGE beating in this time that I´ve been a missionary.... I was thinking about it this morning, and since I talked to my family about EVERYTHING yesterday, I´m going to do the life of my body in these past 14 months.

The beating of my body all started back at the beginning of my mission, when unfortunately, I gained a whopping 29.4 pounds. I was a freaking chunker. I look back at pictures and just laugh. I didn´t realize that I had gotten SO large. I took the title for THE chubmeister. There are legit reasons why I gained the weight though, so calm down.
1. I was eating things that before my mission my food allergies didn´t allow, aka PAN (bread).
2. My companion made me eat a TON of cookies. Many times with the MASSIVE jar of JIF peanut butter that my mom sent me, but I´m not complaining. It was good haha
3. I was forced to eat (still am) an unhealthy amount of oil in at lunch everyday: in the salads, in the soups, in the food, sometimes in the desserts....
4. It was the middle of winter, I was in a foreign country, speaking a foreign language, and my body started to hibernate like a bear. For that reason, the weight stayed on me like a magnet on the fridge.

Then I had my bumps and bruises, and the CRAZY constellation making pulgas (fleas) in my bed. My hair looked like the hair of Miss Frizzle, or Hermione Granger, EVERY.DAY. In November, my back started acting up and I had to get shots where a woman shouldn´t get shots. I went up to Cauquenes, lost about 14 of those lovely pounds, and then my back really acted up. Just now, the thought occurred to me that maybe my body went into shock because it felt weightless. That´s why my back acted up! but I was still down in bed for a month. THAT was fun.
So when I thought that my body had taken enough of a beating, two weeks ago, I dropped a HUGE stack of wood on my foot and got a huge bruise across the top. It hurt to walk for about 3 days and still hurts to the touch. Then the morning of the talent show that we had last weekend, I tried to be all cool and bust some sliding spinning break dancing, and I ate it and got a huge bruise on my knee. On Wednesday, my companion was tossing me her rock of a water bottle at me to fill it up, and I can´t catch and she can´t throw, so the water bottle fell of course, and the hardest part of her water bottle of course hit my foot and bruised it again. But, today has been a body beating free day (SO FAR) :)
Bekah... I need you to find out if the new Chilean Hermana that moved into Cornerstone ward is going to stay there until at least the end of September, and if she cooks good. BECAUSE I might become her new best friend when I come home! She could help us have our own 18th of September!!!

Aunt Michelle - What do you use to stick your faundet (sp?) on cakes? There is a less active family in our ward who makes cakes like yours but faundet (sp?) still isn´t super popular here, and I showed them your website and they want to know what you use. They are your number 1 fans, just fyi.
We have stake conference this coming up weekend and Elder Walter F. Gonzalez of the Seventy is coming to preside! He came and spoke to us about a year ago as a mission, so it will be fun to hear from him again!
So this week´s section from PMG is The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Can I just say that I LOVE the Book of Mormon? I seriously have grown to have such a strong testimony of it here in the mission. Of all my possessions, my Spanish Book of Mormon is now my favorite and my most prized. If you are not already reading the Book of Mormon, I challenge you to do it. I love the Book of Mormon so much and it truly contains the answers to all of our questions. Section 5 of Preach My Gospel is all about the Book of Mormon, and this morning I counted and there are 7 different little parts, which means you could read all of Section 5 this week and learn lots of good stuff about the Book of Mormon! We had a lesson in Relief Society yesterday and it baffled me how much the members of the church don´t know about the Book of Mormon. PLEASE, please become familiar with it. We as members of the church have the responsibility to share it whenever we can and with whoever we can. But if we don´t know how to explain it, or don´t have a testimony of it, how can we fulfill our responsibilities? DC 20:8-12, Introduction, WHOLE BOOK.

Welp, I think that´s a wrap. Sorry it´s not too much this week, but I promise next week we´ll have some great adventures. If you could keep Sandra, Joaquin, Gabriela, and Ingrid in your prayers, they are in our group that we´re teaching. Sandra doesn´t work this Sunday and Joaquin is one of her 5 kids that we´re hoping will come with her to church! THANKS!
This work is true. I love this work. I love this true work. Have a fabulous week and keep being missionaries!

Hermana Peterson

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