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5/19/14 Hermana Peterson - Mom's Chilean Double

Okay, I am a huge believer in tender mercies. One of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon is in 1 Nephi 1:20, "...But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." This last weekend I experienced one of these HUGE tender mercies. We had our stake conference with Elder Gonzalez of the Seventy. The 2nd Counselor of the temple presidency in Santiago and his wife (the Dinamarcas (sp?)) also came to speak to us. I wasn´t able to get a picture with them, but I´m not kidding when I say that Hermana Dinamarca was mom in 15 years. I was shocked as to how much she looked like mom. I even pulled out my family photo to make sure I wasn´t crazy and hermana heslop thought so too. Afterwards, I went up to her, pulled out my photo and said, Hermana Dinamarca, you look just like my mom! I showed her the photo, and then she said, well I´ll be your mom for now... You hug me as if I was her! You better believe I did! Then she told me to keep working hard and that tomorrow is always a new thing and to not worry because everything will work out. Oh the wisdom of Moms. She hugged me again and then we went to the bathroom and I cried like a baby in the stall. It was a happy cry though, so I didn´t feel as pathetic. I didn´t know I needed that, but I´m so grateful for the Lord and the tender mercies he sends to us. 

Happy birthday this week (and last week) to Milan, Shayden, Ella, Jen P., Cabers and Trish! I hope you have/had fabulous days :)
So, this last week I found this little blank book, and I´m using it to glue things in from my mission and do a little creative memory book. I´m super stoked about it! I´m doing a page of stamps, but I want some more cool stamps! SO, if you can send me a letter with a cool stamp, you´ll get in my book, which is a grand privilege :) Ready, go! *cough* dad *cough*

Okay, dad. Pregunta. Why is it that we cannot drink tea? Obviously, I know that it´s bad and I´m not questioning that, just what is it that makes it bad? I know that it´s the coffee bean in coffee, but I guess I´ve just never learned what it is exactly about tea... And which kinds of tea are okay to drink? This last week, I think I accidentally drank bad tea in a less actives house, and we just want to avoid all other "grey" situations. We decided to carry around herbal tea with us just in case, and it came in handy last night! YAY US!
Familia.... what are your favorite hymns and why?

This weeks topic is "Pray to Know the Truth through the Holy Ghost." Something that I´ve grown to love and be good at here in the mission is prayer. As members of the church, we don´t have the capacity to do many things without divine help, and especially as a missionary, I need to always be connected with my Heavenly Father. I´m so grateful for the opportunity that I have to have such a personal relationship with him. He helps calm my fears about the future, helps me know how I can be a better person, helps me know how to be a more effective missionary, and helps keep me calm when we talk to mean people :) I LOVE my Heavenly Father and am so grateful that I can talk to Him about everything, and that by talking to Him, He can help me know the truth of ALL things. Through prayer, we receive our testimonies and we receive our answers by the Holy Ghost, who speaks to us in our hearts and in our minds. I KNOW that he answers our prayers, even if it takes longer than WE want. For example, I have been praying since I can remember for rain. I´m a missionary in Chile, where it rains ALL THE TIME. I KNOW He always answers our prayers :) You too can know of the truth of the gospel and receive your own testimony by praying to him and talking with him. 2 Nefi 32: 8-9, Enos, and 1 Nefi 15:8 (I LOVE this question!)
This last week, I read the talk from the May 2013 conference "For Peace at Home" by Elder Richard G. Scott. I LOVED the talk and recommend that you read it as a family and set some personal summer goals. I bet that each of you could start and finish the Book of Mormon this summer, read or listen to all of the talks from this last conference, and just be less "connected" to things that don´t matter. I also enjoyed the CES Fireside talk by Elder Ballard and his focus on this. I´ve set some of my own personal goals for when I get back so that I can better use the wonderful technology that we have today! Here´s to your summer 2014. Make it a good one :)
We had a good week with lots and lots of lessons to less actives! The work is progressing here, and I love being a missionary! Have a GREAT week! Enjoy your first weekend of summer! Happy birthday my handsome little cabers. I LOVER LOVE YOU :)

Hermana Peterson

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Brother David Merrill when he served his mission here in Chile

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