Monday, May 26, 2014

5/26/14 Hermana Peterson - LAWV, TWUH LAWV (Think Princess Bride)

So we´re teaching our bishop and his wife English. We started this last week, after Elder Gonzales pounded the learning of another language so much! It´s going good, but really funny story! So this last week we were going through different verbs. In Spanish, the verb AMAR = TO LOVE. But, I couldn´t just say amar to some one, I´d have to fix it to who i was talking to. If I wanted to say, I love I´d have to say "YO AMO." Well we were teaching them,  and our bishop´s wife leaned over to him and batted her eyes and said... "to love." It was hysterical, but maybe you´d had to have been there... but hence the title. :)

So how has everyone been? I hope you´ve had an AWESOME week! We´ve had a great one! So on Wednesday morning, I woke up at about 5 in the morning to some man singing... we live in the 4th and final level of our apartment building, but the stairwell has a crazy echo. So as I began to realize where I was, I realized that there was a crazy drunk man coming home to his apartment at like 5 in the morning. It was really funny, but I´m glad he didn´t bang on our door and then throw up on our doorstep like happened to Daniel!
Happy birthday today to UNCLE ERIC and this week to baby Jeremiah! I hope you two have awesome birthdays filled with lots of yummy cake!!

So we´ve been doing our 10 contacts every day and we´re starting to see the miracles! This last week, we contacted like 6 people that we already have appts set up for this next week! I´m stoked! There is this new housing development in our sector and we´ve felt really strongly that we need to be working there. So we started going there a few times a week and just knocking a few doors, and we´ve found some REALLY interested people! It´s awesome! Last night, we found Maria. She´s a single mom of 3 kids (18,10,3) and her husband left her and she´s still struggling a lot with a wounded heart. She accepted baptism for the 21st of June and hopes that baptism will heal her broken heart! She´s so awesome and we have another appt with her on Wednesday! So if you could keep her in you prayers, we´d really appreciate it! She´s such a sweet lady, looking for relief in her life. She lives really close to a few members in our ward too, so it would be awesome to get them to know her so they can help and be a friend to her! I know that the Lord truly is in control of everything! I know He lives and that in a huge area like Villa Acero, He has the power to lead us to where we need to be, and with her was where we needed to be last night! We also found Alejandro who was a contact that we also have an appt set up with on Wednesday! He lives with his wife and he was SO receptive! Please keep them in you prayers too! 
So yesterday, we had hamburgers for lunch with corn. Have you ever eaten a hamburger with corn? It was actually really good you should try it! We also had it with avocado and I don´t know that I´ll ever be able to eat another hamburger without avocado. SO. GOOD.

Super huge shout out to my five favorite newly graduated cousins, Hailey, Shayden, Landon, Burgandy and McKenzi! Atta kids! How does it feel to be so old? I hope you don´t waste your summers away and instead, get busy preparing for your missions! The mission is the best decision I´ve EVER made and I hope that all of you will make it a personal decision too! I´m so proud of Shayden who´s taking off to the land of the rain, and for Landon who should be submitting his papers soon! YAY! Burgs and Kinz.... you keep the desire to serve alive, you hear me? Sister missionaries are the best and it will prepare you more for the real world than anything else!
Also, Grandma and Grandpa Z take the title for the coolest stamp award! The rainbow globe is SO cool! Mom, don´t worry I have your line of 6 George Washington stamps in my book too.

This week´s theme is the Pre-Earth Life: God´s Purpose and Plan for Us. I LOVED one of the scriptures that is mentioned, Doctrine and Covenants 138:53-56. I just know without a doubt that we aren´t results of just a random combustion known as the big bang. We are truly spirit children of our Heavenly Father who knows us and loves us! I know that we lived with him before this life, and there we chose to follow him! We walked with Him, we talked with Him, and we chose to be on the side of Him and our Savior Jesus Christ. I KNOW they live! I know that everyone of us is more beloved than we can possibly imagine! Please, study this week about our life before this life! In the ensign from April there is a great article about the plan of salvation and since that is our theme over these next few weeks, I invite you to study it!
Well, here´s to the last week of this cambio! I love life, love this sector, and am so grateful that my Heavenly Father has trusted me to be HIS missionary! I love you all! Have a fabulous first week of summer. Don´t get TOO burnt :)

Hermana Peterson

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