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5/5/14 Hermana Peterson - Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

Literally. So this week was a mixture of really good things and really bad things. Sunday morning, at 9:35 we tried to leave our house to get to church on time to start at 10:00, and we got stuck in our house. Don´t laugh, because we really couldn´t get out of our house! I´m going to try to take a video later today of the things we have to do to get into our house, because our door gets stuck. We literally have to throw our bodies up against the door and "body slam" it to get it open. Only problem is, that to get out, we CAN´T body slam it. We tried for 10 minutes to leave our house, and finally got it open, as we were on the phone with the elders asking for help. One of the Elders said, "Hermana, please tell me you're joking." I wish it would´ve been, elder. So we literally RAN the 15 minute walk to the church, and we walked in and my boots were wet and I turned wrong and boom I was flat on my back. Not only did I eat it, I ate it right in front of the Young Men´s President and our Bishop. Then I had to awkwardly try to stand up, maintaining all lady-likeness, and trying to not scream. My companion just stood behind me laughing hysterically, but it´s okay because I would´ve done the same thing! So at this point, I was sweaty and wet from the drizzle, and I had to go sit in front of everyone and play for sacrament. WELCOME to the life of a missionary :)

Thank goodness for rain gear!!

What do you do as a missionary when no one can see you? Well, you dance of course! On Saturday we had our ward talent show and we BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE! We bought glow sticks and taped them on our bodies to create a glowing stick figure look. We then made a mix of music (for example, mission impossible, single ladies, thriller, the can can, etc.) and we danced! It was SO much fun and seriously, the members keep commenting to us on how cool it was! We used between the 6 of us missionaries 150 glow sticks and it was so much fun! We have a video that looks like it was taken on a moving ship, but that´s fine. We ended with Thriller, and at the end I fell over like I was dying and there was a line of balloons across the front of the stage and my face accidentally hit one and it popped in my face. Needless to say, the audience thought we were HILARIOUS! Brownie points for the missionaries! Then yesterday, our ward relief society president said that it was one of the best activities she´s EVER been to. MORE BROWNIE POINTS!

This is the 6 of us that performed in the talent show. We were preparing for it.
(Thanks Bro. Vejar for sending this photo)
A view from our apartment
A Doughnut the size of my head!

Okay, we did it. We found the BEST french fry joint in all of Chile. (my best 2 years remix.) "Natalie makes the best french friiiiies, Sodimac makes the best rain gear. Everyone knows that the elders, make the very best futbol teams. I believe that our contacts, have the best excuses. So I´m going to the land of Chile, where I´m gonna make my best 18 months!" (Sing the Best 2 Years Song in your head).  And, no we don´t stop by once or twice every week.... :)

So this last week, we didn´t see much success. We´re trying our hardest, and just aren´t seeing the results. The mission is hard sometimes, but even though struggles happen and let downs happen, I wouldn´t change it for ANYTHING. I love being a missionary, and love that I can still be me, but that I can become a better version of me. I´ve had lots of time to talk with my Heavenly Father this week, and something that I´ve learned here in the mission is that He is ALWAYS there. I don´t have my mom and dad here to talk to every day, and as much as I wish they were here, I´ve had the time to develop my relationship with my Father in Heaven and this I will be forever grateful for. Even when all else seems to not work out as we´ve planned, our Heavenly Father will NEVER let us down. We just have to rub some dirt in it, push on, and have faith that he´ll give us the things we need!
This last week I´ve been studying a lot about the life of Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel. There are more people than you can imagine, that think that we worship Joseph Smith. We believe in God the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, who was the key to restoring the Gospel to the earth once more. In the Spring of 1820, he was very confused by all of the religions, as were most people of the time. One day he was reading the bible, and knew that he needed to pray to God to know for himself, which church to join. He had something miraculous happen, for he saw God and Jesus Christ. They appeared to him and told him that none of the churches contained the fullness of the gospel, and that he was to join none of them. Through him, they restored the truths that we hold so dear. I will forever be thankful to Joseph Smith, for the things that he did for me, and for the church.  I know with the end of the school year everything is crazy, but if you have time to watch the restoration video, I´d invite you to do so.   Also, in Preach My Gospel, pages 6-8 and 36-38 (in Spanish), and there is a talk by Elder Oaks in the Ensign of August 2011 titled The Only True and Living Church.
I LOVE you all so much and can´t describe in words how much I LOVE being a missionary. I wouldn´t change it for the world, and hope that someday, all of you get the opportunity to serve missions. Get excited! It will change your life!

Happy Mother´s Day this week to all of you Mother´s out there. No offense, but I have the best one :) Here´s to seeing ya´ll Sunday night at 8:30pm (CHILEAN TIME).
Be good. Be clean. Remember who you are, and wash your dishes.
Hermana Peterson

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