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6/2/14 Hermana Peterson - ¡We go together like Rama-lama-lama-ka-ding-i-di-ding-di-dong!

We got the cambio calls this morning, and WE´RE STAYING TOGETHER FOR THE 3RD CAMBIO! YIPEE! We have kind of felt like it was going to happen all week, but nothing is ever for sure. None of us slept very well last night. They ended up closing the other sector of hermanas, so now it´s just us and the 2 elders. Hermana Leaders and Zone Leaders in one ward. This is gonna be big! And that puts us as the only hermanas in our entire zone. Oh man, I´m stoked for this cambio! Dad, I listened to your advice and told President about what I wanted.... and seems as though for now, it´s what the Lord wants too! LONG LIVE TALCAHUANO :)
Yay!! We are staying together for another transfer!
So this last week we had a really good week. On Wednesday, we had our Hermana´s Conference which turned out way good! (see pictures). They had some really great speakers, and MOM, Hermana Arrington quoted you in her talk! I forward your motivational paragraph to President as part of my weekly email to him, that one week that I had a really hard week and you wrote me and told me to say, "Get thee hence, Satan!" Hermana Arrington totally quoted it and afterwards I told her that that week and that email from you changed me and my mission, and she said, "I know, and hopefully your mom will change everyone else's mission too." I have the best mom ever. I also met mi nieta (my grandkid) as we call them in the mission.. Hermana Meyer started training this last cambio, and so we did a "generations picture." Also, found out today that Hermana Meyer is the NEW Hermana training leader! YAY YAY YAY!
At the Hermana Conference

A 4 generation photo

The cute light luncheon at the Hermana Conference

QUICK SHOUT OUT to my crazy hermana Bekah for getting her license. LOOK OUT MESA, but really, look out! Geez, my siblings are just growing up too fast! I hope you enjoy your freedom bekah :) We´ll have to do many a food runs when I get back :)
So, I still have felt very strongly that I need to study something with Spanish, and because we are teaching our bishop English, I am learning the VALUE of knowing two languages. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to learn another language. I truly feel like this will be such a blessing to me for the rest of my life. I felt really strongly this last week to invite you all to learn Spanish. Seriously, to take it seriously and start learning it. I can keep helping you and teaching you when I get home, but start by reading the book of Mormon out loud in Spanish. You can get the little blue libros de Mormon in the distribution center I think. But, it will come in so helpful to you. Even my grandparents, who are in their better years now, can learn a thing or two! Medics are now saying that by knowing and using 2 languages, our chances of Alzheimer's shoots WAY down because our brain is working more. Also, Elder Gonzalez of the Seventy told us that in these next years, the church is going to need more bilingual leaders. Do what you can, to make a second language a part of your life! I know that it´s blessed mine! :)
I have also felt really impressed this last week that I need to learn more about our family history, like stories and stuff... I don´t know if it would be possible for you to send me some stories of like great grandmas and grandpas or at least some information about them? I think this next week I´m going to learn how to index so I can be an indexing machine when I get home. Party and Grandma and Grandpa Z´s! Our bishop´s wife shared a touching story about indexing yesterday in Relief Society... she said that her dad and his 2 brothers got split up when they were little and they had NEVER been able to find contact since. Well she was just doing some random indexing, searching in the cemeteries of Santiago, and she came across a name that seemed familiar. There was also a number with the name, of the person who had done the name. She called the number, and it was her cousin. Her parents live in Iquique and are coming down to stay with Hermana Ruby this week, but they were able to pass through Santiago on their way down and meet their nieces and nephews and long lost family. I KNOW that the family history program is a sacred and inspired program!
This week´s topic is The Creation. I just become more and more amazed with this beautiful world that we live in, and for the opportunity that we have to live here and enjoy all that life has to offer. As I was studying the creation this week, I just was impressed by the fact that EVERYTHING we have, was created by Jesus Christ, under the direction of Heavenly Father, for OUR benefit. They sent us here to get bodies, so that we could become like them and live forever someday. How cool is that?! 1 Nephi 17:36, Alma 30:44, DC 88:41-47
Well, we had a fun filled, cold week! We found some great potential investigators, Maria didn´t come to church, Hermano Calvo´s son DID, and we´re just stoked to work this week! All of the people that the other hermanas were working with, we now get to work with. If you could keep especially Adolfo in your prayers, the hermanas have been working with him for a long time, but his wife doesn´t like the church, and that´s his hold up. We´re hoping to have a break through with him this week! We´ll see :)

As for anything else, that´s a wrap. I love you all so much and hope you have a GREAT week. Keep up the good work, remember who you are, and don´t do anything I wouldn´t do. Read the Book of Mormon, share the gospel, and get a good tan.
I love you!
Hermana Peterson

 After a futbol game, we CREEP!!

Brownies with a family in our ward...yum!
Our district, but since this was taken the 2 sisters left and one of the Elders...sad day!

I'm a fire fighter now!

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