Monday, June 23, 2014

6/23/14 Elder Peterson - Oh, Boy...

Well, just wanting to write all of you to tell you about the week that I have had. It was a pretty interesting week.

So to start off, I went on two exchanges this week. The first exchange I went on was on Thursday with Elder Fisher. We went into his area to do work for the day. It was a pretty normal day and it was full of a lot of excitement. One of the things that we did that day was we went to do service for a man in their ward whose name is James C.Currently he is in process of moving and we were able to help with some things he needed to do in his house. It turns out that he is the son of Brother and Sister Goode in the Capitol Ward. It was awesome to talk with him and see how obvious it was that he was their son. The Goodes are great people! Also, that night we went over to eat at one of the member's homes. Their names are the Darrows and they are really nice. Brother Darrow is a convert to the church and it was great to hear his conversion story. It was a wonderful dinner.

The second exchange I went on was with Elder Rushton. He has been my zone leader for the past five transfers. It has been really crazy. It was fun going on exchanges with him. We were able to go and visit a less active family and talk with them a little bit. They agreed to start taking the missionary discussions and we will be stopping by to visit them this Friday.  Elder Rushton is a pretty cool guy.

Also, this weekend was stake conference in our stake. We were able to go up to special missionary meeting at 4 o'clock on Saturday with Pres. Sakai the Stake President, and President Cooke. All of the Ward Mission Leaders were there as well. It was a pretty eventful meeting.

We learned about how we need to be more organized with our ward mission leaders. Then we were able to go and visit a family in the Capitol Ward, Sis. Visencio and her family during the break of the meeting and the Adult Session of Stake Conference. My roommate right now Elder Raasveld was the one who baptized her and we went by to say hello. Then we went to the adult session and it was pretty cool. We got a ride home with Brother and Sister Harrison our ward and he has the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I'm super jealous.  That would be an awesome birthday present mom and dad… :)
Anyways, we were able to sing in the choir for stake conference and it was pretty fun. There was a lot of wonderful messages presented at the conference and it was all about hastening the work of salvation. This is the second time in a row and I have loved it a lot. After the conference we were able to go over to a members home for dinner the Nelson family. We were able to have Lauren Wilson one of our investigators come with us to that. She really enjoyed it and the Nelsons are great family. We took a couple pictures and I'm going to have those for everyone to see. I think that I'm getting better at this picture taking thing, maybe not as much as everyone would like but I am improving.
Elder Ortega and Me

With Lauren

The Nelson family

Being crazy with the Nelsons

Another one of Elder Ortega and Me (OH, My...everything is SO GREEN!!)
Last thing to mention is that I found out that I'm going to be transferring! I am really sad, because I really love this area. I have only been down here for three months and I have learned a lot. This is definitely an area that I want to come back to if I ever get the chance.

The gospel is alive. Every day I am learning more and recognizing how much the gospel is really a part of my life. It is not just doctrine, it is a way of life. And what is so great about this lifestyle is that it is always changing for the better. That is why I am always moving to new places and having new experiences so that I can continually progress.

Well, that is about it for me. I love you all and have a wonderful week!
Elder Peterson

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