Monday, June 23, 2014

6/23/14 Hermana Peterson - ¡CHI-CHI-CHI! ¡LE-LE-LE! ¡VI-VA CHI-LE!

This week has been a good one! We've had a lot of success finding and talking to everyone this week and I'm just a happy camper! Jorge and Agostin came to church yesterday! Jorge and Eugenia are an old couple, she's inactive and he's not a member. He knows what he needs to do, but lacks the motivation. However, they came to church yesterday! YAY! It's a huge step in his process to accepting the gospel. Agostin came too. His mom and sister didn't, but he did and he loved it! We're hoping that his love for the gospel will help his mom Jaqueline and his sister Catalina find their answers and the motivation that they need to come as well. If you could please keep them in your prayers, we'd really appreciate it! We're also still working with Olga, and with a new family that we found this last week (Carmen, Maria Victoria, and Rosio) who are all progressing at their own rates. Please, pray for them!

Mom wins (even though it was a letter from Bekah and Caleb's announcement) stamps of the year award! I didn't even notice them until we went home and then I got SO excited! I LOVE the gingerbread one mom. You are the coolest. By the way, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MAMA! I hope your day is all you ever wanted and more! Your postcard is on its way as of last week. I'm sorry, it probably won't get there on time :( But, I still love you a bushel and a peck. 

Also, I will forever be grateful that dad taught me that it's worth it to spend money on good Kleenex and toilet paper. It's NOT fun when you have to use either one and it's cheap stuff. This week I went through an ENTIRE box of Kleenex. I feel way better, but my nose is just still so runny.

Happy 17 months Jake! I can't believe it's gone by so fast and that you'll be home before you know it! Keep working hard out there little fella. You are my favorite big brother :) I also can't believe that you will be turning 20 in a month. Holy old. 

Okay, serious question for my old folks. Hermana Heslop and I were talking this past week about talents and how we should use them in this life. I don't want this to come off wrong at all, but what are some of my talents? I still don't know exactly what I want to do as a career but I need to start my mind going. I know that I want to use Spanish too, as much as I can, but I feel like it's easy for us to think of a few talents that we have, because we all have them, but many times others can see talents we cannot. SO, I'm asking whoever, to see if they can start thinking of other things I can do. I seriously don't want it to seem egotistical or anything, but it's starting to stress me out a bit that I don't know what I'm going to do. 

So this last week, we started doing a Jillian Michael's video that Hermana Heslop's mom sent to her. It's kicking my tush! I seriously am SO out of shape, but it's such a good hurt. We advanced up to level 2 this morning, definitely looking at the easier model hahaha but we're getting somewhere. It doesn't help either that Hermana Heslop and I bought Pepperidge Farm chocolate chip cookies and white chocolate covered Oreos (because she'd never tried them) but on Mondays we control our lunches, so we figured why not. Plus Chile is playing today :) SPEAKING OF CHILE PLAYING, HOLY COW. THE people take off work, get out of school early, wait in LINES in front of meat shops, and buy GROCERY CARTS FULL of soda, potato chips, and beer. RIGHT ON. Why aren't we like this in the U.S.? They are the most gung ho about cheering on their teams and celebrating. It's so fun! I LOVE IT! I hope my videos and photos were able to capture a little bit of it. I wish you all could be here. You'd love it too.
After Chile won their World Cup game
Yea, Chile scored a goal!
So to end with a little spiritual stuff, this last week I read the talk "The Priesthood Man" by President Eyring from the Priesthood Session of General Conference. It talks all about heroes, and I did a lot of thinking about the heroes I have in my life. I have a lot of guy heroes, but I mainly thought about my women heroes. Women who are virtuous, women who are patient, women who love the Lord unconditionally. Women who have taught me of the value that I have as a daughter of God, women who love me and have taught me what things are the most important in my life.  Women who laugh and cry, women who love life, and women who encourage me to magnify my callings. Thank you Mom for being my #1 hero. Many names came into my mind, but I think Mom and both of my Grandmas take the slots. I am so grateful to have the 3 of you as a part of my life. Thank you for impacting my life in more ways than you will ever know. For encouraging me to serve a mission and then supporting me through it all. Thanks for giving me advice, for showing me by your example how to be a righteous woman, and for loving me. You three are the greatest :) 
Whelp, that's it from the Southern Hemisphere. Have a hot week.

Hermana Peterson

Making picaronies

Yes, I learned how to make one of the Chilean winter desserts!!

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