Monday, June 30, 2014

6/30/14 Hermana Peterson - You've got the keys, right??

So, remember a few months ago when we couldn´t get OUT of our apartment? Remember this week when we couldn´t get IN to our apartment? Geez Louise. So we got down to the first floor of our apartment building and life was good until Hermana Heslop looked at me and asked, "You´ve got the keys, right?" "Uh... no they are on the table. The other set is hanging on the wall." We even had such a great day planned! So, my comp tried to jimmy the lock with our bobby pins as I was frantically calling our house owner who didn´t answer the phone. After desperation and a good prayer, we went back to the first floor to an old little lady named Rosa. She´s one of those little old ladies who has nothing else to do but people watch and know everyone´s stories. AND she happened to have the owners house number and so we called her and thank heavens she had a spare. The only problem was that she lives in Concepción and the only bills we had were 20 mil ($40). Bus drivers look at you like you´re nuts if you ask them to break one. So we scrounged out some change and got on the bus. We had called Elder Kauer (one of the senior couples who´s wife is one of my favorite people ever) to see if they had tools, and so they called us back to see how we were doing... we ended up sweet talking our way into a ride back to the house. On our way out to get the keys, we passed a screemo band in an abandoned lot and we KNOW there was drug stuff going on too. We hurried and crossed the street, picked up the keys and tried to find the Kauers, who then proceeded to tell us they thought we were going to go to the screemo concert.
Mom, I hope you had a great birthday! I didn´t get pictures, but I think that means something good...
So this last week, I was studying a lot about the Atonement and the Spirit world from Preach My Gospel. Something hit me and I don´t know why I´d never seen it before, but in Alma 34, it talks A LOT about the Atonement, and I just made the connection that we can´t fully use the Atonement in our lives without repentance. The Atonement is what makes repentance fully possible. Jesus Christ came to this world, to die for out sins and make it POSSIBLE to return and live with him again. But, many times in the scriptures it talks about how nothing unclean can live with God. It is thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ that we CAN repent and become better people everyday! I love my Savior so much, and am so grateful for Him in my life! We had consejo (leadership training today) and we had a surprise visit from Elder Waddell from the Seventy. His son served here and went home a few weeks ago, but they came to visit and they asked him to teach us. It was AMAZING! I just wanted him to never stop talking. I´m seriously walking on a spiritual high! He talked a LOT about temple marriage and sealings and the power by which they are possible, which obviously got me thinking about the future. I´ve seen too many sad marriage situations here in Chile, that I´ve GOT to marry someone who loves the Lord more than me and honors his priesthood. It´s such a BIG decision, but hey I´ve got time :) Mom, Dad, don´t rush me. You´ll have grand kids soon enough. He also talked a lot about missionary work, obviously, and our roles as missionaries. He had notes from the new mission president seminar this last week and said that now it´s not all about baptisms, but about baptizing for the temple. We have to have the temple in our sites at ALL times. Elder Nelson said that a baptism without them getting to the temple is not worth anything! It was so way good! Elder Waddell also said, and I quote because it was so powerful. "The ONLY security we have in this life, is to follow the prophet." Wow. It hit me so hard. He is the only person that the Lord talks to on a consistent basis about how things are and are going to be here on earth, and we need to listen to him. We cannot afford to NOT listen to him! It was so good, I wish you could´ve all been there!
We also had a good week missionary wise. We´re still teaching Jaqueline and her kids and Olga and Jorge and a few others. We had SIX people committed to church on Sunday and only Agustin (Jaqueline´s 11 year old) came. I feel like I have weeks where the Lord tries to teach me the same lesson OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, so it gets grained into me and I learn how to do things after my mission. FOR EXAMPLE, this last week we had a lot of promises made and few kept. If you are going to commit to something, you go through with it unless you are dying on your death bed!! This goes for meetings, appointments, etc. An excuse is just a problem without a solution. We had a family night with 4 less active single ladies in our ward planned with the Relief Society. We divided all of the hermanas in the ward who said they could go, to the 4 houses and then Hermana Heslop and I were going to split up too. Well, of all of the hermanas in the ward that said they were going to go, only less than 10 showed up and we had to cancel one of them because there was no one to go there. Meh, if you ain´t going to show up, it´s fine. Just at least CALL us or don´t commit to go! It was SO frustrating because something that should´ve taken 1.5 hours took 3! It just makes me laugh now. It was a good learning experience. I´m just very thankful for my mission and the things I´m learning here in the mission so that I can be a better member and person after. This goes for all aspects of my life. I definitely wasn´t the best promise keeper before my mission, and now I´ve learned! :) The mission definitely lays your weaknesses out in front of you, but it makes you have to trust in the Lord and truly ask for his help to make your "weaknesses become strengths."
I LOVE being a missionary and am SO happy that Shayden is going to join the missionary force this week! This Gospel is SO TRUE! I wanna scream it from the rooftops. I LOVE being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and wish I could stay here as a missionary FOREVER! Keep being missionaries. It´s what the Lord has asked us to do!

Hermana Peterson
Roasting marshmallows with a blow torch

A mini cambio with the other Hermana Hannah Peterson - she goes home in 2 weeks...crazy!
Viva Chile!!
Yes, we actually walked around looking like this!!

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