Monday, June 9, 2014

6/9/14 Hermana Peterson - "Good night, sleep tight, and don´t let the bed bugs bite."

There has never been a statement in my life that has ever been so real. THEY GOT ME AGAIN!!! GARGH!! And, not lying, I think I´m allergic to them. They are so big and so itchy. BUT, I just want to testify of the blessings that garments are in our lives, not only spiritually but physically. In all of the moments that I have been brutally attacked by pulgas (fleas), they have only ever gotten under my garments ONCE. It´s really powerful to me to notice them literally line the hems of my garments, whether it´s my legs, neck line, or armpits. I know that I´m growing because of this, but I know the Lord is sticking true to his promises :)
Cabers, I´m not going to lie, when I saw your invitation I cried. You look SO handsome and SO grown up! I can´t believe you are already EIGHT! I hope that your baptism is AMAZING and that you can feel the Spirit so strong. I know that the church is true and that you are making the most important step right now! You are the best and I love you SOOOOOOOOOO much!!! 
Happy Anniversary this week to Grandma and Grandpa Z! 51 years is a long time! Good work :) I love you both!  
So this last week we had a lot and a lot and a lot of rain! And lots and lots of spaghetti. I´m not lying if I think I ate 3 whole packs of spaghetti to myself this last week. Seriously though, we had spaghetti 3 of the 6 days we get fed by the members and it rained every day without fail and looks like we´re gonna have another wet one! I love the rain though. It makes missionary work more fun :)

Also, this week the world cup starts! We haven´t heard anything about a different schedule, but the work of the Lord continues! We just have heard from lots of different people, that in the next month during the world cup, no one is gonna let us in ,the people go CRAZY! So, tune in for the Chile games and let's get rootin loud! So we had our "Noche de Postres" this last week, and it was a success! And thanks to Aunt Debra and her caramel apple cheesecake bars recipe, we got the "people´s choice award", and I´ve been passing out the recipe to some of the members! They loved it! Olga, one of our new investigators came with her niece and they LOVED it! Olga, we think will be a slower to progress, but please pray for her! She´s 27, and lives with her mom and niece. She´s awesome! Also, we found Jorge (and old man who´s wife is less active) and Margarita (the grandma of a new convert!) Please, if you could keep them in your prayers! We´re trying to help them all progress to baptism, so they can start receiving the blessing of the gospel in their lives!
Also, speaking of cookbooks. Mom, we need to do one for the Zimmerman side. If no one wants to take the reigns, I will when I get home. I have used the Peterson cookbook more times than I can count here in the mission, and I would love one of the Zimmerman family recipes too!
As I´ve been studying the Conference Talks this past week, there have been many that have called my attention. I LOVED the talk by President Eyring "A Priceless Heritage of Hope." Mom and Dad, thank you for raising me right. I know I didn´t always listen to everything you told me, but I loved the part in his talk about the hymns, etc. How he talks about them coming back to our memories. I have many days, where a hymn pops into my head just when I needed it and I am just thankful for you two so much! We also studied The Atonement this week as a mission. As I have learned to apply the Atonement in my life, I have come to realize my purpose as a daughter of God. The Atonement is not just to make our sins right, but also to take away our burdens, our sadnesses, and everything else that could possibly happen in this life. I know that my Savior lives and that He loves me. I know that I am here to do as he would do if he was here. I love Him, and am so grateful He confides in me to be his representative. I love being a missionary. I love it, I love it, I love it! 

The topic from Preach My Gospel this week is Adam and Eve and the Fall. I don´t have much time left to write about them, but you can look them up and study about their importance in the plan! Moses 2:26-31, 3:15-17, 5:11 and all of those scriptures can be compared to the ones in Genesis!
Well I hope you all have a FABULOUS week! We´re gonna rock it here in Hualpen, and I hope all is well there in Mesa! 

Hermana Peterson


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