Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14 Elder Peterson - Oh, Boy! Missions are Crazy Awesome!

Well, this past week has been an adventure! We had a really crazy week. It was super busy and it was super fun! Let me tell you a few things.

First off, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I had a great day.

Opening gifts on my 20th Birthday

Getting a birthday attack from Elder Swensen

My new gift from President Cooke...I wish...

Secondly, Elder Hansen and I had a good time this week. We were able to teach a few lessons which were pretty good. We have started teaching a girl named Jessica who is really cool! It is so crazy to see how prepared she is to hear the Gospel. If we continue to meet with her, she will definitely accept the Gospel. She is super nice and really fun to be around. Also, Robert is doing really good too! We got to meet with him this past week on Saturday and had a great lesson with him.

It was also a fun experience for Elder Hansen and I to go out to dinner with two wonderful people. Bro. Armstrong and Bro. Weitzner took us out to dinner on Friday and Saturday. They are so awesome! It was fun to catch up with them a little bit.
So a Elder Hansen and I are getting along really well. He is such a good missionary. It has been really fun to be able to serve with him. This transfer is going by so quickly. We only have about a week left. Where does the time go?

Meeting Senator Lee from Utah

Sitting in Senator Lee's desk - doesn't he look official!

With Brigham Young at the US Capitol Building

Congrats Cali on the baby! She is so cute and she was born in a great month!

Also, how was the Cabin Trip family? And how was scout camp Seth? And how is work going Rebekah? And Caleb and Leah, congrats on the swimming! That is so cool!

Well, that is about it from me. I am running out of time but I promise to write longer next week! I am so grateful for the Gospel. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Peterson

7/28/14 Hermana Peterson - And in the Mornin', I'm Making Waffles!!

Mom! I have the best idea ever. Since I get home so early in the morning, (yes I got my itinerary, I can talk about these things now) we should have a full blown breakfast. I haven´t had waffles, and specifically YOUR waffles in almost 18 months. I would really like some of your waffles, with sausage, bacon, orange juice, YOUR homemade syrup. That would be so rico. I think it´s a fabulous idea :) Even if I have to help make it....
Do they have ecco (it´s like coffee but with a wheat grain) in the US? Also, herbal tea?
Okay, I slack and forgot to look at birthdays for this next week, but happy birthday to Elder Wilson and Elyssa for sure! I hope you guys have great days, and I´m sorry if I missed another birthday or two! Congrats to Cali and her new beautiful baby too! I can´t wait to hold her! 

My companion told me that I win for the craziest gringa she knows. 2 thumbs way up! Speaking of my companion, there is a song by Freddie Ashby (reflections of Christ) that I think is called "See the Light." It´s BEAUTIFUL and my comp asked me if I could write the lyrics out. BUT, could you look them up and send them to me next week?! :) 
So in more ways than one, I am convinced that we are given trials to learn to become more like our Savior, and to better understand His atonement. This last week I studied about Faith in Jesus Christ in Preach My Gospel and read the talk "Let your faith show" by Elder Russell M. Nelson from this last general conference. I love how faith makes everything possible, and not only faith, but faith in Jesus Christ. He is our Savior, and it is only through Him that we even have the opportunity to be here. We had our leadership counsel today and the Scholes (one of the elderly couples who he was a seminary teacher) taught us the difference between faith and hope. Hope is the confidence we have in ourselves as sons and daughters of God to BECOME like him. Faith, is then trusting in Jesus Christ and his merits. I loved the analogy and think I´m going to keep studying them this week. I love that we have the opportunity to always become more like him. The Lord doesn´t demand that we become perfect today, nor tomorrow. It is a life long process, that comes to pass through repentance and trying harder every day. I am SO grateful for the love that my Savior and Heavenly Father have for me. They truly do love me, and love all of you too! Keep striving each day to do what they have asked us to do! 

This last week, we had a really hard week. Lots of our stuff fell through, but we did our best to keep a positive attitude, and we did it! Hermana Lopez is really funny, and makes it easy to keep laughing. This last week I taught her how to say "Loser loser double-loser as if whatever, get the picture duh"(complete with hand signs) in English haha we get along really well! But, yesterday, Angelica slept in and didn´t come to church. We also are experiencing some road blocks with her dad, but we´re going to try to put a date with her for the 9th of August. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep her in your prayers. She truly is SO ready for this! She teaches me so much every time we go to teach her. The youth of our days truly are so prepared! Jaqueline and her family didn´t come to church AGAIN. It just truly breaks my heart when the people don´t keep their commitments. I try my hardest and pray my hardest for these people who I love so quickly, and then they don´t follow through... It would be wrong to say I caught a glimpse of what the Savior feels like, but I did take a second to pause and think, "If I feel this sad because 4 people didn´t keep their commitments, how much more does Heavenly Father feel it when SO MANY of us don´t obey him, EVERY DAY." 
Hermana Lopez

Hermana Arrington, my new companion Hermana Lopez and Me

Well, that´s about it for this week. Sorry I don´t have any funny stories, I was kind of lame this week. Our house smells like wet clothes, mold, and stinky feet. I almost face planted in the street today too! That was almost fun :) 

Well, I love you all so much and hope you had a BLAST up at the cabin. Good luck to those of you who start school this week! Go get em´! I expect to get novels and novels from you all this next week!


Monday, July 21, 2014

7/21/14 Hermana Peterson - You're Smoking Dope...literally!

Usually I keep these kinds of stories to myself, but I decided since I only have a few weeks, why not?! So this last week, one day we were walking down the street and saw two guys making their own drugs on the side of the road. That was cool haha right in the middle of the street, in the middle of the day. Whatevs. Well, like 2 days later, we were walking back from an appointment later in the evening, and I crossed the street really fast in front of a car, and my companion stayed behind. Well, I looked back, and I seriously was like 10 feet from a DRUG DEAL. Shoot, I thought downtown Mesa was scary!! I just started praying my eyeballs out but I KNOW we had angels with us. I know we did, or things might not have gone down how they did. Welcome to the life of a missionary in Villa Acero :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE BIG JAKE THIS WEEK. I can´t believe you aren´t going to be a teenager anymore. The big 2-0, you are super old man. I hope you have a GREAT WEEK! I love you buddie! Also, birthday shout out to Hailey! I hope your day is fabulous! I love you too :)

Mom, I have reached an all new level and need someone to save me again. Could you maybe talk to Kaylani and see if she could sit down with me sometime and teach me how to be a lady again? For crying out loud, I only use mascara. My comp did my make up the other day, but I´m just not a fan of blue eyeshadow. You´re the best :) 
I also have a plan. Aunt Autumn, before you head back, will you make me a few of your delicious cookies and have my mom freeze them for when I get home? :) :) 

So, I miss Hermana Heslop a lot more than I thought I would. I seriously didn´t understand how people struggle from separation anxiety until I wasn´t with Hermana Heslop anymore haha pathetic I know, but seriously we became best friends! BUT, Hermana Lopez is great! It´s definitely different, and it´s been a little rough for the ward, but we get along great! It´s a different pace of things, but she´s helping me so much. So, turns out she´s got really bad back problems... she got a really powerful blessing from President the other night, which said that she would be able to finish her mission, but it´s going to take a lot of prayers. If you could all specifically pray for Hermana Lopez, we´d really appreciate it. I´m going to be asking for a lot of prayers, for a lot of different things this email, but I KNOW the power of prayer is real. I saw it act in my own back a few months back, and here I am. Finish strong with a little pain here and there. She´s got a vertebrae that is further back and pushes on her nerves in her leg. She´s going to have to get surgery, but after her mission. It´s not good, but she´s a die hard kind of girl. We have fun together. BUT, we didn´t take one picture this week. Oops :) Better luck next week.
Speaking of Hermana Heslop, Mom, we´re planning a weekend trip to Mexico the first weekend in December. We want you and her mom to come with us. It would be so fun and you´d just have to get a passport! We know Spanish, and talked about how we´ve never been to Mexico and we may as well take advantage of the whole Spanish thing :) Seriously, we´re being serious. It´s a dream that´s reachable. They say in this life you have to set plans and then accomplish them. This is one of those things. 

So, this last week on P-Day, I sent President a kind of "freaking out about the future letter." President Arrington, being the most Christlike man I know, called me Wednesday morning and let me reason through things out loud while he just listened and gave advice. Through much prayer and pondering, I have decided to not stress so much about studying this semester. He said the most important thing was just that I was really busy. He told me that one semester in the grand scheme of things is really not a big deal, and if I have plans to work a lot and do institute than I´m good and that I could possibly think about October studying when I get home. Also, could I still do LDSSA if I´m only enrolled in Institute? 

Dad there´s an Elder Garner in my zone that said he went to MTV and that you played ball with him one time. I don´t know his first name, but he just got here last week. 
Take lots of pictures at the cabin okay? Are Sherdian and Trish going too?!?! HOW FUN!!! 

Okay, this last week was a really good week for me. I learned a lot about myself, and did a lot of reflecting on my life. As I come to the end of my mission, I´m really getting frustrated with the dumb excuses that others give to me. It makes me sad and frustrated, and it´s hard for me to just let it go. I´ve really been praying and thinking about how I can love these people even more, until the last minute. I decided that it doesn´t matter what happens, I need to always have a smile on my face and a great attitude. Woah, did the Lord show me the blessings that come from that one! On Saturday, all of our plans were falling. It´s stressful enough to have a new comp in your sector, but then to have nothing working is worse. I just prayed so hard that I could stay super happy, and we ended up finding FOUR new investigators on Saturday! We found a less active family in our ward, and the son of the family is married to a Colombiana (Estella) and she has a daugher (Lizdey). They are so pretty and so ready for the gospel. We have another cita with them on Wednesday, so we´ll see what happens. We also had huge ups and horrible downs this week with Jaqueline and her family. On Wednesday night, we had one of the most spiritual lessons I´ve had in my  mission. All 3 of them FINALLY accepted fecha for the 9th of August! We cried, we felt the Spirit SO strong. Even the member was crying. It was SO powerful and I truly bore them such strong testimony from the bottom of my heart and after I was walking on cloud 9. Then, they didn´t come to church. I still haven´t cried because of it, but seriously, I´m devestated. It just hurts so bad when promises are broken. I think with them it hurts so much more because they were the first people I´ve had that really were progressing in a long time, and so I´ve put SO much into them. BUT, when things don´t work out, the Lord always helps us in another way. ANGELICA came back from her family vacation early to go to church. When she told us that last night, I seriously  had to hold my jaw so it didn´t hit the floor. She´s 16 years old and the most prepared person I´ve taught in my whole mission. She was waiting for US yesterday, 20 minutes before church started, AGAIN. We taught her about temple work, the orginization of the church, the plan of salvation, etc. last night because those were the types of questions that she was asking! She said, I haven´t received a huge answer, but I feel happier, and much more at peace. To me, that´s an answer enough. I want to be baptized as soon as I can. What in the world?! THE ONLY THING, is that she (as of last night) hadn´t asked her parents for permission. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for her. She is seriously SO great, and progressing so much. The young women in the ward LOVE her and have just taken her under their wings. She loves going to church and loves how she feels there. I seriously saw her last night, in white, in the temple someday. How cool! She is so great and so prepared. The youth of today TRULY are the chosen generation. I am so happy right now! I love seeing the gospel change the lives of others! 

PMG topic: Through Christ we can be cleansed of our sins. I am so grateful for a loving Savior who truly wants the best for me. Who truly gives opportunities to me, to help me grow and progress so that I can live with Him and my Father in Heaven again. BUT, The Atonement doesn´t free us from not having to work. We have to strive every day to become better! Read all of the scriptures there in that section (Chapter 3 lesson 3) and also Alma 11:40 
I know Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior! I reread President Packers talk from Conference, "The Witness" and was just touched again with how much I know He lives. I am so grateful for this plan, and the ability that I have to live with everyone I love forever! Keep doing everything to help you get to the Celestial Kingdom.
SHOUT OUT TO MY LITTLE MICHAEL PHELPS. GO GET THAT GOLD MEDAL ON THURSDAY CABES! I´ll be praying for both you and Leah! I love you guys so much! 
Well, have an awesome fun filled week! ¡Ustedes son los mejores que hay! Las Familias son eternas, y estoy tan agradecida por eso. Les amo muchísimo :)

Hermana Peterson
My district from my last cambio

My zone from my last cambio

My zone getting a little rowdy

My zone being a lot rowdy

7/21/14 Elder Peterson - What a Wonderful Week (insert music notes)

Got this photo from Elder Farley's blog spot. Thanks, at least someone takes photos...hint, hint
 This was on the 4th of July.
Well, I am grateful for the week that we had. This past week was really awesome and really fun. We were able to get a lot of things done.
So, this past Tuesday we had our Zone Conference and it went really well. We were able to have some really good trainings and I learned a thing or two. One of the things that was really cool about this past Conference was that we were able to receive some instruction from Elder and Sister Dunn. Elder Dunn is the doctor for our mission and for the surrounding missions in the area. I think in total he is the doctor for 14 missions so roughly 1,500 missionaries. He has a lot on his plate. It was really cool to hear from him and his wife. They talked a lot about being healthy and how to deal with stress. It was very interesting and it was cool to learn how the body works. Also, on a side not, during our Zone Conferences we always have lunch and we had some really good food this time. I can definitely say that I was fed spiritually and physically that day.
Some other cool things that happened. On Friday we were able to go on exchanges with our roommates and I went with a Elder Swensen. He is the man! We had a fun day. We went to dinner with one of the interns in our ward named Brody and we went to the Barlow Center for dinner. The Barlow Center is owned by the church, and it is where the BYU interns live during their stay here in DC. It is basically the MTC! But it is cool though.
We were also able to have an appointment with one of our investigators Gabby on Thursday. She is super awesome. When she becomes a member she is going to be super solid. This was the first time that I was able to meet with her since I came to the ward. She is doing well, but she has some concerns that she is trying to figure out. We were able to talk with her about reading in the Book of Mormon and praying. We sure hope that she figures things out soon!

We also had a great time at church yesterday. I just felt so good at church! The Spirit was very strong and we had a couple of our investigators there as well. It was just a great day. Yesterday I just felt super accomplished with what I was doing. It is a great feeling to have.
Well, that is about it from me. I am really grateful for Heavenly Father and allowing me the opportunity to be out here serving him.

Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Peterson

Families are Forever!! Peterson Family 2008...another Mom selected photo upload...

Monday, July 14, 2014

7/14/14 Elder Peterson - DC Baby!

Since Elder Peterson did not send any photos again this week, I thought I would upload one of him when he was baptized. Maybe he will remember his camera unless he likes these uploads!! :)
Good afternoon everyone, I have had a crazy week!!! And you get to hear all about it.
Well, to start off, let me just saying that there's been a lot of miracles this week. I am so grateful for the lessons that I've learned this week and for the wonderful people that are serving around me. So Elder Hansen and I had a really awesome experience on Tuesday. We had an appointment with a couple guys that we just barely met the week before. We didn't know if we were actually going to be able to meet with themm but we showed up and they were there! We are able to talk for little bit and get them interested in learning. It was really an amazing experience. Their names are Gilbert and Wale (pronounced
Wollay) and they are super chill. Also on the same day we had our Zone Training Meeting. It was pretty interesting. Elder Hansen and I really learned a lot from the experience and all the things that we planned went really well. We had a couple great workshops from members in our zone and I felt that the spirit was very strong in that meeting.
Also this past Friday we had the opportunity to have an appointment with one of the members of our ward's friends. His name is Robert, and he is a really awesome guy. The lesson that we had with him was a little shaky, but it turned out alright. Elder Hansen and I learned a lot from the lesson. We started recognizing that we needed to build our companionship unity a little bit more and we were trying to figure out some ways to do that. A couple of Elders that live in our apartment have really great unity and we turned to them for some advice. Their names are Elder Queen and Elder Nollet and they told us the exact things we needed to hear. I was so grateful for it. Then, the next day we had a little bit more of a struggle. We went to pick up an Elder's bike from Sports Authority and we decided to stop by Cici's Pizza for lunch. We had a good talk about how we need to enjoy the work more (well at least I needed to) and we were trying to figure out how we could. That night we had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader Nils Nelson and he gave us some good advice on how to do it. It was really awesome. The Lord was truly watching over us.
On Sunday we had Stake Coordination in the morning. It's a meeting where we talk about how we can be better missionaries and we do this with some members of the Stake. We had a guest visitor with us yesterday. It was Elder Girard from the area 70. For those of you who don't know, he is a really awesome guy. He is the head over all of the missionary work here in the middle eastern coast. He gave us some great tips on how we can better implement hastening the work of salvation. It was a powerful experience.

Just this morning we had the opportunity to go with Brother Weitzner and Brother Armstrong down to the National Mall. We went to the Newseum and it was really cool. Then we went out to lunch at Fuddruckers and boy was it good. I haven't been there in a long time so it was a real treat to be able to go there today. Brother Weitzner and Brother Armstrong are amazing gentlemen. We really had a great time with them.
Well, that's about it from me for this past week. This week is going to be really crazy as well. We have zone conference on Tuesday and then we have a couple exchanges throughout this week. It is going to be crazy and it is going to be a lot of fun.
I sure do love you all. Have a wonderful week!
Elder Peterson
I found this photo on the internet of the place he mentions. Looks like we may have to go there as a family next summer!!

7/14/14 Hermana Peterson - DUMB WAYS TO DIE; So many dumb ways to die.

Have you seen that cartoon commercial on YouTube? The other day at lunch, the little girl Sofie was watching something and all of the sudden it was like our minds snapped into what was actually being sung.... "Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die." We watched a second of it and it is hysterical. You should look it up right now.

Speaking of dumb ways to die, I always thought it was a dumb thing when people talked about others dying of overeating. I always thought, "Wouldn´t you just stop because it hurt?" False. I now know what it would be like to die by overeating, and it would be worse than being burned. So this last week, we had the lunch of the century. Let´s just kick this story off by reminding everyone that it´s rude to say no to food here. PLATE #1. It started off with a salad. We´re not just talking ANY salad. We´re talking dinner plate of lettuce, tomatoes, and half the can of tuna fish. Also, a piece of hot bread that she had specifically made JUST FOR US, and 2 glasses of juice to get the fish down. PLATE #2. A huge and I mean HUGE bowl of potato noodle soup. Just think about the biggest bowl we have in the house. It was probably that much soup. I was feeling fullish after the salad, but the soup was a little much. I was slowing WAY down towards the end of it. PLATE #3. I´m not lying. She then brought out a dinner plate with a chicken breast, more potatoes, and a half a bag of half frozen peas, topped off with the oily juice. I´m not even kidding. I could feel the food stopping between my ribs. I thought I was going to explode. I just kept trying to think of what I could do to help the situation and the only thing that came to my mind was excusing myself to the bathroom and ramming my stomach into the sink so I would barf (sorry TMI). PLATE #4. Dessert. Take the amount of jello that Dad, Jake and Seth would eat, put it in a bowl and put it in front of the almost barfing missionary. BINGO, it´s a winner. I could only eat half of it. I just whispered to my comp, "We´ve got to get out of here, NOW." So we did. We were a good 30 minutes walking distance from our house, it hurt to laugh, to walk, to talk, everything. So we called the elders and asked them for the church keys. I didn´t end up barfing, but got way close. I seriously wasn´t hungry for like 2 days. Moral of the story: Mom, I was serious. I just want fruit smoothies :) 

Well, another cambio (transfer) has come to an end. I´M IN MY LAST CAMBIO. What the heck?! So weird. Sad to say, Hermanas Peterslop have come to an end :( :( :( She´s headed up to Tome to kill (I'm guessing that means they will be that missionary's last companion before they return home, not literally) Hermana Oldroyd and my companion is going to be Hermana Lopez from Argentina! She goes home with Hermana Heslop. I´m way excited! Talk about improving my Spanish a ton these last 6 weeks! This cambio is going to be the best one yet! My mission has consisted of gringa, Latina, gringa, Latina, gringa, Latina, gringa, and now I´m ending with a Latina. Hermana Arrington told me that this means I´ll marry a gringo.

Happy birthday this week to CLARK! I can´t believe you are getting so big! I hope your mom takes you to see the new airplane movie. I saw a billboard for it today! Have a great day! LOVE YOU!

Uncle Brian. Do you know someone from Dayton named Orlando Vilchez? He is Chilean and his sister is in my ward. She said he was from Dayton, so I told her I´d ask! 
We had an awesome week! Jaqueline wasn´t able to come to church (sigh) but Agostin came! We also found a 16 year old girl this week named Angelica and she came and stayed for the full 3 hours! She was Methodist, but said she stopped going there because she didn´t feel full. She told us that since we´ve come, she´s felt full! The other night we showed her the new "Because of Him" video from the church website, and when we left, she said she stayed up watching a lot of videos and reading things on the church website! How cool! If you could keep Jaqueline and her family, and Angelica in your prayers, we´d appreciate it! We´re also working with Isidora (her mom is Roxana, less active) but she´s reading the Book of Mormon! I just love being a missionary SO much! 

So I was studying about the 3 degrees of glory this last week. I, by coincidence, read Doctrine and Covenants 76 (read it it´s awesome!). It lays out EXACTLY what we need to do to reach the Celestial Kingdom. Before my mission, I didn´t really understand the phrase "many are called, but few are chosen." Being out here in the mission, I have seen this so many times! We have to be exactly obedient to the commandments, or we won´t make it to the Celestial Kingdom. It´s impossible. We have been called as the chosen generation, but are we really living up to that name? Are we being the chosen sons and daughters that the Lord is expecting to fight in His battles? 

Well, have a fabulous week! I love you all so much and miss you like crazy! You rock! 

Hermana Peterson

We made cocadas and alfajores with the young women and 2 of our investigators came!
Learning to make Chilean Bread - Don't think I'm very "kneady"
Learning to make Chilean Bread

Oh so good. Don't worry, I will be bringing home some for all of you!
At a Hermana's Conference at the President's home


A group photo
View from the President's home
Creepy Little Dog...look at its teeth!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

7/10/14 Photos from Mission Leadership Council at the DC North Mission Home - Fun Times!

These 2 photos came in a different email, so I thought I would post them...
Serious One...
Top to Bottom, Left to Right...

Me (Elder Peterson), Elder Arnett
Elder Cervantes, Elder Treasure
Elder Farley and Elder Loveless
Elder Malugin, Elder Guerrero, Sister Cooke, Pres. Cooke, Elder Hansen and Elder Tavana
 Sis. Owens, Sis. Mendenhall, and Sis. Crouse

 Not So Serious One...
I'm so grateful that Elder Peterson is having such a great experience and opportunity to learn from and serve with such amazing missionaries!

Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7/14 Elder Peterson - Party Time!

Hello everybody! How was everyone's Fourth of July? Mine was pretty rockin. We went to a couple parties and we were able to see the fireworks at the mall! We were able to sit on the grounds of the capitol building to watch them. It is definitely a night that I'm going to remember!


So, this past week was pretty crazy. However, Hansen I have been working super hard, and we've had a lot of planning stuff to do. It kind of got a little boring, but that's okay.
So couple of things for this week. Pres. Cooke is starting to do a couple things differently for the mission. One of the things that he is really pushing is for us to use public transportation more often. Elder Hansen and I were able to use the public transportation this past week and we had a couple days where we went no miles on our car! It's a pretty big least for us. One of the days last week we went to a district meeting that was pretty far away and we rode the bus. It's cool because we were able to talk to a couple people and that's the reason why other transportation is such an amazing tool. We're traveling to places instead of being in our car all the time we are able to talk with people as we go. So far it has been a really great experience.
Alright, another thing from this past week. Elder Hansen and I had the opportunity to go and help a nonmember move from their old house to their new one. It turned out to be a whole day ordeal. It was a lot of fun though. And I'm pretty sure that my biceps doubled in size because of all the lifting. They were very appreciative of what we provided and we are actually going over on Wednesday this week to have dinner with them! If they do end up becoming interested in learning about the church we are going to have to give them as a referral to some other Elders because we are in the singles ward, but that's okay.
On Sunday Elder Hansen and I had the opportunity to teach one of our investigators Kelly. Kelly is the girlfriend of one of the members of the singles ward and she is been meeting with the missionaries for the past few weeks. She is slowly progressing, and it is great to see the change that is happening in her. We are looking forward to the next few weeks as she continues to read the Book of Mormon and pray.
This morning we had our zone activity. It's really cool to see that our plans actually worked! We went to a recreation center in DC and and had a World Cup tournament. It was a lot of fun! My team went undefeated. I thought I would just throw that in there :) and we also got to play ultimate Frisbee too. Turned out to be a real success! It's probably one of my favorite Zone Activities out on the mission.
Well, that's about it for the week. We are looking forward for this week! It is gonna be awesome!
Talk to y'all later!
Elder Peterson

7/7/14 Hermana Peterson - Happy Birthday, America!

Mom, remember last week when you asked us what we were doing for the 4th of July? Well, as a surprise to us, the office had a secret party planned for us. Okay, not actually for us, but so on Friday, we had interviews with President and after they were going to take us out to lunch, BUT, in the office they planned a 4th of July lunch with balloons and all! So instead of going out to a restaurant with President, Hermana Arrington and the assistents we had a 4TH OF JULY PARTY! It was so fun. One of the office elders made a 7 layer bean dip, we had tortilla chips, potato salad, "rootbeer (fanta and sprite)" floats, chicken, and jello salad and REAL ranch. IT WAS SO RICO! Hermana Kauer also printed off patriotic songs and we sang them..good times in the office.

So in out interviews, President asked me what I wanted to do my last cambio. I told him I´d like to stay with Hermana Heslop and stay here in Hualpen, and he said he´d converse with the Lord about it. He said that most likely I´d stay put, but it´s a little less likely that we stay together for ANOTHER cambio. Dang. But we´ll see. We´re going to rock this week regardless.
Uncle Eric... I had a dream the other night that you called me and said, "Hannah! Guess what! I´m going to have me a son and his name is going to be Felipe." so apparently, Michelle was pregnant hahah I woke up laughing. So, I think it was a sign?!

This last week, I ate a cinnamon Altoid from my comp, and seriously it was like a burst of memories in my mouth. That taste reminds me of grandpa and grandma z, because they ALWAYS had those, it was a good second for me. I have the best 4 grandparents in the WORLD!

Speaking of cinnamon... we found this huge grocery store (jumbo) in our sector and we ran out to it this morning to do our shopping, and we found.... DRUMROLL PLEASE. CINNAMON LIFE! I´m sure the workers got a kick out of the screaming and dancing gringas. Oops :) You better believe I bought two boxes. It´s been at least 8 months since I´ve eaten some. I won´t however, tell you how much each box was!

So, I got news this last week that Elder Layton is headed home. He was supposed to come home a cambio after me, but he´s been REALLY sick and they don´t know what´s wrong, so he´s coming home. So sad, but I hope they can figure out what´s wrong with him!
Happy birthday this week to my favorite DADDY, michelle, jenn z., and emily! I hope you all have a fabulous weeks/days! Dad, sorry. My creative juices were just not flowing this week like they were for mom´s birthday. But, I still love you and hope you have un día lleno de cosas bakanes. ¡Tu eres el hombre!

Okay, bekah. I had a dream about you last night, and something dawned on me. Next year, if you go to ASU, WE WILL GO TO SCHOOL TOGETHER. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!?!?!?! JAMAS have I thought that that would be possible, but it could be. MIND. BLOWN.

This last week I got to go back to Talcahuano for a mini cambio and I saw JUAN AND JOCELIN. She came walking in and saw me and burst into tears. She was SO happy to see me. She´s headed to the temple this next week to do baptisms for her grandma and Juan´s grandma.  Seriously was one of the highlights of my week. Also, Jaqueline FINALLY came to church!!!!!! It was all I could do to refrain from jumping up and down with excitement when I saw her come in. I was playing the opening hymn, and saw her and just poured out my heart with gratitude. She only was able to stay for sacrament meeting, but my companion heard her say to a few ladies that came up to her that she´s going to organize her schedule so that she can stay the full 3 hours this next week. I´m SO excited! Her son Agostin, came for the 3rd Sunday, and he wants to be baptized so bad, but we have to help Jaqueline keep going strong! It was amazing. We have another lesson with them tonight, and we´re going to put a date with them. She´s so ready! We also found Angelica (16) and her mom Ingrid this week. During the lesson, Angelica randomly stopped and told us that she went to the Methodist church all last year, but stopped going finally because she felt empty there. My comp asked her how she felt right then, and she burst into tears. She said I feel filled. She accepted baptism for the 2nd of August! It was SUCH a powerful lesson and I´m so glad that the Lord is in charge of everything. I love this gospel so much and am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve a mission. I´m grateful for the opportunity that I have had and keep having to see the spirit touch others. This gospel truly is the greatest possession that I have. I´m so grateful that amidst my weaknesses, the Lord trusts me to share this with everyone. I feel so honored that I have 3 cousins and my brother serving right now. They are such great examples to me!
At the training meeting with Elder and Sister Waddell
Zumba girls!

Some of my favorite ladies!

Well that´s it from the south end of the world. I love you a bushel and a peck.
Hermana Peterson

7/1/14 Elder Peterson - Super short, and super late for Mom!!

Alright so this is going to be super short I am sorry! But things are super crazy up here in DC!!

First off, I go transferred and I am now in the DC 2nd ward and it is super awesome! It is kind of weird to be in the singles ward but I will get used to it. 
I am really excited for this transfer! I get to be with one of the missionaries that came out with me Elder Hansen and he is the man! He is super awesome and such a hard working missionary. 
It was really cool to run into Meagan on Sunday. She told me that she was planning on visiting anyway but that Mom told her to come and visit. She seems to be enjoying her stay out here! 
I am having a blast! I love being a missionary. Elder Hansen and I are super busy all of the time but we are really having fun and making the best of our time. 

Well, I am sorry that this is super short. I think that I am setting a new record...haha maybe not. I have had a short email or two.

But I love you all! I hope that you have a great week!
Elder Peterson

The photos are of some of my favorite people that I met in Lexington Park. I will miss them!

Lindsey Sterling performing at the Visitor's Center