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7/14/14 Hermana Peterson - DUMB WAYS TO DIE; So many dumb ways to die.

Have you seen that cartoon commercial on YouTube? The other day at lunch, the little girl Sofie was watching something and all of the sudden it was like our minds snapped into what was actually being sung.... "Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die." We watched a second of it and it is hysterical. You should look it up right now.

Speaking of dumb ways to die, I always thought it was a dumb thing when people talked about others dying of overeating. I always thought, "Wouldn´t you just stop because it hurt?" False. I now know what it would be like to die by overeating, and it would be worse than being burned. So this last week, we had the lunch of the century. Let´s just kick this story off by reminding everyone that it´s rude to say no to food here. PLATE #1. It started off with a salad. We´re not just talking ANY salad. We´re talking dinner plate of lettuce, tomatoes, and half the can of tuna fish. Also, a piece of hot bread that she had specifically made JUST FOR US, and 2 glasses of juice to get the fish down. PLATE #2. A huge and I mean HUGE bowl of potato noodle soup. Just think about the biggest bowl we have in the house. It was probably that much soup. I was feeling fullish after the salad, but the soup was a little much. I was slowing WAY down towards the end of it. PLATE #3. I´m not lying. She then brought out a dinner plate with a chicken breast, more potatoes, and a half a bag of half frozen peas, topped off with the oily juice. I´m not even kidding. I could feel the food stopping between my ribs. I thought I was going to explode. I just kept trying to think of what I could do to help the situation and the only thing that came to my mind was excusing myself to the bathroom and ramming my stomach into the sink so I would barf (sorry TMI). PLATE #4. Dessert. Take the amount of jello that Dad, Jake and Seth would eat, put it in a bowl and put it in front of the almost barfing missionary. BINGO, it´s a winner. I could only eat half of it. I just whispered to my comp, "We´ve got to get out of here, NOW." So we did. We were a good 30 minutes walking distance from our house, it hurt to laugh, to walk, to talk, everything. So we called the elders and asked them for the church keys. I didn´t end up barfing, but got way close. I seriously wasn´t hungry for like 2 days. Moral of the story: Mom, I was serious. I just want fruit smoothies :) 

Well, another cambio (transfer) has come to an end. I´M IN MY LAST CAMBIO. What the heck?! So weird. Sad to say, Hermanas Peterslop have come to an end :( :( :( She´s headed up to Tome to kill (I'm guessing that means they will be that missionary's last companion before they return home, not literally) Hermana Oldroyd and my companion is going to be Hermana Lopez from Argentina! She goes home with Hermana Heslop. I´m way excited! Talk about improving my Spanish a ton these last 6 weeks! This cambio is going to be the best one yet! My mission has consisted of gringa, Latina, gringa, Latina, gringa, Latina, gringa, and now I´m ending with a Latina. Hermana Arrington told me that this means I´ll marry a gringo.

Happy birthday this week to CLARK! I can´t believe you are getting so big! I hope your mom takes you to see the new airplane movie. I saw a billboard for it today! Have a great day! LOVE YOU!

Uncle Brian. Do you know someone from Dayton named Orlando Vilchez? He is Chilean and his sister is in my ward. She said he was from Dayton, so I told her I´d ask! 
We had an awesome week! Jaqueline wasn´t able to come to church (sigh) but Agostin came! We also found a 16 year old girl this week named Angelica and she came and stayed for the full 3 hours! She was Methodist, but said she stopped going there because she didn´t feel full. She told us that since we´ve come, she´s felt full! The other night we showed her the new "Because of Him" video from the church website, and when we left, she said she stayed up watching a lot of videos and reading things on the church website! How cool! If you could keep Jaqueline and her family, and Angelica in your prayers, we´d appreciate it! We´re also working with Isidora (her mom is Roxana, less active) but she´s reading the Book of Mormon! I just love being a missionary SO much! 

So I was studying about the 3 degrees of glory this last week. I, by coincidence, read Doctrine and Covenants 76 (read it it´s awesome!). It lays out EXACTLY what we need to do to reach the Celestial Kingdom. Before my mission, I didn´t really understand the phrase "many are called, but few are chosen." Being out here in the mission, I have seen this so many times! We have to be exactly obedient to the commandments, or we won´t make it to the Celestial Kingdom. It´s impossible. We have been called as the chosen generation, but are we really living up to that name? Are we being the chosen sons and daughters that the Lord is expecting to fight in His battles? 

Well, have a fabulous week! I love you all so much and miss you like crazy! You rock! 

Hermana Peterson

We made cocadas and alfajores with the young women and 2 of our investigators came!
Learning to make Chilean Bread - Don't think I'm very "kneady"
Learning to make Chilean Bread

Oh so good. Don't worry, I will be bringing home some for all of you!
At a Hermana's Conference at the President's home


A group photo
View from the President's home
Creepy Little Dog...look at its teeth!

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