Monday, July 21, 2014

7/21/14 Elder Peterson - What a Wonderful Week (insert music notes)

Got this photo from Elder Farley's blog spot. Thanks, at least someone takes photos...hint, hint
 This was on the 4th of July.
Well, I am grateful for the week that we had. This past week was really awesome and really fun. We were able to get a lot of things done.
So, this past Tuesday we had our Zone Conference and it went really well. We were able to have some really good trainings and I learned a thing or two. One of the things that was really cool about this past Conference was that we were able to receive some instruction from Elder and Sister Dunn. Elder Dunn is the doctor for our mission and for the surrounding missions in the area. I think in total he is the doctor for 14 missions so roughly 1,500 missionaries. He has a lot on his plate. It was really cool to hear from him and his wife. They talked a lot about being healthy and how to deal with stress. It was very interesting and it was cool to learn how the body works. Also, on a side not, during our Zone Conferences we always have lunch and we had some really good food this time. I can definitely say that I was fed spiritually and physically that day.
Some other cool things that happened. On Friday we were able to go on exchanges with our roommates and I went with a Elder Swensen. He is the man! We had a fun day. We went to dinner with one of the interns in our ward named Brody and we went to the Barlow Center for dinner. The Barlow Center is owned by the church, and it is where the BYU interns live during their stay here in DC. It is basically the MTC! But it is cool though.
We were also able to have an appointment with one of our investigators Gabby on Thursday. She is super awesome. When she becomes a member she is going to be super solid. This was the first time that I was able to meet with her since I came to the ward. She is doing well, but she has some concerns that she is trying to figure out. We were able to talk with her about reading in the Book of Mormon and praying. We sure hope that she figures things out soon!

We also had a great time at church yesterday. I just felt so good at church! The Spirit was very strong and we had a couple of our investigators there as well. It was just a great day. Yesterday I just felt super accomplished with what I was doing. It is a great feeling to have.
Well, that is about it from me. I am really grateful for Heavenly Father and allowing me the opportunity to be out here serving him.

Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Peterson

Families are Forever!! Peterson Family 2008...another Mom selected photo upload...

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