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7/21/14 Hermana Peterson - You're Smoking Dope...literally!

Usually I keep these kinds of stories to myself, but I decided since I only have a few weeks, why not?! So this last week, one day we were walking down the street and saw two guys making their own drugs on the side of the road. That was cool haha right in the middle of the street, in the middle of the day. Whatevs. Well, like 2 days later, we were walking back from an appointment later in the evening, and I crossed the street really fast in front of a car, and my companion stayed behind. Well, I looked back, and I seriously was like 10 feet from a DRUG DEAL. Shoot, I thought downtown Mesa was scary!! I just started praying my eyeballs out but I KNOW we had angels with us. I know we did, or things might not have gone down how they did. Welcome to the life of a missionary in Villa Acero :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE BIG JAKE THIS WEEK. I can´t believe you aren´t going to be a teenager anymore. The big 2-0, you are super old man. I hope you have a GREAT WEEK! I love you buddie! Also, birthday shout out to Hailey! I hope your day is fabulous! I love you too :)

Mom, I have reached an all new level and need someone to save me again. Could you maybe talk to Kaylani and see if she could sit down with me sometime and teach me how to be a lady again? For crying out loud, I only use mascara. My comp did my make up the other day, but I´m just not a fan of blue eyeshadow. You´re the best :) 
I also have a plan. Aunt Autumn, before you head back, will you make me a few of your delicious cookies and have my mom freeze them for when I get home? :) :) 

So, I miss Hermana Heslop a lot more than I thought I would. I seriously didn´t understand how people struggle from separation anxiety until I wasn´t with Hermana Heslop anymore haha pathetic I know, but seriously we became best friends! BUT, Hermana Lopez is great! It´s definitely different, and it´s been a little rough for the ward, but we get along great! It´s a different pace of things, but she´s helping me so much. So, turns out she´s got really bad back problems... she got a really powerful blessing from President the other night, which said that she would be able to finish her mission, but it´s going to take a lot of prayers. If you could all specifically pray for Hermana Lopez, we´d really appreciate it. I´m going to be asking for a lot of prayers, for a lot of different things this email, but I KNOW the power of prayer is real. I saw it act in my own back a few months back, and here I am. Finish strong with a little pain here and there. She´s got a vertebrae that is further back and pushes on her nerves in her leg. She´s going to have to get surgery, but after her mission. It´s not good, but she´s a die hard kind of girl. We have fun together. BUT, we didn´t take one picture this week. Oops :) Better luck next week.
Speaking of Hermana Heslop, Mom, we´re planning a weekend trip to Mexico the first weekend in December. We want you and her mom to come with us. It would be so fun and you´d just have to get a passport! We know Spanish, and talked about how we´ve never been to Mexico and we may as well take advantage of the whole Spanish thing :) Seriously, we´re being serious. It´s a dream that´s reachable. They say in this life you have to set plans and then accomplish them. This is one of those things. 

So, this last week on P-Day, I sent President a kind of "freaking out about the future letter." President Arrington, being the most Christlike man I know, called me Wednesday morning and let me reason through things out loud while he just listened and gave advice. Through much prayer and pondering, I have decided to not stress so much about studying this semester. He said the most important thing was just that I was really busy. He told me that one semester in the grand scheme of things is really not a big deal, and if I have plans to work a lot and do institute than I´m good and that I could possibly think about October studying when I get home. Also, could I still do LDSSA if I´m only enrolled in Institute? 

Dad there´s an Elder Garner in my zone that said he went to MTV and that you played ball with him one time. I don´t know his first name, but he just got here last week. 
Take lots of pictures at the cabin okay? Are Sherdian and Trish going too?!?! HOW FUN!!! 

Okay, this last week was a really good week for me. I learned a lot about myself, and did a lot of reflecting on my life. As I come to the end of my mission, I´m really getting frustrated with the dumb excuses that others give to me. It makes me sad and frustrated, and it´s hard for me to just let it go. I´ve really been praying and thinking about how I can love these people even more, until the last minute. I decided that it doesn´t matter what happens, I need to always have a smile on my face and a great attitude. Woah, did the Lord show me the blessings that come from that one! On Saturday, all of our plans were falling. It´s stressful enough to have a new comp in your sector, but then to have nothing working is worse. I just prayed so hard that I could stay super happy, and we ended up finding FOUR new investigators on Saturday! We found a less active family in our ward, and the son of the family is married to a Colombiana (Estella) and she has a daugher (Lizdey). They are so pretty and so ready for the gospel. We have another cita with them on Wednesday, so we´ll see what happens. We also had huge ups and horrible downs this week with Jaqueline and her family. On Wednesday night, we had one of the most spiritual lessons I´ve had in my  mission. All 3 of them FINALLY accepted fecha for the 9th of August! We cried, we felt the Spirit SO strong. Even the member was crying. It was SO powerful and I truly bore them such strong testimony from the bottom of my heart and after I was walking on cloud 9. Then, they didn´t come to church. I still haven´t cried because of it, but seriously, I´m devestated. It just hurts so bad when promises are broken. I think with them it hurts so much more because they were the first people I´ve had that really were progressing in a long time, and so I´ve put SO much into them. BUT, when things don´t work out, the Lord always helps us in another way. ANGELICA came back from her family vacation early to go to church. When she told us that last night, I seriously  had to hold my jaw so it didn´t hit the floor. She´s 16 years old and the most prepared person I´ve taught in my whole mission. She was waiting for US yesterday, 20 minutes before church started, AGAIN. We taught her about temple work, the orginization of the church, the plan of salvation, etc. last night because those were the types of questions that she was asking! She said, I haven´t received a huge answer, but I feel happier, and much more at peace. To me, that´s an answer enough. I want to be baptized as soon as I can. What in the world?! THE ONLY THING, is that she (as of last night) hadn´t asked her parents for permission. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for her. She is seriously SO great, and progressing so much. The young women in the ward LOVE her and have just taken her under their wings. She loves going to church and loves how she feels there. I seriously saw her last night, in white, in the temple someday. How cool! She is so great and so prepared. The youth of today TRULY are the chosen generation. I am so happy right now! I love seeing the gospel change the lives of others! 

PMG topic: Through Christ we can be cleansed of our sins. I am so grateful for a loving Savior who truly wants the best for me. Who truly gives opportunities to me, to help me grow and progress so that I can live with Him and my Father in Heaven again. BUT, The Atonement doesn´t free us from not having to work. We have to strive every day to become better! Read all of the scriptures there in that section (Chapter 3 lesson 3) and also Alma 11:40 
I know Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior! I reread President Packers talk from Conference, "The Witness" and was just touched again with how much I know He lives. I am so grateful for this plan, and the ability that I have to live with everyone I love forever! Keep doing everything to help you get to the Celestial Kingdom.
SHOUT OUT TO MY LITTLE MICHAEL PHELPS. GO GET THAT GOLD MEDAL ON THURSDAY CABES! I´ll be praying for both you and Leah! I love you guys so much! 
Well, have an awesome fun filled week! ¡Ustedes son los mejores que hay! Las Familias son eternas, y estoy tan agradecida por eso. Les amo muchísimo :)

Hermana Peterson
My district from my last cambio

My zone from my last cambio

My zone getting a little rowdy

My zone being a lot rowdy

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