Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14 Hermana Peterson - And in the Mornin', I'm Making Waffles!!

Mom! I have the best idea ever. Since I get home so early in the morning, (yes I got my itinerary, I can talk about these things now) we should have a full blown breakfast. I haven´t had waffles, and specifically YOUR waffles in almost 18 months. I would really like some of your waffles, with sausage, bacon, orange juice, YOUR homemade syrup. That would be so rico. I think it´s a fabulous idea :) Even if I have to help make it....
Do they have ecco (it´s like coffee but with a wheat grain) in the US? Also, herbal tea?
Okay, I slack and forgot to look at birthdays for this next week, but happy birthday to Elder Wilson and Elyssa for sure! I hope you guys have great days, and I´m sorry if I missed another birthday or two! Congrats to Cali and her new beautiful baby too! I can´t wait to hold her! 

My companion told me that I win for the craziest gringa she knows. 2 thumbs way up! Speaking of my companion, there is a song by Freddie Ashby (reflections of Christ) that I think is called "See the Light." It´s BEAUTIFUL and my comp asked me if I could write the lyrics out. BUT, could you look them up and send them to me next week?! :) 
So in more ways than one, I am convinced that we are given trials to learn to become more like our Savior, and to better understand His atonement. This last week I studied about Faith in Jesus Christ in Preach My Gospel and read the talk "Let your faith show" by Elder Russell M. Nelson from this last general conference. I love how faith makes everything possible, and not only faith, but faith in Jesus Christ. He is our Savior, and it is only through Him that we even have the opportunity to be here. We had our leadership counsel today and the Scholes (one of the elderly couples who he was a seminary teacher) taught us the difference between faith and hope. Hope is the confidence we have in ourselves as sons and daughters of God to BECOME like him. Faith, is then trusting in Jesus Christ and his merits. I loved the analogy and think I´m going to keep studying them this week. I love that we have the opportunity to always become more like him. The Lord doesn´t demand that we become perfect today, nor tomorrow. It is a life long process, that comes to pass through repentance and trying harder every day. I am SO grateful for the love that my Savior and Heavenly Father have for me. They truly do love me, and love all of you too! Keep striving each day to do what they have asked us to do! 

This last week, we had a really hard week. Lots of our stuff fell through, but we did our best to keep a positive attitude, and we did it! Hermana Lopez is really funny, and makes it easy to keep laughing. This last week I taught her how to say "Loser loser double-loser as if whatever, get the picture duh"(complete with hand signs) in English haha we get along really well! But, yesterday, Angelica slept in and didn´t come to church. We also are experiencing some road blocks with her dad, but we´re going to try to put a date with her for the 9th of August. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep her in your prayers. She truly is SO ready for this! She teaches me so much every time we go to teach her. The youth of our days truly are so prepared! Jaqueline and her family didn´t come to church AGAIN. It just truly breaks my heart when the people don´t keep their commitments. I try my hardest and pray my hardest for these people who I love so quickly, and then they don´t follow through... It would be wrong to say I caught a glimpse of what the Savior feels like, but I did take a second to pause and think, "If I feel this sad because 4 people didn´t keep their commitments, how much more does Heavenly Father feel it when SO MANY of us don´t obey him, EVERY DAY." 
Hermana Lopez

Hermana Arrington, my new companion Hermana Lopez and Me

Well, that´s about it for this week. Sorry I don´t have any funny stories, I was kind of lame this week. Our house smells like wet clothes, mold, and stinky feet. I almost face planted in the street today too! That was almost fun :) 

Well, I love you all so much and hope you had a BLAST up at the cabin. Good luck to those of you who start school this week! Go get em´! I expect to get novels and novels from you all this next week!


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