Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/27/14 Hermana Peterson - She's HOME!!

Waiting Anxiously!

Who's that lady in the hat??

Hermana Peterson!!

Tears flow freely

Sibling love...Caleb wanting some hugs!

Daddy's turn

Mom's turn

Sisters together again!

Caleb's turn!

We love our Hannah!

Glad to have her home, will feel complete when Elder Peterson gets home in January!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

8/25/14 Elder Peterson - Excited for Hermana Peterson

Well, hello everyone! This has been a pretty good week! Lots of miracles and Elder Wilcox and I were busy bodies. So to start off, I just wanted to mention how excited I am for Hermana Peterson! I know that she has served well and she has a lot of great things ahead of her! I hope that the weather isn't too hot for you Hermana! I will be able to call you Hannah next week!
Next I wanted to just mention that Tamar was not able to be baptized this week. He is rescheduled to be baptized on Sept. 14th. It will be a great day! This past week we were able to go and visit him on Thursday and it went very well. He just recently got out of the hospital and is doing a lot better. He is such a great guy who is only wanting to do the right thing. He was able to come to church on Sunday and was kinda struggling to stay was quite comical actually even though we felt bad for him. He is on a medication that is making him really drowsy. We hope he got at least something out of the whole church block. Just a quick thought about Sunday. There were some excellent talks given in church. My favorite one was about the Love of Heavenly Father. The speaker did a really great job! She interviewed all of her nieces and nephews and asked them four questions. These were the questions as follows:

1) What is Love?

2) Do you believe Heavenly Father loves you?

3) Why do you believe that?

4) How does it make you feel?

Her nieces and nephews gave some very inspired and awesome answers. One of the ones that I liked the best was for the first question. One of them said, "Love means I like you, it means I like you a lot, it means that I really really like you and I will never stop liking you." It was really cute.

I recently read the talk "Grateful in any Circumstances" by Pres. Uchtdorf in the past conference and it is a very good talk. I invite everyone to read it if they get the chance. It really helped me out a lot. This past week was pretty crazy with a couple of things but I realized how important to make sure that we are thankful for everything at all times. One of my favorite quotes from his talk is this. "Gratitude is the catalyst of all Christlike attributes." I know that this statement is true. When we have gratitude in our hearts, it is how we can develop the other attributes of Christ that we all desire in our character. Something that I need to definitely work on.

One of our investigators Gabby is going to be moving back to New Jersey in a couple of weeks. It will be sad to see her go! We are hoping that she will continue to meet with missionaries. We had a great lesson with her this past Thursday. It was cool to see how in sync Elder Wilcox and I were when we were teaching. We both thought of a scripture to share with her at the same time. It is times like these when we grow the most. We can see that we are following the Spirit and it helps me to feel confident that I am doing my best.

Last night we had the chance to go and visit a few members that live in our apartment complex. It was a grand old time. We are practicing our teaching with the members of the ward because we do not have very many investigators right now. They gave us some really good advice on how we can engage our investigators while we teach, it is so important for us to do that! If our investigators can feel our love for them they will want to listen and apply what we teach. It's that easy! One of the member's names is Caleb just thought Caleb would like to know that.
I heard that all of my little siblings are about to start the real deal in all of their sports! Good luck everyone!
Well that's about it from me. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Elder Peterson

8/25/14 Hermana Peterson

La ultima foto de misionera le queremos y le extrañaremos mucho.gracias..saludos a su mamá
This came in an email last night from a member in Chile. Feel free to help translate it!!
Hi family les saludo con mucho cariño y afecto y en especial por su hija querremos decir que a sido muy grato conocerle y haber compartido muchos momento y sobre todo los almuerzo y sobre todo mi ingles malo jajaja..
Pero que sepan que la extrañaremos ya que dejo una huella en nuestro corazon y en barrio por todo que hizo y logro en nuestro barrio y por su gran espiritu animico y alegria que compartiio y por su servicio incodicional por lo chilenos , es una gran chica y se que tendra mucho exito
Bueno que Dios les bendiga a ella y a ustedes les queremos los Vejar de chile

Hno vejar
Pd sister peterson gracias por hacer la cama de franco jajaja
I will have Hannah help translate it when we see her on WEDNESDAY!! Pray for her safe return, please!

Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/14 Elder Peterson - Another Great Week

Well, this is Elder Peterson just wanting to let everyone know that this was a great week. I am having such a good time with Elder Wilcox my new companion. He is a stud!

This past week we had our Zone Training meeting on Thursday and it went really well. There was a really good training given on how to study the scriptures and I really learned a lot from it. After studying the scriptures for a year and a half you kinda get into a habit of how you like to study and it was great to get a couple of other tips on how to study effectively. I was grateful for it.

Also, we are having a big push in our mission on getting 20 lessons a week. This past week we tried super hard but only got 15 which is still really good! We are definitely going to get it this week. Tamar is supposed to be getting baptized this Sunday. We are super excited.
Please pray for him that he will be able to get out of the hospital though because he just went in on Saturday.
So my roommate Elder Christensen goes home on Wednesday. He is going home a little early for school. He has only been in this area for a couple weeks but he has been really cool.

Wow, it is so crazy that Hermana Peterson is going home next week! I love her so much.

Well, that is about it from me this week. I hope that everyone has a great week!

Elder Peterson

8/18/14 Hermana Peterson - "I´m comin´ home to YOU!" This is her last email home...not sure to laugh or cry!

Look who I found!! Hermana DeGroff!! So fun to see her!
Okay, so I thought about putting a more spiritual title, for my LAST title, but I decided against it. This one´s more fun :) I CAN´T believe I will be home in 9 days. Whoa, when they said the mission passes fast, they weren´t kidding. This week has been a hard one, but such a good one! I found out this last week and Angelica was asked to give a talk in church my last Sunday here, and she´s been called to be the ward pianist! She´s on fire! She wants to go to the temple in September with the ward, so if you could keep her and her parents permission in your prayers, it would be AWESOME! We had to stay in a few days this past week because of my comps back, but when we were outside, we were working so hard! Each day without fail, we each did 10 contacts. Elder Ballard promised us that if we do 10 contacts each, every day as a companionship, the blessings would come! We´re excited to do it again this week, and see the blessings of talking with everyone! We also had LOTS of service opportunities, which I am grateful for. Many times daily as missionaries, we ask for opportunities to serve, but almost 100% of the time, everyone says they´re okay. Well this last week we painted, and this week we´re putting up wall paper! How cool is that?! 

Painting the bathroom in the new missionary house right behind the bishop

So we went to the ocean for our zone activity. I´m not going to lie, of all the places to be my last, it´s the beach. I took a ton more pictures, but didn´t want to bore you all :) We wrote a testimony on a piece of paper and threw it out in a bottle we found. We also found a starfish. It was WAY cool! It´s tentacles were so strange and after a few minutes it started to get hard, so we put it back in the water. I seriously love the beach so much! If my hair didn´t react as crazy to the humidity, I might consider living on the beach for the rest of my life! 
Message in a bottle

Writing our message about the gospel

I love the beach

Happy birthday this week to Bummer, Meags, and Rio (haha). I hope your birthdays are SO great!! 
CONGRATS to Leah AND Bekah AND Seth for making all of your sports teams! Leah, Varsity as a Sophomore?! ATTA GIRL! And Bekah, congrats on getting to play outside! I LOVED playing outside when I could. And Seth, you rock! I can´t wait to see all of your games! GO PETERSONS! 

So on two different days this past week, we had 2 different contacts in the street, who told us very sternly and very boldly that we were wasting our time as missionaries. One told us that we should be spending our time doing things more productive and are going to bring forth actual fruits. The other told us that we were doing good things, but that we weren´t 100% on the right path. At the end, they both told us how sad they feel for us, that we are caught up in this stuff. As much as I wanted to headbutt the both of them, the thought never occurred to me that they were right. If anything, both of those experiences served only to strengthen my testimony. I know that the Lord gives us experiences like this to strengthen our testimonies. BUT, I also know that Satan tries to use these experiences to make us doubt. It is up to us to choose to act, and not to be acted upon. We had to just shake them off, and keep going. But, of all the things I´ve learned here in Chile is that Jesus Christ lives! I hope this isn´t sac religious but... "And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which give of him: That he lives!" (DC 76:22) Of all the truths I have learned here in the mission, I have learned that Jesus Christ lives and that He is my Savior. I KNOW He lives. I had this truth borne to me very early in my mission, and it has only grown with each day. He loves me despite of my weaknesses and wants me to become the best me I can be! I LOVE my Savior with all of my heart, and am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve Him these 18 months. I would be lying if I didn´t say that my heart is being torn in two, having to say by to my Chilean family, and getting to be reunited with my very white family. I am so grateful though, that the relationships we have here on earth will continue after this life, and I´m so grateful that skype and facebook exist.

¡Here´s to closing this chapter of my life with every ounce of energy I have, and starting the new one with no energy because there will be none! HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK. I love you all SO much. Extended family and friends: please keep my mom out of the house and busy, or she´s going to go crazy :)  


p.s. I need you to go look up the song "Going home" by Alex Boye. Don´t cry too much :) 

p.s.s. Seth, I love you kid. I can´t wait to see you, BUT I need you to do a favor for me. On Wednesday morning, I need you to be watching for the yellow paper in the airplane window :) 

I love 1D (One Direction)
For my 2 favorite sisters...we are going next month!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A video link from Night of Music and Inspiration August 10, 2014

This is Elder Peterson and Elder Hansen singing "Lead Kindly Light"

8/11/14 Elder Peterson - 6 is Company!

This is Elder Peterson just wanting to take the time to tell you all about the great stuff that happened this week!! It was a wonderful week. So, we had transfers on Wednesday and my new companion is a Elder Wilcox. He is from Bend, Oregon and he is a really cool guy. He is super hard working and has already taught me so much stuff. The first full day we spent together was driving around getting bunk beds for Elders and he was really cool about it. We had a fun time together that day.

So the reason why we had to get bunk beds for Elders is because we went from having 2 Elders as roommates to having 4! Our apartment is only fit for 4 total and now we have 6. It is definitely a fun ride.

But, our roommates are awesome! Our roommates are Elder Swensen (still, but not in a negative way I am just saying), Elder Christensen who goes home in a couple weeks from his mission, Elder Manning, and Elder Ortega. The last two are two of my former companions! It is pretty sweet! We are having such a blast so far this transfer. We recently discovered an outdoor hockey arena that is really close to our apartment complex and we have gone a couple of times to play outdoor indoor soccer. Hope that makes sense. It has been real fun.
So, a quick miracle from this past week. One of our investigators Tamar has recently been struggling a bit with a couple concerns about the church, but he was able to pray and read in the Book of Mormon and he received his answer and wants to become a member of the church! We are so excited for him! He agreed to be baptized on Aug. 24th which is two weeks away. I ask if you can keep him in your prayers that he will continue to learn and progress towards his goal. We know that he can do it!
The way that Tamar gained a testimony of the church is the same way that anyone can gain a testimony of the church. He read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it. That is all it takes. The promise is that anyone can receive a witness for themselves of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon if they take the time to sincerely ask God. I know that this is true.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers! I hope that you all have a great week!

Elder Peterson
Our crazy district right before transfers
I told you we were cRaZy!!

8/11/14 Hermana Peterson - "Anything is possible if you just believe."

Seriously, this week we saw miracles. ¡ANGELICA GOT BAPTIZED! We started off the week with the faith that it would happen, and she had her interview on Wednesday. BUT, we still needed the permission from her dad. So our district leader went, interviewed her, and they came out and then we proceeded to talk to her dad. Her mom already had given her permission, but we were waiting for the permission from her dad. The lesson was SO powerful, and towards the end, Angelica said, "Dad, I´ve made up my mind and I´m like you in the sense that once I make my decision, you can´t take me away from it." So, he said, "Well I´d still like to talk to you about it alone, but I don´t know that there´s much more to talk about."  Angelica told us she´d call us in the morning to let us know the final decision. So Thursday morning at 8:02, she called us crying and said, "HE SAID YES!" So we went to work planning her baptism! So we get to her house on Friday right before she had to go to seminary and then after mutual (yes, she´s a rock star!), and she told us that the night before they called her dad (who´s been home from work on medical release for about 6 months) that he got a job in the north and that he´d have to be in Santiago the next morning to sign the papers. BUT, because of some really inspired comments on Wednesday by my comp, he told Angelica to get baptized anyway, because there is always opposition! So, even though it was going to be sad without him, we were going to do it. Well then, while we were there, he called her mom and said that because of some screw ups in the company, he didn´t have to be to Santiago until Wednesday so he was coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got home Saturday in the morning and was able to go to her baptism and her confirmation.
Angelica and Miguel (who leaves for Buenos Aires in September)

Angelica with her parents

Angelica and Us

 After her baptism on Saturday, we had our ward "Villa Acero Idol" were were downloaded the movies from just dance, and everyone danced to them. We obviously couldn´t, but I have some great videos :) The whole time, we thought the activity was a disaster, because thing after thing happened wrong, but we got a lot of comments after on how good it had been. I´ve GOT to learn to not stress out!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK TO MY LOVE BEKAH! Oh my goodness, I can´t believe you´re turning 17. HUH?! Have a FABULOUS DAY!!!!! I LOVER LOVER YOU :) Also happy birthday to Kaylee and Emily! I hope your days are super awesome too!!
I straightened my hair for the first time in like 8 months for Angelica´s baptism (see pictures). We have a problem. My hair is so flat without all the frizz, and I don´t know how I feel about it!!!!

So, this week was a good one. A hard one, but a good one. I have learned a lot more about myself, and the things I expect to do and accomplish these last 2 weeks. I have learned that the key to finishing a mission without going crazy is to think about others and not about me. AT ALL. So, sorry if when I come home, I look like a savage beast :) It´s getting hard not to think about home, but the Lord keeps answering my prayers. He is helping me drain every last ounce of energy I have, serving and loving these people like crazy. Literally, I´m giving it my all, trying to soak up these last moments. I can´t believe I have 2 weeks left. It´s starting to become so surreal. Next Monday will be my last P.DAY, because the last Monday we´re in classes all day. Just FYI.
I studied about baptism and repentance this week in Preach My Gospel chapter 3. I loved the frankness of the things we need to do in these two sections. Repentance is like soap to muddy hands, as we need to repent and be baptized in the LORD´S true church because if not, there isn´t a way we can get into the celestial kingdom. I invite you to read these, and focus on the promises we make when we get baptized, and try to live each day a little better than the last!
Well, that´s it from the southern hemisphere. I couldn´t help but laugh at Dan´s email from last week. His conditions in his last transfer are the conditions I´ve had my whole mission. Good luck elder Dan. Live it up :)
Con todo mi corazón y muchas oraciones,
Hermana Peterson   

At the open market

Still just like a little kid...

At the open meat market
Eating a Big Mac in the southern hemisphere...

Monday, August 4, 2014

8/4/14 Elder Peterson - Everything is on!

So, just wanting to write about another great week here in Maryland!

We had a wonderful week! So to start things off, just want to let you know about an amazing miracle that happened this week. This past Sunday one of the members if the ward Sage  brought one of her friends to church and his name is Henry. He is actually one of her co-workers. He really enjoyed church and agreed to meet with us this last Friday. We were able to have dinner at Sage's place with him and her roommate Julie. It was a good time and we were also able to teach him the Restoration lesson and it went really well. He had a lot of questions and he is a super cool guy. He is also really cool because he is going to school in Arizona and is just out here for work. But he chose the wrong school! He is going to U of A...but he is still cool. We are hoping to meet with him quickly before he leaves for AZ at the end of the month.
We are ASU Sundevils all the way!!
Alright, something else that was really awesome from this past week. We were able to go to the Nationals Game!! It was really awesome. The Nats won 11-0 which was really cool. That made the game all the better. It was also fun to have members of the ward there with us. At the end of the game they were selling the concessions for cheaper and I got a $40 hat for $10. It is pretty sweet.

I found a photo of at Nats hat...not sure if this is what the smokin deal $10 hat looks like or not...
Yesterday was a really cool day as well. We were able to go to church and Robert came as well. Then we were able to go to the Visitor's center which was really cool too. One of the Sisters in our mission's Dad spoke at the fireside. His name is President Checketts and he is a stake president. He is also the president of the Utah Jazz, the New York Knicks, the President of Madison Square Gardens, and has his own business. He is pretty cool. It was a powerful fireside as well. He recounted the story of the shootings at the elementary school in Connecticut. One of the girls who was killed in the accident was a member of a family in his Stake. It was amazing to hear his story of the event and how he was able to help the family make it through this terrible event in their lives. It was a touching night. Robert was able to come to that event as well and he really enjoyed it.

Well, that's is about it from me! I had a great week and this week is transfers! It turns out that Elder Hansen is going to be leaving me which is sad. I have really enjoyed being his companion. He has taught me a lot and I am grateful for all that he did for me. He is definitely one who I will visit after my mission. He is a stud! I am looking forward to this next transfer though. It will be a whole new experience.

This photo was from Sister Owens (3rd from left). Thank you! So glad someone takes photos and sends them home!! :)
Thank you all for your support and your love that you show to me! Have a great week!

Elder Peterson

8/4/14 Hermana Peterson - Mitsubishi and Juan

So, the marriage jokes have started. Oh brother, it all started yesterday in my last testimony meeting on a Fast Sunday, when I bore my testimony and then after the bishop got up and said, "It's going to be really hard to see Hermana Peterson go back to her country. In this short time together, we've grown to love her like she's our own daughter. But don't worry Hermana Peterson (and he looked right at me behind the piano, in front of everyone) we'll see in facebook in 2 months that you're getting married." False bishop. I won't be getting married in 2 months hahaha oh brother. The ward didn't leave me alone after that, nor will they. So naturally, our conversation at lunch turned to that theme, and we started talking about names. We ate with the familia Campos, and they have a son Carlos who is like 28 and engaged to be married in November or something like that. I get along really well with him though, almost like the older brother I never had, and he said, "well have you thought of any Spanish names that you want to give your kids?" I said, "well I've thought of them, but it depends on if my husband likes them too." "Oh your husband that you're going to have in 2 months right?" "False Carlos, I'm not going to be married in 2 months." (geez Louise) Then Hermano Campos chimed in, "That's right, she can't be married in 2 months, her pololo is in Korea!" (facepalm) Carlos said, "Well when does HE get home." "January." "Ah yea, okay. So you'll be getting married in March." Falso. hahaha then Hermano Campos said, "Well then you'd have to have at least one kid with a Spanish name and a name from Korea!" Then Carlos, said "I've got it, you could name them Mitsubishi and Juan. That's cool." We laughed SO hard! It was so funny. First of all, no offense to those Juan's out there, but I couldn't name my kid Juan, and second Mitsubishi is a CAR. Oh the end of the mission jokes. Gotta love them :)
Well, this week I may as well have been a mermaid. Call me mermaid Peterson from now on! The rain NEVER stopped this week! I love the rain, but when it starts leaking into your house and then you have lots of mold, and your door won't close and you have to wait for the elders to come help you open and shut it, you just grow to hate your house. BUT GOOD NEWS! The bishop is building a little house behind his and we've got the A OKAY to move there.... after I leave. But looks like it's not going to rain AS much this week, so we're giving much thanks. We had another hard week this week, but Hermana Lopez and I get along way too well, so that makes things bearable. We had a really scary experience with a convert of the other hermanas that were here (story to come AFTER I get home), and that took out most of one day, then my comp had to go to the doctor, which was about 4 hours, and then I got WAY sick (I ate a lot of lactose without knowing) and that took out one day. I was really sick, but we are SO pumped to keep going this week! We have lots of way good plans, and I know we are going to see miracles! This mission is all about having faith and seeing the miracles after we've done all that we can do. Speaking of miracles, ANGELICA CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN. She's starting seminary this week, going to mutual, and is starting to save up for girl's camp this summer. She seriously is AMAZING! I am more than blown away by her each time. We watched President Monson's talk from this last conference with her last night, and when we got done she said, "Usually watching things like this, I get way bored. BUT I was so attentive and I felt like it was all just for me. You can just feel it. He's the prophet!" WHAT? SO COOL. Her baptism is pending for this Saturday because she needs permission from her dad. My district leader is coming over to talk to her and her dad on Wednesday! PLEASE pray for her!!!! 
Happy birthday this week to Miracle (last week), Katlyn, Gma P. and Dave! YAY! I hope you all have fabulous birthdays! I love you all! 
¡Happy first day of school, to my little chanchitos! I hope your year starts off fabulous! Bekah, this is your last year as a little kid, and then it's all big kid decisions.. yikes. Live it up. Take lots of pictures, and "live while you're young" ;) Leah, you work that social life! Swim hard, STUDY HARD! I can't believe you're turning 16 this year! Seth, don't break too many girls' hearts. Enjoy being the cool kid, because next year, you're going to be on the bottom of the food chain haha sucker! Cabers, I can't believe you're going to be in THE THIRD GRADE! Where did my little bubbers go? Read lots of hard books and play the piano lots! I love you all so much! I want lots of first day of school pictures next week! 
So this last week, I read the talk by President Benson called "The Book of Mormon-- The keystone of our religion." It's SO cool! I learned so much about the Book of Mormon, and I grew to appreciate it EVEN MORE. I have grown to love the Book of Mormon SO much out here as a missionary, but now I love it even more! I'm in Mormon, with the hopes of finishing it before I come home! SO CLOSE! I invite you to all read it, and set some personal and family goals, about making it a bigger part of your lives!
Well, I think that's a wrap! We're in Chillan with Hermanas Heslop and Oldroyd today, buying our last minute souvenirs. I love Chile SO much and am going to miss it more than I think I will. WAHHH. Well, have a fabulous week! I hope everyones first day of school (including dad) is a day to remember! Show people who you are, by example :)
Work hard. We've got to live while we're young :)


Rain fun

More rain fun

Hermana Lopez and me up close!

If looks could kill...

Hermana didn't know your daughter had the force...
Don't think this will be much help anymore in the rain...