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8/11/14 Hermana Peterson - "Anything is possible if you just believe."

Seriously, this week we saw miracles. ¡ANGELICA GOT BAPTIZED! We started off the week with the faith that it would happen, and she had her interview on Wednesday. BUT, we still needed the permission from her dad. So our district leader went, interviewed her, and they came out and then we proceeded to talk to her dad. Her mom already had given her permission, but we were waiting for the permission from her dad. The lesson was SO powerful, and towards the end, Angelica said, "Dad, I´ve made up my mind and I´m like you in the sense that once I make my decision, you can´t take me away from it." So, he said, "Well I´d still like to talk to you about it alone, but I don´t know that there´s much more to talk about."  Angelica told us she´d call us in the morning to let us know the final decision. So Thursday morning at 8:02, she called us crying and said, "HE SAID YES!" So we went to work planning her baptism! So we get to her house on Friday right before she had to go to seminary and then after mutual (yes, she´s a rock star!), and she told us that the night before they called her dad (who´s been home from work on medical release for about 6 months) that he got a job in the north and that he´d have to be in Santiago the next morning to sign the papers. BUT, because of some really inspired comments on Wednesday by my comp, he told Angelica to get baptized anyway, because there is always opposition! So, even though it was going to be sad without him, we were going to do it. Well then, while we were there, he called her mom and said that because of some screw ups in the company, he didn´t have to be to Santiago until Wednesday so he was coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got home Saturday in the morning and was able to go to her baptism and her confirmation.
Angelica and Miguel (who leaves for Buenos Aires in September)

Angelica with her parents

Angelica and Us

 After her baptism on Saturday, we had our ward "Villa Acero Idol" were were downloaded the movies from just dance, and everyone danced to them. We obviously couldn´t, but I have some great videos :) The whole time, we thought the activity was a disaster, because thing after thing happened wrong, but we got a lot of comments after on how good it had been. I´ve GOT to learn to not stress out!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK TO MY LOVE BEKAH! Oh my goodness, I can´t believe you´re turning 17. HUH?! Have a FABULOUS DAY!!!!! I LOVER LOVER YOU :) Also happy birthday to Kaylee and Emily! I hope your days are super awesome too!!
I straightened my hair for the first time in like 8 months for Angelica´s baptism (see pictures). We have a problem. My hair is so flat without all the frizz, and I don´t know how I feel about it!!!!

So, this week was a good one. A hard one, but a good one. I have learned a lot more about myself, and the things I expect to do and accomplish these last 2 weeks. I have learned that the key to finishing a mission without going crazy is to think about others and not about me. AT ALL. So, sorry if when I come home, I look like a savage beast :) It´s getting hard not to think about home, but the Lord keeps answering my prayers. He is helping me drain every last ounce of energy I have, serving and loving these people like crazy. Literally, I´m giving it my all, trying to soak up these last moments. I can´t believe I have 2 weeks left. It´s starting to become so surreal. Next Monday will be my last P.DAY, because the last Monday we´re in classes all day. Just FYI.
I studied about baptism and repentance this week in Preach My Gospel chapter 3. I loved the frankness of the things we need to do in these two sections. Repentance is like soap to muddy hands, as we need to repent and be baptized in the LORD´S true church because if not, there isn´t a way we can get into the celestial kingdom. I invite you to read these, and focus on the promises we make when we get baptized, and try to live each day a little better than the last!
Well, that´s it from the southern hemisphere. I couldn´t help but laugh at Dan´s email from last week. His conditions in his last transfer are the conditions I´ve had my whole mission. Good luck elder Dan. Live it up :)
Con todo mi corazón y muchas oraciones,
Hermana Peterson   

At the open market

Still just like a little kid...

At the open meat market
Eating a Big Mac in the southern hemisphere...

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