Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/14 Hermana Peterson - "I´m comin´ home to YOU!" This is her last email home...not sure to laugh or cry!

Look who I found!! Hermana DeGroff!! So fun to see her!
Okay, so I thought about putting a more spiritual title, for my LAST title, but I decided against it. This one´s more fun :) I CAN´T believe I will be home in 9 days. Whoa, when they said the mission passes fast, they weren´t kidding. This week has been a hard one, but such a good one! I found out this last week and Angelica was asked to give a talk in church my last Sunday here, and she´s been called to be the ward pianist! She´s on fire! She wants to go to the temple in September with the ward, so if you could keep her and her parents permission in your prayers, it would be AWESOME! We had to stay in a few days this past week because of my comps back, but when we were outside, we were working so hard! Each day without fail, we each did 10 contacts. Elder Ballard promised us that if we do 10 contacts each, every day as a companionship, the blessings would come! We´re excited to do it again this week, and see the blessings of talking with everyone! We also had LOTS of service opportunities, which I am grateful for. Many times daily as missionaries, we ask for opportunities to serve, but almost 100% of the time, everyone says they´re okay. Well this last week we painted, and this week we´re putting up wall paper! How cool is that?! 

Painting the bathroom in the new missionary house right behind the bishop

So we went to the ocean for our zone activity. I´m not going to lie, of all the places to be my last, it´s the beach. I took a ton more pictures, but didn´t want to bore you all :) We wrote a testimony on a piece of paper and threw it out in a bottle we found. We also found a starfish. It was WAY cool! It´s tentacles were so strange and after a few minutes it started to get hard, so we put it back in the water. I seriously love the beach so much! If my hair didn´t react as crazy to the humidity, I might consider living on the beach for the rest of my life! 
Message in a bottle

Writing our message about the gospel

I love the beach

Happy birthday this week to Bummer, Meags, and Rio (haha). I hope your birthdays are SO great!! 
CONGRATS to Leah AND Bekah AND Seth for making all of your sports teams! Leah, Varsity as a Sophomore?! ATTA GIRL! And Bekah, congrats on getting to play outside! I LOVED playing outside when I could. And Seth, you rock! I can´t wait to see all of your games! GO PETERSONS! 

So on two different days this past week, we had 2 different contacts in the street, who told us very sternly and very boldly that we were wasting our time as missionaries. One told us that we should be spending our time doing things more productive and are going to bring forth actual fruits. The other told us that we were doing good things, but that we weren´t 100% on the right path. At the end, they both told us how sad they feel for us, that we are caught up in this stuff. As much as I wanted to headbutt the both of them, the thought never occurred to me that they were right. If anything, both of those experiences served only to strengthen my testimony. I know that the Lord gives us experiences like this to strengthen our testimonies. BUT, I also know that Satan tries to use these experiences to make us doubt. It is up to us to choose to act, and not to be acted upon. We had to just shake them off, and keep going. But, of all the things I´ve learned here in Chile is that Jesus Christ lives! I hope this isn´t sac religious but... "And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which give of him: That he lives!" (DC 76:22) Of all the truths I have learned here in the mission, I have learned that Jesus Christ lives and that He is my Savior. I KNOW He lives. I had this truth borne to me very early in my mission, and it has only grown with each day. He loves me despite of my weaknesses and wants me to become the best me I can be! I LOVE my Savior with all of my heart, and am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve Him these 18 months. I would be lying if I didn´t say that my heart is being torn in two, having to say by to my Chilean family, and getting to be reunited with my very white family. I am so grateful though, that the relationships we have here on earth will continue after this life, and I´m so grateful that skype and facebook exist.

¡Here´s to closing this chapter of my life with every ounce of energy I have, and starting the new one with no energy because there will be none! HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK. I love you all SO much. Extended family and friends: please keep my mom out of the house and busy, or she´s going to go crazy :)  


p.s. I need you to go look up the song "Going home" by Alex Boye. Don´t cry too much :) 

p.s.s. Seth, I love you kid. I can´t wait to see you, BUT I need you to do a favor for me. On Wednesday morning, I need you to be watching for the yellow paper in the airplane window :) 

I love 1D (One Direction)
For my 2 favorite sisters...we are going next month!!

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