Monday, August 25, 2014

8/25/14 Elder Peterson - Excited for Hermana Peterson

Well, hello everyone! This has been a pretty good week! Lots of miracles and Elder Wilcox and I were busy bodies. So to start off, I just wanted to mention how excited I am for Hermana Peterson! I know that she has served well and she has a lot of great things ahead of her! I hope that the weather isn't too hot for you Hermana! I will be able to call you Hannah next week!
Next I wanted to just mention that Tamar was not able to be baptized this week. He is rescheduled to be baptized on Sept. 14th. It will be a great day! This past week we were able to go and visit him on Thursday and it went very well. He just recently got out of the hospital and is doing a lot better. He is such a great guy who is only wanting to do the right thing. He was able to come to church on Sunday and was kinda struggling to stay was quite comical actually even though we felt bad for him. He is on a medication that is making him really drowsy. We hope he got at least something out of the whole church block. Just a quick thought about Sunday. There were some excellent talks given in church. My favorite one was about the Love of Heavenly Father. The speaker did a really great job! She interviewed all of her nieces and nephews and asked them four questions. These were the questions as follows:

1) What is Love?

2) Do you believe Heavenly Father loves you?

3) Why do you believe that?

4) How does it make you feel?

Her nieces and nephews gave some very inspired and awesome answers. One of the ones that I liked the best was for the first question. One of them said, "Love means I like you, it means I like you a lot, it means that I really really like you and I will never stop liking you." It was really cute.

I recently read the talk "Grateful in any Circumstances" by Pres. Uchtdorf in the past conference and it is a very good talk. I invite everyone to read it if they get the chance. It really helped me out a lot. This past week was pretty crazy with a couple of things but I realized how important to make sure that we are thankful for everything at all times. One of my favorite quotes from his talk is this. "Gratitude is the catalyst of all Christlike attributes." I know that this statement is true. When we have gratitude in our hearts, it is how we can develop the other attributes of Christ that we all desire in our character. Something that I need to definitely work on.

One of our investigators Gabby is going to be moving back to New Jersey in a couple of weeks. It will be sad to see her go! We are hoping that she will continue to meet with missionaries. We had a great lesson with her this past Thursday. It was cool to see how in sync Elder Wilcox and I were when we were teaching. We both thought of a scripture to share with her at the same time. It is times like these when we grow the most. We can see that we are following the Spirit and it helps me to feel confident that I am doing my best.

Last night we had the chance to go and visit a few members that live in our apartment complex. It was a grand old time. We are practicing our teaching with the members of the ward because we do not have very many investigators right now. They gave us some really good advice on how we can engage our investigators while we teach, it is so important for us to do that! If our investigators can feel our love for them they will want to listen and apply what we teach. It's that easy! One of the member's names is Caleb just thought Caleb would like to know that.
I heard that all of my little siblings are about to start the real deal in all of their sports! Good luck everyone!
Well that's about it from me. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Elder Peterson

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