Monday, August 4, 2014

8/4/14 Elder Peterson - Everything is on!

So, just wanting to write about another great week here in Maryland!

We had a wonderful week! So to start things off, just want to let you know about an amazing miracle that happened this week. This past Sunday one of the members if the ward Sage  brought one of her friends to church and his name is Henry. He is actually one of her co-workers. He really enjoyed church and agreed to meet with us this last Friday. We were able to have dinner at Sage's place with him and her roommate Julie. It was a good time and we were also able to teach him the Restoration lesson and it went really well. He had a lot of questions and he is a super cool guy. He is also really cool because he is going to school in Arizona and is just out here for work. But he chose the wrong school! He is going to U of A...but he is still cool. We are hoping to meet with him quickly before he leaves for AZ at the end of the month.
We are ASU Sundevils all the way!!
Alright, something else that was really awesome from this past week. We were able to go to the Nationals Game!! It was really awesome. The Nats won 11-0 which was really cool. That made the game all the better. It was also fun to have members of the ward there with us. At the end of the game they were selling the concessions for cheaper and I got a $40 hat for $10. It is pretty sweet.

I found a photo of at Nats hat...not sure if this is what the smokin deal $10 hat looks like or not...
Yesterday was a really cool day as well. We were able to go to church and Robert came as well. Then we were able to go to the Visitor's center which was really cool too. One of the Sisters in our mission's Dad spoke at the fireside. His name is President Checketts and he is a stake president. He is also the president of the Utah Jazz, the New York Knicks, the President of Madison Square Gardens, and has his own business. He is pretty cool. It was a powerful fireside as well. He recounted the story of the shootings at the elementary school in Connecticut. One of the girls who was killed in the accident was a member of a family in his Stake. It was amazing to hear his story of the event and how he was able to help the family make it through this terrible event in their lives. It was a touching night. Robert was able to come to that event as well and he really enjoyed it.

Well, that's is about it from me! I had a great week and this week is transfers! It turns out that Elder Hansen is going to be leaving me which is sad. I have really enjoyed being his companion. He has taught me a lot and I am grateful for all that he did for me. He is definitely one who I will visit after my mission. He is a stud! I am looking forward to this next transfer though. It will be a whole new experience.

This photo was from Sister Owens (3rd from left). Thank you! So glad someone takes photos and sends them home!! :)
Thank you all for your support and your love that you show to me! Have a great week!

Elder Peterson

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