Monday, August 4, 2014

8/4/14 Hermana Peterson - Mitsubishi and Juan

So, the marriage jokes have started. Oh brother, it all started yesterday in my last testimony meeting on a Fast Sunday, when I bore my testimony and then after the bishop got up and said, "It's going to be really hard to see Hermana Peterson go back to her country. In this short time together, we've grown to love her like she's our own daughter. But don't worry Hermana Peterson (and he looked right at me behind the piano, in front of everyone) we'll see in facebook in 2 months that you're getting married." False bishop. I won't be getting married in 2 months hahaha oh brother. The ward didn't leave me alone after that, nor will they. So naturally, our conversation at lunch turned to that theme, and we started talking about names. We ate with the familia Campos, and they have a son Carlos who is like 28 and engaged to be married in November or something like that. I get along really well with him though, almost like the older brother I never had, and he said, "well have you thought of any Spanish names that you want to give your kids?" I said, "well I've thought of them, but it depends on if my husband likes them too." "Oh your husband that you're going to have in 2 months right?" "False Carlos, I'm not going to be married in 2 months." (geez Louise) Then Hermano Campos chimed in, "That's right, she can't be married in 2 months, her pololo is in Korea!" (facepalm) Carlos said, "Well when does HE get home." "January." "Ah yea, okay. So you'll be getting married in March." Falso. hahaha then Hermano Campos said, "Well then you'd have to have at least one kid with a Spanish name and a name from Korea!" Then Carlos, said "I've got it, you could name them Mitsubishi and Juan. That's cool." We laughed SO hard! It was so funny. First of all, no offense to those Juan's out there, but I couldn't name my kid Juan, and second Mitsubishi is a CAR. Oh the end of the mission jokes. Gotta love them :)
Well, this week I may as well have been a mermaid. Call me mermaid Peterson from now on! The rain NEVER stopped this week! I love the rain, but when it starts leaking into your house and then you have lots of mold, and your door won't close and you have to wait for the elders to come help you open and shut it, you just grow to hate your house. BUT GOOD NEWS! The bishop is building a little house behind his and we've got the A OKAY to move there.... after I leave. But looks like it's not going to rain AS much this week, so we're giving much thanks. We had another hard week this week, but Hermana Lopez and I get along way too well, so that makes things bearable. We had a really scary experience with a convert of the other hermanas that were here (story to come AFTER I get home), and that took out most of one day, then my comp had to go to the doctor, which was about 4 hours, and then I got WAY sick (I ate a lot of lactose without knowing) and that took out one day. I was really sick, but we are SO pumped to keep going this week! We have lots of way good plans, and I know we are going to see miracles! This mission is all about having faith and seeing the miracles after we've done all that we can do. Speaking of miracles, ANGELICA CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN. She's starting seminary this week, going to mutual, and is starting to save up for girl's camp this summer. She seriously is AMAZING! I am more than blown away by her each time. We watched President Monson's talk from this last conference with her last night, and when we got done she said, "Usually watching things like this, I get way bored. BUT I was so attentive and I felt like it was all just for me. You can just feel it. He's the prophet!" WHAT? SO COOL. Her baptism is pending for this Saturday because she needs permission from her dad. My district leader is coming over to talk to her and her dad on Wednesday! PLEASE pray for her!!!! 
Happy birthday this week to Miracle (last week), Katlyn, Gma P. and Dave! YAY! I hope you all have fabulous birthdays! I love you all! 
¡Happy first day of school, to my little chanchitos! I hope your year starts off fabulous! Bekah, this is your last year as a little kid, and then it's all big kid decisions.. yikes. Live it up. Take lots of pictures, and "live while you're young" ;) Leah, you work that social life! Swim hard, STUDY HARD! I can't believe you're turning 16 this year! Seth, don't break too many girls' hearts. Enjoy being the cool kid, because next year, you're going to be on the bottom of the food chain haha sucker! Cabers, I can't believe you're going to be in THE THIRD GRADE! Where did my little bubbers go? Read lots of hard books and play the piano lots! I love you all so much! I want lots of first day of school pictures next week! 
So this last week, I read the talk by President Benson called "The Book of Mormon-- The keystone of our religion." It's SO cool! I learned so much about the Book of Mormon, and I grew to appreciate it EVEN MORE. I have grown to love the Book of Mormon SO much out here as a missionary, but now I love it even more! I'm in Mormon, with the hopes of finishing it before I come home! SO CLOSE! I invite you to all read it, and set some personal and family goals, about making it a bigger part of your lives!
Well, I think that's a wrap! We're in Chillan with Hermanas Heslop and Oldroyd today, buying our last minute souvenirs. I love Chile SO much and am going to miss it more than I think I will. WAHHH. Well, have a fabulous week! I hope everyones first day of school (including dad) is a day to remember! Show people who you are, by example :)
Work hard. We've got to live while we're young :)


Rain fun

More rain fun

Hermana Lopez and me up close!

If looks could kill...

Hermana didn't know your daughter had the force...
Don't think this will be much help anymore in the rain...

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