Monday, September 29, 2014

9/29/14 Elder Peterson - A Week Full of Miracles!

Well, this past week was full of miracles! Lots of them! To start off, Elder Wilcox and I were able to go and visit BJ and G on Wednesday. It was such a great lesson! For those of you who don't know who they are, we knocked on their door a couple of weeks ago and they invited us in. And now we are teaching them! And we were able to bring a member of our ard with us and guess what his name is? It is Sean Peterson. He spells it wrong but that's okay. He is still a cool guy.
Also, we met with T a couple of times, but he wasn't able to come to church. Please keep him in your prayers! He needs to keep coming to church or else he can't get baptized! He is doing great though.
A couple of other cool miracles. So Elder Wilcox and I were walking down the road on Friday and we started talking to this girl named Lauren. She had some questions about the church and so we asked her if she has time to sit down and we could answer her questions for her. She said yes! So we went to a nearby bench thingy and started talking to her. We were able to teach her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and she agreed to meet with us again on Wednesday. We are pretty stoked! It was definitely a cool miracle!

Also, this weekend our ward went on a retreat to Pennsylvania. We almost got permission to go with them but President said no. Just kidding, we didn't even ask him because we knew that he would say no anyway. It would've been fun though. Since the ward was on the retreat, they had sacrament meeting at the retreat and so we went to the ward that meets at a different time in our same building. T was supposed to come on the metro to church. We left a little bit before the end of sacrament, because he hadn't shown up yet, to see if he was coming. On our way we talked to a guy that was going to work at a nearby grocery store and he had a few minutes to come to church with us for a little bit! It was neat. He lives a ways away so we passed off his information to a couple of other missionaries.
Alright, two more miracles. So while we were at church, one of the members of the ward we were attending came to us and said that there was a guy out in the foyer who had a Book of Mormon in his hand and was wanting to learn more. We were like, "WHHHHAAATTT??" That doesn't happen often, now does it? We were able to talk with him and teach him the first lesson and invite him to conference, and set up to go and visit him on Thursday. Yeah it was cool. The last miracle was that the sister missionaries that are in our ward told us about one of their former investigators named L who they got in contact with and was interested in meeting again. They thought it would be better for us to meet with him and so we met with him last night. He is a great guy. We taught him the restoration and asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes! So he is going to be baptized on November 9th. So exciting!

Well, that's about it from me! I am stoked for General Conference! And I hope that you all enjoy it too!
Elder Peterson

Monday, September 22, 2014

9/22/14 Elder Peterson - Alright, so I want to start this email off with a bang.

So this past week was so awesome! I want to share with you a cool miracle that happened. Elder Wilcox and I talked to a girl named Courtney on the streets of DC and she was super cool. We set up an appointment with her this past Tuesday and we brought our assistant Ward Mission Leader J.H.  with us. We showed up to her place and she wasn't home. We were pretty sad that she did that to us. 

So we decided to take J.H. around and talk to people for a little bit. We were having fun with it and we talked to some very nice people. When it got down to the end of the night we decided to knock on a door. When we went up to the door and knocked, a man opened the door and we started talking to him about families and stuff and it was pretty awesome. We asked him if he had a few minutes that we could come in and talk to him about families and he said, "yeah totally come on in." It was so cool! We were able to go and and talk to him and his girlfriend for a few minutes. And they want us to come back! It was so amazing. It was one of the best miracles that I have had in a while. It truly was! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father put us in the right place at the right time in order for us to speak to them and introduce the Gospel into their lives. We are going to visit them on Wednesday this week. 

This past week was transfers and it was a crazy time! Elder Wilcox and I spent the whole day Wednesday transporting Elders and luggage and then in the evening moving into our new apartment. And then Thursday we spent the whole day moving things as well and putting our apartment together. It was such a fun time! Our apartment is nice and clean and it looks nice! We are the only two in the apartment and it is Elder Wilcox's first time being with only his companion. I found it just recently that in most missions, missionaries don't usually have roommates. I feel bad for all of them cause having roommates is pretty sweet. 
Last night we had the Why I Believe fireside at the Visitors Center. We were able to have Tamar come and he enjoyed it a lot. We also were able to have a few members of the Ward attend too, and they really enjoyed it as well. One of the reasons why I love these firesides so much is because it is an opportunity to see other members from the other wards that you have served in. I saw a lot of people last night and it was great to talk with them for a few minutes. 

Being a missionary is just so awesome! So many memories and so many amazing experiences I wouldn't trade it for anything! Especially because I have been able to see so many people change and see the growth that the mission is bringing about in myself. And I still have so much time to work hard and change the world. 

Well, I love you all so much. Have a great week!
Elder Peterson

Monday, September 15, 2014

9/15/14 Elder Peterson - I love Missionary life!

Hello my friends, this is Elder Peterson just wanting to write you all this week about how great it is to be a missionary. It's so great. I love it! So this past week was another crazy one. Elder Wilcox and I were running all over the place. We had a crazy Zone Conference on 9/11 that went really well. It was pretty long though. But, we were glad to have everyone safe and sound at the Stake Center just in case things got crazy. We were able to reflect on 9/11 and how much of an impact it had in all of our lives. Even those missionaries who are from foreign countries remember the day that it happened and what it did for them in their lives. I was quite amazed. I really don't remember that day too well to be honest but I remember how I felt. It was a cool experience to reflect on it.

So, transfers are on Wednesday and I found out that Elder Wilcox and I are staying together! It will be fun. We also found out that we are moving to a new apartment...I am kinda bummed. We aren't going to have roommates anymore. Elder Manning, Elder Ortega, and Elder Swensen have been a lot of fun the past 6 weeks. I am going to miss them!

So we were able to take Tamar to the Visitors Center on Saturday. He really had a great time there. We watched a short video about a missionary and his experience to help Tamar understand the importance of missionary work. It was the perfect video for him too! We also watched the "God's Plan" video which is played at most Visitors Centers I believe. It goes through the life of a family in 10 minutes to portray the importance of families. Tamar really liked it. Overall it was a positive experience for him. We were able to reset his baptismal date October 5th so please pray that it will happen this time! He came to church and is really making progress, we just need continued prayers for him.
Well, this morning we had the opportunity to take some photos of the sunrise down at the National Mall. Right now I am writing this email at the Korean War Memorial. It is really peaceful here. It was a neat experience to be able to really think about what this country truly means to me and how beautiful the National Mall is. How truly grateful I am to be serving here. It is such an amazing experience. The Spirit is evident in my life and in the life of so many people over here.

I love you all. Have a wonderful week!
Elder Peterson

My view where I am writing from...The Korean Memorial

Sunrise! Capitol Building in background
My companion Elder Wilcox and Me
 Me, Elder Ortega, Elder Wilcox, Elder Manning, and Elder Swensen
The Gang in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Monday, September 8, 2014

9/8/14 - Elder Peterson - You got more rain than me!

Wow, another week has gone by, and another week to look forward too! Here is what happened this past week.
So, we had our last visit with Gabby. I don't think that I have mentioned her very much, but she is really sweet. She has been investigating the church for a while now and she is really awesome.

She has had a hard time with figuring out if this truly is the path that she needs to take. We have been trying our very best to help her with her concern, but ultimately it is up to her to decide for herself if this is what she wants to do. We know that it is going to bless her life! The reason why this was our last meeting with her is because she moved to New Jersey to be with her family before she goes to BYU Idaho in January...yeah that's what I said...she is going to BYU Idaho...and she is not a member...but I will be really good for her. We took a picture with her and I am going to include it this week.
We also were able to visit with Tamar a couple of times. He is doing pretty good, but he didn't come to church this week because he was sick! We are gonna have to push his baptism back a couple of weeks.

Elder Wilcox and I agree that he is still not ready but he is doing so well! He just needs a little bit more time to prepare so his baptism will truly be an amazing experience for him.

I read a scripture this morning that I really want to share. It is Jacob 6:11 "O then, my beloved brethren, repent ye, and enter in at the strait gate, and continue in the way which is narrow, until ye shall obtain eternal life."

This scripture is so awesome! It lays out the purpose of life, and the way that we return to God. Jacob is such a good book, and he has a cool name...just sayin'.
Another thing that happened this past week was that I was able to go on a couple of exchanges. One was with Elder Stanley and he is from Peoria, AZ. He is really cool and we has such a good time together. While we were on exchanges we had a giant storm hit hard and it looked like the clouds we starting to create the early stages of the tornado. To tell you the truth I was a little scared, but everything turned out alright. The area he is serving in is called Potomac which is basically the city with the richest people in the whole U.S. The houses were ginormous! And surprisingly everyone was pretty nice. I also got to go on exchanges with Elder Loveless. He goes home this transfer which is next week. He gave me some really good advice and I really appreciate the great example that he sets.

Mission life is just so crazy! We have so much going on this week. Interviews with President, District meetings to attend, and on 9/11 President is having the whole DC zone come to the Visitors Center for emergency reasons only. There are a few scares in the world right now and President doesn't want to take any chances. We are going to have some activities and lunch and different trainings. Elder Wilcox and I are gonna give one of the trainings and we are pretty stoked for it.
Congrats my family for playing hard in all of your sporting events! And I think that you got more rain than I did this past week!

Well, that's about it for the week. I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!
Elder Peterson

Our Zone Activity
Oh and for zone activity we played kickball and we had a slip and slide from 3rd to home. It was a lot of fun! Our team almost won everything but we lost the championship by 1 point. Bummer....

Elder Wilcox and one of our investigators Gabby

Party in the Car!

My new bank!

Monday, September 1, 2014

9-1-14 Elder Peterson - Overjoyed for Hannah!

Wow, I am so happy and overjoyed that Hannah made it home! It was really touching to see the pictures that were taken at the terminal.  It also looks like the past few days have been a lot of fun.

The only one missing is Elder Peterson!!

This week has been really crazy. We have had some really crazy experiences but I don't have a lot of time to write today, so I am going to do the best that I can.
To start off, Elder Wilcox and I had a 3rd companion for 3 days this past week. His name is Elder Moreno and he is from Sandy Utah. The reason why he was with us was because he had to come here to DC to get his visa for Kazakhstan. I know I am not spelling it right but auto correct doesn't know how to either...
It was a pretty neat experience having him with us. He taught me a lot. He has been serving in Russia for the past two months and he is truly a humble guy. I did not realize how amazing it is to live in the US until I talked with him about Russia. The life of a missionary in Russia is way different than here. He was a nice guy and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to get to know him for a couple of days.
Another crazy thing that happened was a that we were able to take Tamar to the visitors center (VC) on Friday. It was his first time getting a tour of the VC and he enjoyed it a lot. He was falling asleep a little bit throughout it but it was okay. He got what he was supposed to get out of it. The Visitor Center is such an amazing tool we have to share the Gospel. The spirit there is so strong and everyone who goes to it is touched and can feel of that strong spirit.
Well, I have to wrap things up. We had our Zone Activity today and so it took a lot of the time we had today. But I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Peterson