Monday, September 22, 2014

9/22/14 Elder Peterson - Alright, so I want to start this email off with a bang.

So this past week was so awesome! I want to share with you a cool miracle that happened. Elder Wilcox and I talked to a girl named Courtney on the streets of DC and she was super cool. We set up an appointment with her this past Tuesday and we brought our assistant Ward Mission Leader J.H.  with us. We showed up to her place and she wasn't home. We were pretty sad that she did that to us. 

So we decided to take J.H. around and talk to people for a little bit. We were having fun with it and we talked to some very nice people. When it got down to the end of the night we decided to knock on a door. When we went up to the door and knocked, a man opened the door and we started talking to him about families and stuff and it was pretty awesome. We asked him if he had a few minutes that we could come in and talk to him about families and he said, "yeah totally come on in." It was so cool! We were able to go and and talk to him and his girlfriend for a few minutes. And they want us to come back! It was so amazing. It was one of the best miracles that I have had in a while. It truly was! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father put us in the right place at the right time in order for us to speak to them and introduce the Gospel into their lives. We are going to visit them on Wednesday this week. 

This past week was transfers and it was a crazy time! Elder Wilcox and I spent the whole day Wednesday transporting Elders and luggage and then in the evening moving into our new apartment. And then Thursday we spent the whole day moving things as well and putting our apartment together. It was such a fun time! Our apartment is nice and clean and it looks nice! We are the only two in the apartment and it is Elder Wilcox's first time being with only his companion. I found it just recently that in most missions, missionaries don't usually have roommates. I feel bad for all of them cause having roommates is pretty sweet. 
Last night we had the Why I Believe fireside at the Visitors Center. We were able to have Tamar come and he enjoyed it a lot. We also were able to have a few members of the Ward attend too, and they really enjoyed it as well. One of the reasons why I love these firesides so much is because it is an opportunity to see other members from the other wards that you have served in. I saw a lot of people last night and it was great to talk with them for a few minutes. 

Being a missionary is just so awesome! So many memories and so many amazing experiences I wouldn't trade it for anything! Especially because I have been able to see so many people change and see the growth that the mission is bringing about in myself. And I still have so much time to work hard and change the world. 

Well, I love you all so much. Have a great week!
Elder Peterson

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