Monday, October 20, 2014

10/20/14 Elder Peterson - True Happiness is found in the Restored Gospel!!

Good afternoon! This is Elder Peterson wanting to tell everyone about how this past week has gone. It was amazing! I really want to go into detail about one miracle that we had yesterday.

Bobby Joe and Gabby came to church. It was so amazing! It started out kind of rough and here's why. We have been meeting with them for a few weeks now and we have mentioned to them a couple of times where the church building is at but we never sent them the address. One of the cool things about serving in DC is that a lot of places you need to go are pretty accessible by the metro rail or by bus so it is pretty easy to get people to places. When we talked to Bobby Joe and Gabby a couple days before church we didn't really double check to see if they knew where it was at and so they went to a different was hilarious and yet it was super dumb. We felt SO bad! But they were really cool with it. They got to be at church for the last few minutes of Sacrament meeting and then for the rest of church. They really enjoyed it and they have a lot of questions. And the ward did a great job at making them feel welcome. I am so excited for them. It was so cool to have them there! They are amazing people and I can't wait for the day when they recognize the truthfulness of the restored gospel.

Bobby Joe and Gabby


Ward Mission Leader

Another cool thing this past week was that I was able to go on an
exchange into a couple bike areas of DC! I haven't been on a bike in a
while and I am grateful that I didn't die during the exchanges. I had
a lot of fun and I was able to talk to a lot of people. One of the
bike areas I went into was a Spanish one and it was a ton of fun! I
got to practice my Espanol even though it is muy feo. Esta bien.

This morning we had our zone activity and it was so much fun! We went as an entire Zone to do sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial and then we had breakfast and had a scavenger hunt/amazing race. Our team should've won but they had me on the team so that's why we lost. The way that it was set up was we had pictures of places on the mall and we had to go to that place and then we had certain tasks to do. Examples are taking a picture with everyone's feet off the ground,
dancing and videoing it, asking a random person to take a photo of
you. It was a good time.

It is so much fun to have fun as a missionary. It is also fun to share
the Gospel. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the Gospel with
the people of DC and Maryland. I have come to realize over the past
few months that true happiness can only be found in the Gospel and in God's plan for us. I know that this is true. My testimony grows
stronger as I allow it to and as I put my faith and trust in Heavenly
Father and His plan for me. This is true for everyone who is seeking
for guidance in their life. All we have to do is look to God and His
Son and they will bring peace to our hearts, and enlighten our minds
with light and truth.

Well, I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Peterson 

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