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11/3/14 Elder Peterson - Happy November!!

Elder Lim, my new companion
Happy November everyone! I really can't believe that it is already November! I am now going to be able to enjoy the fall and winter down in the beauty of Southern Maryland. I have made my way back down to the south. I am serving in the White Plains 2nd Ward with my new companion Elder Lim. He is from Renton, Washington and he is a really hard working missionary. He is a really cool guy as well, one of the things he did before his mission was gymnastics. He is my first companion who is under 5'4" so that is pretty sweet. He was going to go to college as a gymnast but he came out on his mission instead. I think that he is a great example of doing what is right no matter what! He is a great friend already. 
So the White Plains 2nd ward is pretty legit. The people are really nice. It is so small though! Probably the smallest ward I have been in my whole mission. They are so welcoming and friendly that is what makes it a great place. The Bishop's name is Bishop Cottle and he is an institute teacher which is pretty awesome. I met him up in DC before I came down here. He works at the Barlow Center which is up in DC. I went there a lot while I was in the singles ward because it is where the BYU interns are housed. One of the interns was Logan Groscost and he worked with Hannah and Rebekah. He is cool. I miss the ward a lot, but I am really excited to be in this ward. We are working with a few people that seem promising. I have forgotten how friendly people really are. Being up in DC can be a struggle sometimes because people can be a little crazy and rude, but I got used to it quick. People down here are a lot more friendly. 
With Logan Groscost

So, I have a quick question for my family. Has there ever been an Elder that has served in the ward named a Elder Erikson? Or Erickson? He is from Maryland and used to be in one of the wards I have served in. If not it's all good I just thought I would ask.

For Halloween we had to return to our apartments at 5 o'clock and stay in for the night. I spent my Halloween planning and eating candy. Yay!! It was so fun. Actually I have a story about Halloween. So we had a meeting with President Cooke up in the mission home on Friday morning and we have to travel about 2 hours to get there. The meeting got out around 2 o'clock and as we were going home, President Cooke decided to have an emergency drill while we were traveling  home. We were about 45 minutes away from our ward building which is the place that we have to go to during an emergency drill. The funny thing was that we were about 2 minutes away from the Stake Center when we found out about the drill. It was great. President Cooke has had a huge emphasis on emergency preparedness the past few months because of the crazy stuff that had been going on in the world. It is a great principle to know much about so if there ever was an actual emergency we can be prepared. 

Thanks for the pics from Halloween family! Looks like you had fun. Hope you didn't eat too much candy. I heard that Seth had 20 pounds of it....that's a lot. Don't get fat Seth! 

So this morning we got up at 4:30 because we have one of our investigators Nkosi come and work out with us at the gym. He is such a cool guy. Elder Lim told me about the story of how they met Nkosi and his family. It is pretty neat. 4:30 came very early this morning. And this was the first time that I have been to the gym in 4 months. Yeah I was struggling. It was a pretty nice gym too. I am excited to be able to energize myself in the morning from getting a good work out. After we got done we went home and got ready to go up to the Visitor's center because I had to practice for the Night of Music and Inspiration. I am singing on Sunday Mom! It is coming around too. It will be good. It was a fun ride up there. It takes about an hour and a half to get up there. That is the life of a DC North missionary. And I love it so much!!

This morning I also read the conference talk "Joseph Smith" by Neil L. Anderson from this past conference. It is so wonderful to know that Joseph Smith truly saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. He was and is a prophet! And I am grateful for the sacrifice he went through in order to allow God's kingdom to be on earth again. 

Well, I hope that everyone has a wonderful week! Talk to you later.
Elder Peterson

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