Monday, December 15, 2014

12/15/14 Elder Peterson - The List Goes On and On...

Elder Lim and Me - Merry Christmas!!

Elder Guerrero, he was never my roommate, but he is just awesome!

Elder Stubbs, another roommate

Awesome Ward Mission Leader
We had a lot of good times!

A little bit of home here...

Well, life is just crazy isn't it? I am glad to hear that Seth had a
great birthday. It is crazy to look at the pictures of him and see how
much he has really grown up. That is the same with all of the
siblings. I am also glad to see that he chose strawberry shortcake as
his dessert. Good choice that is. That is my favorite dessert of all
time. Banana cream pie is a close second if not it is a tie.

Well, this past week has blown my mind...I AM BACK IN DC 3RD!!!!!!!! I
can't believe it!!! This was the first area that I served in. It is so
awesome! I get to see a lot of the people that I was able to teach and
end my mission with a bang! It is a bike area and I am glad that my
bike is holding up. I have realized that it is an amazing way to
get around. It really is. I am going to try and do that when I get
home, ride a bike around more.

My companion is Elder Richmond. He is pretty young in his mission and
so it is fun to work with him and get to know him. He is a cool guy.
He is from Wyoming! We have already had some crazy experiences so far
in the past few days.

So, we have been able to talk a lot of people out on the street. It
has been a while since I have done this in an area. In DC we get to
see a lot of people out and about, but anywhere else in the mission
there aren't as many people to talk to walking around. I have had to
pick up some of the skills I had formerly. We are having a good time

Last night we didn't have any appointments and so we went out to talk
with people and I talked to this one lady who was really nice! Her
name is Star which explains why she was so nice. She was interested in
meeting with us because she has always wanted to know what Mormons
believe. We are gonna meet with her sometime this week hopefully.
Elder Richmond also talked to this really nice lady while I was
talking to Star. He is excited for us to meet with her because he told
me she was really interested too.

This is the area that Bro. Armstrong is in! I get to see him all the
time now. And a lot of people that I have grown to love so much!
Ceasar, Joelyn, Nichole...the list goes on and on. It is good to be

Well, I am getting stoked for Christmas! Only 10 more days...can ya'll
believe it? It is almost the end of 2014. Wow...

Well, that's about it from me for this week. I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Peterson

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