Monday, December 8, 2014

12/8/14 Elder Peterson - He is the Gift!!

Wow I can't believe how awesome this past week was! I never thought
that my mission could get any better! Here's how the week went down.

So, we had the opportunity to go to a couple of district meetings. It
was such a wonderful time! I was truly amazed at the maturity of some
of the young missionaries in our mission. One of the Elders that was
at one of the district meetings gave a workshop on the baptismal
covenant. I was very surprised/happy about how the workshop went. He
is such a powerful missionary. Also, that same day I was able to have
some one on one time with one of my former companions Elder Redmond.
He is doing great! He is such an amazing guy. I was grateful for the
time we had to talk and catch up a bit.

Also, this past week I got to go on exchanges with a couple of Elders.
Their names are Elder Van Wagoner and Elder Gipson. My exchange with
Elder Van Wagoner was on Tuesday and we had a great day. One of the
things that I love so much about going one exchanges is that everything
always goes well. All of the plans usually hold, you get to talk to
some cool people, and you just get to see tons of miracles. On my
exchange with Elder Gipson, we had a really spiritual experience. We
went to visit a less active member in the Capitol Ward (which is a
ward that I used to serve in). I had met this lady a couple of times
before this particular appointment. When we went over there, we
planned to talk to her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and talk to
her about going to the temple. We were able to find out before the
appointment that she hadn't been able to go to the temple yet. We went
over there and the lesson went almost as perfect as our plans. I was
shocked. This is something that rarely happens on the mission field.
Plans are always changing. The spirit was so strong in that house it
was almost unreal. We were able to talk with her about the blessings
of the temple and she was able to recognize them. She expressed that
she is wanting to get to that point, but it will take some time. I am
so excited for her.

Elder Lim and I have been having the opportunity to talk to a lot of
people about "He is the Gift." We are on board! It is such a cool
opportunity for us to be able to share the message of Christ with
people during this wonderful season.

Well, I am sorry that this is a little short. I want to end by letting
everyone know that I found out that I will be transferring to another
area for the last little bit of my mission. I am pretty sad to be
leaving this area. I have loved it so much! The people here in this
ward are amazing and I have learned how to appreciate the simple
things in life while I have been down here. One of those being good
people. There are a lot of good people here in White Plains 2nd ward.
I am going to miss it!

I love you all! 
Merry Christmas!
Elder Peterson 

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