Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1/5/15 Elder Peterson - The Lord is Blessing Me So Much!

Happy New Year 2015

The Missionaries serving in the DC 3rd Ward

Well, how is everyone doing? I hope that life is treating everyone
well. I am sure having a great time out here. This past week was a lot
of fun. It was really crazy but it was memorable for sure. To start
off, we had a wonderful New Years Eve! We had to be in our apartments
at 5:30 and so we were able to have a great New Years Eve. My
roommates and I ordered pizza and we played some board games. It was a
lot of fun. Then, on New Years, one of the members of the Ward had all
of the missionaries in the Ward for lunch and it was fun. There was so
much food!! It was great.

Alright, so that was most of the fun memories, now I want to share
some of the miracles that we were able to witness this past week. So
here is the first. Saturday night we were out having a normal night,
besides the fact that it was raining super hard, which actually was
really fun. But we were getting to the end of the night, and we had
about 5 minutes left. At this point, we didn't have anybody in the
area that we could check on, and some decided that we should just ride
and find someone to talk to. As we were riding our bikes, there was no
one outside!! We were in the middle of DC and there was nobody out on
the streets! It was raining, but that shouldn't stop people from being
outside. So we kept riding, and then there was someone on the right of
us. Turns out that he was a member of the church! He hadn't been there
in a while because he works on Sunday but we found out that he had a
new address then what we have for him and we are excited for
missionaries to go by and see him!

Well, that is actually about it from me this week. I am having a
wonderful time serving here and I know that the Lord is blessing me so
much! I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Elder Peterson

Elder Richmond (my new companion)
Elder Hansen and Me

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